Smartphones irreversibly damage the brain

Update: February 2019

Doctors say – smartphone notifications can
defocus attention. In the future this may lead to
that the cortex stops working!

Gadget users are increasingly dependent on their smartphones and
literally do not let them out of their hands. It used to be explained by total
immersion in social networks, but as it turned out, the problem is much
deeper (see also how cell phones affect health).

In the course of laboratory studies found:

  • The moment a person receives a notification / message and
    delves into the information received, actively in the brain
    produces a stress hormone, cortisol.
  • At the same time, dopamine, a pleasure hormone, is produced.
  • There is a pathological connection and a person trains himself.
    constantly check whether a new message has come to him, and more and more
    immersed in the gadget.

Смартфон и мозгHowever, it’s not just psychological
dependencies: permanent release of cortisol disables
prefrontal cortex. The fact is that the human brain
by nature able to concentrate on only one

Permanent notifications from the smartphone make you distract from
the main task and heavily load the cerebral cortex. Afterwards all this
can result in dementia – an irreversible change in function

Such a discovery is a good reason to think about your health and not
abuse the use of smartphones!

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