Smecta instructions for use for childrenindications, dosage, duration of administration

Update: December 2018

Smecta is a modern anti-diarrhea with
adsorbing action. Today it is the first drug
help to stop diarrhea of ​​any etiology in a child and
adult, besides, it reduces pain in diarrhea and
other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

If indicated, it can even be used to treat
babies, which is very valuable, because when children have diarrhea
a large selection of safe medicines that promote
treatment of bowel disorders.

In instructions for use Smekta indicated that it is natural
enterosorbent, which contributes to fairly rapid removal
from the body of toxins, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, harmful

Due to its natural origin, this remedy is very good.
be carried by both young children and adults, its pleasant
taste allows parents to treat even
small child. In therapeutic dosage Smecta does not have
negative effects on intestinal motility.

The composition of the drug

Smekta is made in bags with powder for making
suspension, in one bag, weighing 3 grams. contains:

  • Active substances: 3 gr. Dioctahedral smectite is double
    magnesium silicate and aluminum.
  • Auxiliary substances: orange powder for suspension –
    ванильный и  апельсиновый ароматизатор, натрия сахаринат,
    dextrose monohydrate, vanilla powder for suspension – vanillin,
    sodium saccharinate, dextrose monohydrate.


  • Смекта 10 пакетиков в среднем в аптеках —  140-160
  • Смекта 30 пакетиков 320-360 rub.


  • Neosmectin (vanilla, raspberry, orange) price 100-130 rubles for 10
  • Диосмектин 100-120 rub. за  10 pack. и 290 rub. over 30
Powder description

It is a powder of grayish yellow, grayish white with a pleasant
low odor of orange or vanilla.

pharmachologic effect

Smecta is an antidiarrheal agent, natural aluminosilicate
origin (porous clay), which has a pronounced
adsorbing action. This substance stabilizes mucous
барьер ЖКТ, увеличивает слизь, образуя с гликопротеидами слизи
polyvalent bonds, reduces the negative effects of toxins,
pathogenic microorganisms, bile salts, hydrochloric ion
acids because it binds toxic compounds and removes them from
fecal masses.

Since the active substance has
discoid crystal structure, it has a selective
sorption property, and adsorbs only bacteria, viruses,
toxins in the lumen of the digestive tract, that is not absorbed
out of the intestines along with chemical and harmful
substances. When taking the drug in therapeutic doses
negative effects on intestinal motility occurs.

Dioctahedral smectite does not stain stools and is
radiolucent. Even with gastrointestinal diseases
tract, with colitis and colonopathy, aluminum, which is part
smectite is not absorbed from the intestines. Active substance
The drug is excreted unchanged, not absorbed.

  • Hypersensitivity is rare, mainly in children on
    vanilla or orange flavor
  • Since the composition contains organic sugars, the drug
    contraindicated in:

    • fructose intolerance
    • sucrose – isomaltase deficiency
    • glucose – galactose malabsorption
  • Intestinal obstruction and severe chronic constipation –
    weakening of intestinal motility as a side effect of smectite
    can provoke constipation, therefore, in case of intestinal obstruction and
    severe constipation drug is contraindicated.

Indications for use of the drug

Advantage Smecta compared with other means for diarrhea
is its safety and ability to use for children with
birth as well as adults. Main indications for use:

  • Food poisoning (see treatment of food poisoning)
  • Allergic, medicinal acute or chronic diarrhea
  • Diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics due to reproduction
    opportunistic bacteria
  • Severe intestinal infections caused by various
    pathogens: cholera, colibacillosis (E. coli),
    campylobacteriosis, clostridiosis, dysentery, salmonellosis,
    gastrointestinal flu – as part of complex therapy
  • Diarrhea caused by poor quality food, violation of the regime
    power supply
  • Mitigation of gastrointestinal disease symptoms
    tract (cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcers, etc.) –
    flatulence, bloating, heartburn, discomfort in the intestinal area.

Among all known today enterosorbents, Smekta
stands out because its unique properties are scientifically proven and
confirmed by numerous studies:

  • Today, rotavirus infection leads to frequent
    outbreaks of disease in organized groups – in preschool children
    and schoolchildren, and among all adsorbents only Smecta is capable
    remove from the intestine more than 85% of rotaviruses trapped in
    an organism.
  • It acts not only as enterosorbent but also thanks
    natural silicone-based (the presence of potassium cations,
    magnesium, sodium) it has an almost healing effect, like 
    salt solution Regidron. On the background of intestinal disease is broken
    balance of minerals and a deficiency in the body of sodium, potassium,
    magnesium – this is partially replenished by taking smectite.
  • As the drug increases the amount and density of mucus,
    the drug creates the best protection of the gastrointestinal tract walls from the action of harmful,
    irritants and toxins, which reduces the duration of diarrhea,
    the severity of colic and pain, does not allow bleeding to develop,
    facilitates the general condition of the person, reducing the intensity
  • There is an intense cleansing of the intestines from bacteria and
    toxins, and consequently, the digestion process is improved and
    assimilation of beneficial substances and a person recovers faster after

Dosage and administration for children and adults

How to breed Smektu? Children, babies (from birth) should
dissolve the contents of one sachet in 50 ml. bottle in warm
water or infant formula, compote, mashed potatoes, porridge, gradually
adding and mixing the powder uniformly
liquid or mashed.

If the child cannot drink so much, it can be diluted in
less water or give in several receptions. But breed
means should be immediately prior to use, and not stored
solution in a bottle for several hours. If the child does not like the taste
and the smell of the drug, try to replace it with a softer

Adult powder should be dissolved in a 0.5 cup of warm water,
also with gradual addition and thorough mixing

How to drink Smektu? The drug must be consumed 3 p / day
dosage, according to the severity of diarrhea, usually the course should not be
less than 3 days, and not more than 7 days. Since the Smecta powder is
enterosorbent, the optimum effect is achieved with its use
between meals, an exception is the use of the drug when
esophagitis (heartburn) – after eating.

Dosage and duration of treatment does not depend on weight or age
patient, but only on the intensity of intoxication, the severity of intestinal
infection, poisoning or allergic reaction, and varies:

  • 1-2 bags for 1 reception
  • 1-6 bags per day
  • from single dose to 7 days (on average 3-5 days)

Given its adsorption properties, Smektu cannot be taken.
at the same time with other drugs, in order not to reduce
drug absorption.

With acute diarrhea:

  • Infants up to 1 year old: 3 days, 2 sachets / day, then 1
    bag / day
  • Children over 1 year old: 3 days, 4 bags per day, then 2
    tea bag / day
  • Adults – up to 6 sachets / day

With other diseases:

  • Младенцы до 1 года: 1 bag / day
  • Дети 1-2 лет: 1-2 tea bag / day
  • Дети старше 2 лет: 2-3 tea bag / day
  • Взрослые: 3 tea bag / day

Use during pregnancy

The study of the effect of the drug on the development of the fetus did not reveal
negative action, also lactation is not
contraindication to use Smekta. Therefore, during
pregnancy is the use of this drug,
because it is not absorbed into the blood and does not affect

It is a mild remedy for meteorism, bloating, for heartburn.
during pregnancy, but because of the risk of constipation,
It is better to take one time and not desirable for more than 3 days. When
the occurrence of diarrhea in a pregnant woman should be set
cause and use the drug only as prescribed by a doctor. With
This correction of the mode of administration and dosage is not required.

Side effect

Allergic reactions, with long-term use or overdose
may cause constipation.

Drug Interactions

Like any erostorbent, the drug reduces the degree and speed
absorption while taking medicines, therefore
Do not take other medicines at the same time.

special instructions

Care should be taken to use Smecta powder in patients.
with constipation severe chronic nature in history. Sure to
observe the interval between meals and the use of the drug in 1-2
hours With острой диареи у взрослых, у детей, особенно младенцев,
must be made a set of measures for rehydration,
which is assigned according to age, nature, degree
severity of diarrhea and individual patient characteristics.

Storage conditions

Not more than 25C storage temperature, in places inaccessible for

Shelf life

Cannot be used for more than 3 years from the date of production.


France, Bofour Ipsen Industrie, 28100, Dre, Rue At Virton

Enterosorbent preparations:

  • Неосмектин 140 rub.

  • Смекта 130 rub.10 шт

  • Ультра-Адсорб 140-200 rub.

  • Энтеродез 100rub.

  • Энтерумин 400 rub.

  • Энтегнин 130-160 rub.

  • Полифепан 90-100 rub.

  • Энтеросгель 400-600 rub.

  • Фильтрум-СТИ 10 шт 60 rub.

  • Лактофильтрум 200-300 rub.

  • Активированный уголь 20-50 rub.

  • Carbopeck 20 pcs. 80 rub.
Полисорб: инструкция по применению, показания, противопоказания

  • Полисорб 180-280 rub.

  • Рекицен РД — это БАД 100 rub.

  • White coal 100-140 rubles

  • Вайтсорб 140 rub.

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