Smart people get sick more often

Update: February 2019

A recent study by scientists at Seattle Pacific University
(Seattle Pacific University) found that people with high
intelligence levels are at increased risk of developing
mental and somatic diseases. The study took
3715 people from the American organization Mensa,
uniting people with high IQ.

  • An IQ of 110 is the average
  • 120 – level is much higher than average.
  • 130 – a high level of intelligence that can boast
    only 2% of the population of the planet, consisting in a gated community

During the experiment, data was collected on the transferred and
existing psychiatric and somatic diseases, complaints about
health and were compared with the national average for
every disease.

The results were disappointing:

  • 20% of people in the Mensa community have an alarming
    a disorder whereas the average is only 10
  • In addition, high intelligence increases the risk of depressive
    states, bipolar disorder, anxiety, bronchial
    asthma, autoimmune diseases and various allergies.

A smart person reacts sharply to changes in the environment and
deeply analyzes information. High reactivity
predisposes to mental disorders and conditions associated with
increased inflammatory, sensory and immune responses.

It turns out that even the usual stimuli, such as bright
color or loud sound causes a chronic stress response
activating hypersensitivity.

The body is constantly in a state of “struggle”, and this
leads to immune disorders, malfunctions of the brain and
behavior change. By itself, a high IQ nothing like this
causes, but is a risk factor for these pathologies.

The result of a study conducted by scientists of the University of
Western Australia (University of Western Australia) has become
unexpected conclusion – about 10% of the population of our planet are
sapiosexuals! These are people who experience sexual
excitement is not from the embossed female figure or the inflated male
body, and from the mental qualities of the partner.

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