Smartphones and tablets in the bedroom reduce qualitysleep, lead to chronic lack of sleep

Update: February 2019

Recently, JAMA Pediatric magazine published the results of the next
an interesting study that Royal College was engaged in
Of london According to the publication, scientists claim that the person
actively using modern gadgets before bedtime, sleeps at night in
two times worse than those who fall asleep without them.

Previously, according to similar experiments, scientists were able to calculate

  • 72% of the child population
  • 89% of boys and girls

already have at least one smartphone
or tablet. In addition, they enjoy its functions.
just before you fall asleep.


However, scientific advances cannot yet be ahead
continuous development of gadgets with the latest features. This is clearly
presents us: a person does not have enough information
about the effects of gadgets on the processes in the brain during sleep and
on the health of people in general. Last study
King’s College brought us as close as possible to the solution of this.
a question. However, the results of the experiments were not so

Scientists reviewed the results of twenty other world
research papers. More than 120 thousand were involved in them.
children 6-19 years old. It was concluded:

  • using gadgets before bedtime leads to an increase so
    called “lack of sleep”
  • falling quality sleep characteristics
  • increased daytime sleepiness.

Even the fact that an unused smartphone or tablet is present in
sleeping room, also worsens sleep. The cause of these manifestations is
People see experts in the gadgets themselves. People are always with them
are in reach for the rest, therefore themselves always

London scientists are active opponents of gadgets
and consider them an important reason for lowering the quality of sleep. And this is

  • the cause of obesity
  • immune deficiency of the body
  • mental disorders.

Proof of their position are the results of their new
an experiment. Also, experts are agitating parents to control
their small children, removing from their hands a tablet or phone in front of
a dream. Teenagers can be controlled by limiting the period
use the gadget.

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