Small red rash on the baby’s body


  1. Causes
  2. Wrapping up
  3. Hygiene
  4. Allergy
  5. Conclusion

Why does a red rash appear in a child? What causes similar rashes? What is the reason that the child red spots spread not only on the legs and arms, but also on everyone on the body?

These questions worry moms as they start right away suspect infectious diseases, whose names are always on hearing – measles, rubella. Although in reality everything can be much easier – first you need to deal with the reasons because of which a small red rash spreads not only on the body small child baby, but also on his limbs.


Red spots on the feet of the child, his body can appear for a variety of reasons. To the most common relate:

  • Postpartum rashes;
  • Skin overheating;
  • Lack of hygiene;
  • Infection:
  • Allergy.

Consider some of these reasons. Don’t be scared right away postpartum rashes that occur in the first three weeks of life newborn and self-disappearing by three months. Her the reason is the effect of mom’s hormones transmitted in the womb.

Similar redness usually spreads over the head baby, affect the neck, cheeks, periodically changing location. The rash is red, appearing on the hands, it is small, not accompanied by inflammation and suppuration, slightly rough to the touch. The postpartum rash is not at all disturbing the baby. delivers.

Similar redness is characteristic of every third newborn, they do not represent any danger to babies or mothers. Such rashes are absolutely not required to be treated.

A specific variety of this rash is redness of the cheeks and area near the mouth. This is due to the expansion of capillaries. The shape of such the spots are wrong. Such redness on the skin does not need in treatment, so panic because of their appearance is not worth it.

Wrapping up

The result of causeless wrappingRedness occurring on the priest at the baby, can be caused by overheating of the skin. Prickly heat appears due to clogging of the sweat glands in the baby. Such a red rash occurs where the small body is in contact with clothes, as well as in the folds of the skin.

Small bubbles appear first, which then transform into small spots. Such redness worries baby because they itch. Effectively defeat prickly heat decoctions of herbs:

  • Daisies
  • Calendula
  • The sequence.

They are added when swimming in water. Also quite effective air baths. We recommend reading in addition how to identify and treat prickly heat in infants.


If diaper rash occurs, redness occurs there, where the skin is irritated. Most often, rashes are localized near anus, on the buttocks, in the perineum. The rash consists of single red small pimples having a clearly visible inflammation near their center. The reason for such rashes is inadequate skin care for babies.

Such diaper rash gives a lot of concern to the baby, as they itch. You can get rid of, often washing newborn, giving him air baths, using a powder and applying creams prescribed by a doctor.


Redness of the skin can be allergic. Observed with diathesis, redness is similar to postpartum, but rashes randomly distributed throughout the body. May appear red rash on the legs. Allergies are characterized by the presence behind the ears. dry crusts. Mom often wonders why they appear on the pope red spots – read a detailed description of the problem.

Comprehensive information on how to treat chickenpox. A healthy diet will help fix allergic rashes, especially in those who are fed artificially. Such children need thoughtful complementary foods containing the necessary elements for proper development.


When the baby has “covered” an incomprehensible rash, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist who will certainly make an accurate diagnosis.

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