Smect newborn: (from disorderintestines)

Smekta for newborns is one of the best tools for
treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in a child. Give it to children
can safely, because this drug is completely
natural absorbent made from purified clay.


С какого возраста можно давать

Almost from birth. After all, this medicine does not penetrate
walls of blood vessels into the blood, and passes through the digestive tract and
completely removed from the body of the child. It protects the mucous
intestinal wall and stomach, relieves cramps, eliminating pain and
discomfort, removes manifestations of diarrhea. Passing through the gastro –
intestinal tract, Smekta absorbs toxins and disease-causing
bacteria and removes them from the body. Absorbent properties of this
The drug is quite strong. The beneficial microflora remains and
still working. Therefore, Smecta is used and how
prophylactic against dysbacteriosis.

Indications for use:

  • The child has loose stools (diarrhea);
  • The baby often spits up;
  • With manifestations of allergies;
  • With bloating, intestinal colic, flatulence;
  • If you have intestinal problems with the introduction of new
  • With dysbacteriosis (about dysbacteriosis);
  • In case of poisoning.


The instructions for use say that children from birth to
the achievement of their year is enough to give 1 sachet per day. Him
content for a child up to three months can be diluted with milk or
a mixture for older kids – boiled water (100 ml per bag).
The resulting suspension is taken in equal portions (approximately
20 – 25 ml) in several doses (3-4 times). If the baby
severe poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, you can increase the dose to 2
bags for the first day after the disease. Total drug
take a course of at least three, maximum – seven days. More
long-term use of absorbent


How to give

  • If the child is prescribed other medicines, they should be given or
    2 hours before, or 2 hours after taking Smekta. This is due to
    the absorbing properties of the drug, due to which exposure
    other medicines will be greatly weakened;
  • Do not exceed the indicated dose of the medicine, otherwise
    the baby may be constipated;
  • The drug can be given crumbs, pouring into a bottle. If he doesn’t
    wants to suck unusual suspension, can be used for giving
    medication syringe, taking off his pre needle. A little older
    give medicine with a spoon;
  • How to dilute – so that the resulting suspension was homogeneous,
    pour powder into a warm liquid in a thin stream, constantly
  • At treatment it is necessary to give a crumb to drink warm boiled water.
    as much as possible.


Do not use this medicine for severe constipation.
intestinal obstruction, with manifestations of allergy to this
drug, with its intolerance to the child’s body.

When starting treatment for your baby, remember to prescribe a medicine.
must pediatrician. After all, even such a perfect absorbent as
Smecta is not for everyone. Therefore engage
self-treatment is not worth it.


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