Sleeping with a child is good orharm?

About yourself:

How many can remember, nowhere have I slept so healthy sleep
like on the parent bed. Being an adult and visiting mom, I
No, no, yes, and a snag on her pillow. And so much strength is coming!
No wonder. The strongest bond between people is the bond
between parents and children. I notice that my sons are often
sweetly snuffle on my bed.

Before the birth of the first child, many, including pediatricians,
they told me that children should be taught to sleep only in their own
crib. This should foster autonomy, responsibility.
I agreed with them as long as it was a theory. After childbirth son
set their own rules in the house. Play as he yells for hours in the cradle
and looking at me with a blue reproach, it was beyond my strength. Not more than
half an hour later my son slept deeply in my bed.

What is the child looking for?

совместный сон с малышом

  1. Mom is warmer, safer.
  2. The emotional connection was not broken along with the umbilical cord.
  3. Man, though small, is a social being.
  4. Parental aura protects on the energy level.

My husband, after the night shift, was forced to carry his son
back to the cradle. In time, I noticed that every night of the morning
sleep in the family did not exist. The child woke up and woke everyone. With
youth won over time, and there was nothing left for her husband to
few years to move to another room. In the family reigned

What I purchased

I noticed that a dream next to my son is some kind of healing. Has come

  • calm;
  • attitude to people has become smoother;
  • maternal feelings acquired a conscious depth;
  • my son and I began to understand each other without words
    subconscious level;
  • Feelings towards her husband became more serious.

Yes, through tenderness and love for a child, I understood how
strong is my affection for my husband, father of my son, how much stronger
become our feelings.


Two are not family

It came by chance, suddenly. Looking at their little men and
large, with time peacefully sharing the place next to me, I realized
that happiness has settled. There is a child’s age when it is vital
need to be closer to the parents. You can not deprive him of it
in favor of scientific theories and pedagogical inventions. Everything must
obey the laws of nature. This is my firm belief, like moms
four sons.

Several years passed, and the son no longer ran in the morning to us in
bed. He became an “adult”, independent. And this
no need to obstruct either. The child moved to a new stage of his
becoming as an individual.

Like a carbon copy, this story was repeated with my other

Is there any harm in sharing a dream?

In my experience, I did not notice such harm. In theory, he probably
there is:

  • You can accidentally hit a child in a dream, pin it down
  • relationships between parents may be upset;
  • may manifest selfish notes in the nature of the child.

Читаем дополнительно и подробно: грудной
baby sleeps with mom. Is it dangerous or not?

One thing I will say, every family must have their own recipes.
proper parenting based on tradition,
pedagogical experience and reasonable attention to each other
to a friend.

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Withвместный сон. Pediatrician look

There are different opinions about sharing sleep with
baby Does it affect the formation of the child’s independence? AT
How old do you need to wean a child from sleeping together? Like this
do? ATиолетта Кулишова побеседовала с двумя специалистами:
Natalia Anatolyevna Zelenikina, a pediatrician and a psychologist,
breastfeeding counselor Lapshina Anna. To which
мнению прислушаться — решать ATам! 

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