Sleeping with a child – together or apart: the pros,cons, tips

The appearance in the house of the child is a long-awaited event. There he
lying next to you, sweet yawns, sifting with tiny fingers
and blinks. That means it’s time to go to bed. In the nursery
the room or in the parent’s bedroom has already been prepared for the child
cozy bed. It remains to put it in this little nest and
be touched by the sight of a sniffing kid. True, after a few hours
baby will have to get out of there to feed. Then you will need
do it again and again – and so all night long … Maybe
just put the little one next to you? What if then not
get to wean the child to sleep with their parents? We will help you
find answers to these questions.

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  • 1 Is there a sleep compatibility issue?
    • 1.1 How is joint sleep with a child useful?
    • 1.2 Problems in children who sleep in the parental bed
  • 2 Спать вместе или нет — как принять правильное
  • 3 Joint dream: мнение педиатра
  • 4 Opinion mummies

спать с ребенком или по отдельности

Is there a sleep compatibility issue?

The problem of joint sleep has long been the subject of heated debate.
between parents, psychologists and pediatricians. Everyone leads
many arguments, defending their position, only unambiguous
Opinion is still no. However, as with any matter that
concerns raising a child. Still have the facts and comments
professionals who will help you weigh the pros and cons, and
then make your own decision.

How is joint sleep with a child useful?

The first and main argument in favor of sharing sleep with
baby is the establishment of a long and successful infant
Every child is naturally programmed to
sleep with mom and active breast sucking at night. And a woman
arranged in such a way that it is at night, when the baby sucks the breast,
her body reaches the maximum level of prolactin –
milk production hormone. Tactile contact with
child stimulates all these processes. Besides, mom doesn’t have to
periodically jump out of bed to run up to the baby if
they will sleep together. As a result, the woman will feel
better, will become less irritable, and this will immediately affect
and on the crumbs. Moms who sleep with their children from the first days
can not even understand those who complain of lack of sleep, and often
do not remember whether they woke up at all.

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Joint sleep helps regulate and safety issues
even though it may seem strange. Recent research
show that this reduces the risk of developing sudden
child death. When a baby is lying next to mom, his sleep becomes
less deep, superficial. Opponents of joint sleep see in
this is a drawback. but для детей в возрасте до 6 месяцев
superficial sleep is good: it’s easier to wake up and
accordingly, it is easier to “call for help”, to signal that
something is wrong.
The presence of the mom next generates
mutual sensitivity and facilitates the awakening. This is a protective
measure in case of respiratory failure. In addition, joint sleep
creates a stable sense of security in the baby. So in the crumbs
growing confidence in the outside world, and most importantly – in their own

Often babies lack mother’s touch during
wakefulness. He can also receive the necessary affection during
joint sleep. It will provide favorable growth for the child.
conditions for feeding, because during the day the crumb can start playing and as if
�”Forget” to eat. In the future, namely night feeds allow
mom, for example, to go to work, or to leave for a long time, not
worrying about her baby not eating up.

If you do decide to sleep with your baby, the following
the rules will help you overcome emerging fears and resolve

  1. Никогда не кладите кроху рядом, если вы выпили
    alcohol or are influenced by other stimulants.
    An altered state of consciousness will prevent you from helping the child,
    if suddenly he needs it.
  2. If the baby is lying on an adult mattress, be sure to select
    solid model, and lay the child on his back or side. According to
    The latest research is the safest pose for the crumbs.
  3. Potential threat to the baby in the parental bed
    represent pillows, rollers, water mattresses, as well as a gap between
    bed and wall.
  4. The heat of your body is an additional heating for the child.
    To avoid overheating, use at least a warm night.
    linen, bedspreads and blankets.
  5. Take care that the baby can still sleep
    самостоятельно, чтобы сон в отдельной кроватке не казалось ему
  6. Let the baby know that he can sleep with his mother, and wait,
    while he adapts to this.
  7. To learn how to feed comfortably lying in bed
    chat with breastfeeding counselors. You can also
    consult with other women who already have experience
    совместного сна и кормления breastfeeding, желательно нескольких
  8. Remember that sleeping with a baby should not create mom

Ideal situation – if mom is resting when she is sleeping
with baby. If it does not work, you will probably have to think about
address this issue.

совместный сон с ребенком

Problems in children who sleep in the parental bed

Joint sleep with the baby solves many problems, but he
causes and certain problems. According to some experts, this
may cause sleep disorders in crumbs. According to research
такие нарушения развиваются у 50% детей в возрасте от полугода
up to 4 years old, sleeping in the parent bed. At the same time, problems with sleep
concern only 15% of babies who sleep separately. there is
the hypothesis that if a child sleeps with his parents, he cannot
learn how to fall asleep by yourself, and this is an important skill for
independent living.

If the baby is sleeping with his mother, he develops the habit of sucking.
chest throughout the night. Some authors of manuals on
education claim that it can provoke tooth decay: when
almost continuous feeding in the mouth of the baby constantly
there is milk that destroys tooth enamel. This risk
повышается, если ребенок продолжает кормиться breastfeeding на втором году
of life. Закономерен вопрос: а что, после дневного кормления,
baby brushing their teeth? So before adopting this
argument – consult a pediatric dentist.


The pressing issue is the intimate relationship of the parents. Even presence
child in the room imposes restrictions what to say about
joint dream with baby. This problem is not easy to deal with, but
Still, there is a solution. At the time of sexual relations can
put the child in the crib. Another option is to go to another.
the room.

Sleeping with a baby or even with a small child is one thing.
a business. But how to explain to an older child who is used to parental
bed that from now on he must move to his separate
a crib?

If a child has been accustomed to sleeping together since birth
with mom, then we need to wean it off gradually, starting with
age 1.5-2 years.
It is good, if in the morning and in the afternoon the baby is
sleep separately. Therefore, it is worth getting a cot or cradle for
baby All people need personal space, including baby
– for the development of individuality and independence skills. When
it will be time for the child to move completely to his crib, this
can be turned into a beautiful and joyful holiday. In such
in the atmosphere, the crumb will be appreciated by what gets his “hearth
independence “as proof of love and respect
close to his personality.

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In the issue of joint sleep, there is a place for compromise. For example,
parents can easily take the baby in their bed only occasionally:
when the child fell ill, frightened a nightmare, and even in the morning or in
day off. Compromise option – put a crib with
removed the front panel close to the bed of the parents. So you do not
will have to jump up when the baby starts crying – you can calm it down
and feed him without rising. And the baby is not constraining parents
being on its territory. Some simply push the nursery
crib closer to your bed – so you can touch at night
child, take him by the hand, lull him.

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Спать вместе или нет — как принять правильное

In Australia, scientists conducted a study of the behavior of babies and
got some interesting results. Оказывается, груднички сами
give parents to understand how and where they want to sleep – you just need
take a closer look at their behavior and reactions.

Australian scientists claim that all babies are divided into three
type: one sleeps better in a separate room, others need
presence of parents, and the third must be in
parental bed.

Difficult to compare with the pleasure that parents receive
from the fact that a number of them sweetly sniffs their baby. Yet even those who
sleeping apart from children, may well feel the spirit of family unity
– for this it is enough to bring the baby in your bed in the morning to
feed him or play with him.

In any case, it is important for parents to decide on a place to sleep.
ребенка в течение первого года его of life. Baby can
adjust to sleep alone or with your parents. but
after the formation of this habit, it will be much more change

If you like sleeping with a baby or you think it is
you must trust your intuition and do not listen to anyone’s advice.
Especially if the baby is infant – at this time joint sleep is very
convenient. Do what you think is right and not anyone else.

Another thing – if you do not want the child to sleep with you.
For example, it violates the harmony between you and your spouse, or you
several children. In such cases, you need to try to organize
night’s sleep in a way that will be most convenient for everyone

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Joint dream: мнение педиатра

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