Small manipulators: how to respond totricks of the child? 10 most successful children’s phrases

Children’s manipulation is sometimes so perfect that
parents can only wonder and remember when and where
the child so masterfully learned to control them. Indeed, when
the children want something very much, then they throw all their strength on
achieving the desired. Let’s see how a child can
to manipulate adults so as not to fall for tricks
little tricky.

Маленькие манипуляторы

Представляем 10 most successful children’s phrases, услышав
who, even the strictest parents go unnoticed
about your own child.

  • �”I feel bad”

Мама or бабушка в ужасе смотрит на градусник (иногда нагретый
on the battery), seemingly picks up the collected portfolio, puts it in
bed and feeds delicious raspberry jam. Or if the child
small, does not let go in kindergarten, carries a few
kilometers, because at the crumbs “legs are tired, tummy hurts.” And so
she sits near the “sick” chaste and strokes her head, although
half an hour ago she warned him about a serious conversation and a ban on
view cartoons.

What to do?

Give more attention and time to the child does not have to you
deceive. Some parents go to the doctor. So either
�”Cunning plan” will be revealed, or the doctor will find and cure
a real disease (what if a baby doesn’t lie?). If similar
performances encouraged there is a chance that someday a child on
actually hurt himself so that his parents can talk about him

  • �“It’s not my fault!”

Of course, not him. This cat broke her mother’s favorite mug, this
the younger brother cut the tablecloth, this neighbor boy broke
a window in the store, this classmate tugged Irishka for a pigtail, etc.
Most often the child shifts the blame on others to avoid
punishment. Such behavior in the future may deprive him of respect and
friendship. Who wants to talk to a cheat?

What to do?

Explain to your child that you can be trusted and confessed in your
misdemeanors. Therefore, do not create at home an atmosphere of terror and
parental arbitrariness, then fear of parental
наказанием у ребенка никогда не will be. After upright
confessions surely appreciate his honesty and explain
why this act was bad. We read
Наказывать or нет ребенка за случайные

  • �”Please please,
    you are welcome!”

A very famous children’s trick applied by the little ones.
manipulator in order to put pressure on impressionable parents
and get what you need here and now – a toy, a phone,
computer. Usually the word “please” is accompanied by huge
глазами, полными слез, or даже истериками в людных местах,
for example, in a toy store.

What to do?

If the child is small, try to divert his attention to
another subject. Explain to the older child that you do not change your
solutions: “First, you will do your homework, and then sit down at the computer.”
If you give up, the children will immediately realize that they have won, and you still have a lot
once you hear: “Please !!!”

  • �”I will live with my grandmother!”

Such threats are intended to force parents
change any decision. Another option – “I will leave home” –
use more adult children. Teenager with all your behavior
asserts that “nobody here needs me, nobody understands me.”
And if children realize that their threats are effective, they will begin to use
them more and more often.

What to do?

Never say that for disobedience give the child to someone else
людям or оставите на улице. Babe will ever turn your weapon
against yourself. Think about why the child wants to achieve
желаемого именно  такими словами? Maybe he does not have enough heat
and attention? Show that you understand his feelings, but fulfill it
requirement can not, explaining the reason.

  • �”You are the best mommy in the world!”

These are very pleasant words when, of course, they are spoken from pure
hearts. However, small manipulators sometimes tell them to
get the thing they need from you. How to distinguish truth from flattery?
If after these words there is no continuation, that the child needs a new
игрушка or очередной гаджет, значит, вам повезло с любящим сыном
or дочкой.

What to do?

Be sure to tell me that you love your child too, hugging and
caress him. But do not forget to explain: “I love you very much,
however, I cannot fulfill your wish right now. Wait,
please, a couple of months. ”

  • �“I’ll play a little more”

Usually this phrase is repeated several times in the evening, and then
it turns out it’s time to have dinner and go to sleep. When is there to get out
or делать уроки? This is especially true of children who love to sit at
by computer. Think of yourself: just go online, as already
a few hours have passed.


What to do?

Keep track of daily schedules. If you hang up
scheduled for nine in the evening, do not fall for children’s persuasion.
Do the only relief – on Friday and Saturday you can
a little longer stay in the game corner. Set the alarm
or телефон на определенное время и объясните, что игра or
Watching a cartoon is stopped by a signal.

  • �”But mom (grandmother, dad) to me is
    permits! ”

Этот хитрый прием очень хорошо работает с другими близкими or
няней, если мама or папа – непререкаемый авторитет в доме. Also
a child uses this trick if there is no single family
requirements and rules of education. For example, the grandmother allows you to eat
chocolate bar instead of snack.

What to do?

Agree on common rules at the family council, then
the baby will simply not be able to declare that one of his relatives
permits what mom forbade. And, of course, check
действительно ли бабушка позволяет что-то, or ребенок все

  • �”Everyone in my group (class)
    there is…”

как дети манипулируют

Surely you have heard a similar phrase: “Bear again has a new
Phone (laptop) and Dima, too. Один я со старым хожу» or «Все
my friends go to resorts in the summer, and I’m back to the country again. ” Often after
such words parents think that their child is no worse
the rest, and he also needs to buy a new phone, like

What to do?

First, think, maybe, in fact, the child is not enough
necessary things. Especially important are status items for teens.
Secondly, if this is an ordinary whim, try to explain that
you can’t judge people by the number of phones, and instead of sitting by
laptop is better to go with friends on a camping trip.

  • �”Let me buy this for me, and I
    in return … “

Never again will I ask you to buy toys, I will be early
go to bed, I will not fight in the garden, I will finish the second quarter
without triples, etc. For the sake of owning the thing you like, the child can
promise to make any feat in return. He does not trifle
will be.

What to do?

You should not be serious about children’s promises. Baby not yet
I have understood the time frame to the end, so for him “never” is
until the next month, and “always” – about a week.

  • �”You are the worst mother in the world!”

Children tend to hurt with words in the hope that parents
станут сожалеть о методах воспитания or в следующий раз будут
fulfill all their desires. Probably, and you heard not very pleasant
the phrase “I do not love you” during conflicts with the child.

What to do?

Remember that you need to teach children how to properly express
anger and frustration. If you give up every time
To avoid conflict, you risk raising a real monster.

Ability to manipulate can manifest in your
child at any age. Learning about the most common tricks
small manipulators, you can come up with the right
действия и ответы на подобные фразы or поступки.


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