Sling culture: pros and cons

Slings have become so popular in the modern world
that they are literally everything – both Hollywood stars and simple
housewives from the province. So are they helpful or is it just
competent marketing?


Sling is a fabric cloth that is intended
for carrying a baby. His prototypes are found in culture almost
of all nations. So, at the opening of an ancient Greek tomb 720 to
n e. archaeologists have discovered a bas-relief where children are depicted on
bandage. Prototypes of modern slings are also found in paintings.
Renaissance painters. And in Russia, newborns often
worn in the hem, shawls, even in wicker boxes. From here and
the expression “bring in the hem”. True, our ancestors
the word “hem” meant not only the lower part of the skirt, but also the apron
a certain kind.

By the 19th century. Prototypes of modern children began to appear.
strollers that began to crowd out the slings. They continued
use only selected African and Asian
tribes, and also Eskimos and Gypsies. By the second half of the 20th century. situation
began to change again. In 1956, the Frenchwoman Marcel Zheber,
working in Uganda, revealed interesting research results:
it turned out that in Africa babies that moms tied to themselves
shawls or pieces of cloth, evolved faster than children in
The theory was picked up by American pediatricians – and slings
came into vogue, and the world embraced a real slingomaniya.

What happens in practice?

комментарий с майл ру


More recently, the so-called “slingomamama”
had to listen to a lot of criticism in his address from unfamiliar
people on the street. The most compassionate passers-by sometimes even offered
they have money to buy a pram. However, now the slings have become
trend, and already their supporters began to indicate the rest
humanity backwardness.

On the Internet now you can find a lot of information about the theory and
practice babywearing. A large number of people think
using slings is the only right way to grow
healthy, balanced and happy children. They literally do
wearing his life philosophy, sincerely believing that
Traditional stroller inflicts psychological trauma to kids.

There are 3 types of slings: scarves of different widths and lengths,
with rings (they are diagonally crossed over their shoulders) and may-sling (in such
rectangular shape and webbing at the corners). Each model has its own
Advantages and disadvantages. So, slings with rings are simple
use, but create a heavy load on the support arm, and
May-slings, on the contrary, evenly distribute the load, but in
they can not unobtrusively feed the baby breast.

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Fast sling (pros and cons). Video instructions

The advantages of the slings

  • Sling really frees her mother’s hand, allowing you to engage
    in a variety of ways and at the same time devote time to the child;
  • It allows you to continue to live a full life: drive to
    public transport with baby, go shopping, visit
    museums, to visit and to nature;
  • If you follow the correct location of the crumbs in the sling, then
    the center of gravity will not shift, so carrying a child will
    much easier than on hand;
  • Sling enhances a sense of closeness between mom and
    as a baby, and still mom can quickly respond to the needs
    your baby;
  • In a sling-scarf it is convenient to breastfeed, it can be fixed on
    two shoulders to carry a heavy child, and if necessary
    it easily turns into a hammock, bedspread, awning from the sun or a swing
    for the baby;
  • The ring sling is easily adjustable even with one hand;
    Great for feeding your baby, and the child who is asleep in it
    easy to put in the crib, just loosening the ring;
  • May-sling is comfortable to wear on the back, it is perfect for
    summer because it breathes, is blown and creates comfortable conditions for
  • For any woman, the sling is attractive because it is fashionable.
    attribute, allowing to express their individuality. Many
    mummies form entire collections of slings of different models and
    colors that match your clothes, mood, shade
    eye. By the way, it helps a lot to cope with the postpartum

Lack of slings

  • комментарий с майл ру 2

    Pediatricians insist that with the onset of slingmania
    the number of children with curvature has increased dramatically
    spine. As an example, doctors offer moms
    imagine what will become of an adult, physically strong person,
    if you put it in a hammock year and a half. Medical verdict
    categorical: scoliosis can be prevented by using a sling
    only for carrying the baby, and not more than 40 minutes in
  • Long stay baby in an upright position can
    to be dangerous for him: in case of poor fixing of the canvases,
    fixing the back and head, the child will constantly recline
    back that is fraught with impaired blood circulation in the brain and
    breathing problems;
  • If mom doesn’t have enough experience with the sling, there is
    risk that the baby will fall out of it. To learn correctly
    to tie such scarves, you need experience and patience than you possess
    Not all;
  • Sometimes moms make a mistake, starting to perceive the sling as
    a panacea for any dangers. Of course, in reality it is quite
    not this way. Sling can not replace the baby car seat in
    car, with a child in it is absolutely impossible to ride
    cycling, rollerblading, and even more to cook, iron, clean
  • Pediatricians from different countries claim that for newborns
    It is extremely important to feel the touch on my mother’s skin. That’s why right away
    after the birth of a crumb, and applied to the breast of the mother, for the
    For the same reason, doctors advise feeding babies naked to
    maintain skin-to-skin contact. This principle is positioned as
    main advantage of sling. Only if mom wraps it.
    over clothing, skin to skin contact is no longer achieved. With this
    The layout of the sling differs slightly from its functionality.
    slingokurtki or kangaroo-carrying.

With all the advantages of slings, it often seems that
that they still serve more for the convenience of parents than go for
benefit children, although to know the opinion of the baby on this occasion all
Equal fail. In any case, the main thing is to remember that
no fashion accessories do not reduce the degree
Mom’s responsibility for the comfort and safety of her child.

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Slings Advantages and disadvantages

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