Sleeping bags for newborns – how tochoose, use and sew your own hands

Loving parents even before the birth of the baby
begin to ponder the conditions for his comfortable sleep and rest in
child’s room. After buying a quality bed should be correct
organize the sleeper itself. One of the original and very
A comfortable sleeping accessory is a sleeping bag. How
выбрать спальный мешок или сшить его самостоятельно, связать и
then use correctly, as described in the article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Benefits of sleeping bags for newborns
  • 2 Are there sleeping bag drawbacks?
  • 3 How to choose a good sleeping bag?
    • 3.1 Features of the use of a sleeping bag – time of year and
      room temperature
    • 3.2 What to wear a baby for the night?
    • 3.3 Questions
    • 3.4 DIY sleeping bag for newborns
      • 3.4.1 Master class: a sleeping bag for a newborn with your own
        by hands
    • 3.5 How to tie a sleeping bag?


Benefits of sleeping bags for newborns

In recent years, many parents prefer to choose not
�”Classics” – blankets, and sleeping bags for kids. the main thing
the dignity of a sleeping bag – the ability to safely cover the child,
which in a dream constantly opens and freezes. What about parents
they can’t be on the bed with the baby all night so that
straighten the blanket. Especially good bag for
restless babies who at night prefer to roll out
one corner of the bed to another, throwing off the blanket, which is why
the child often wakes up and cries. It is for such cases and were
created sleeping bags for newborns. A real find
such affiliation will become in the winter or in the off season, when
heating not yet included.

Other advantages of a sleeping bag for

  1. The baby does not reveal at night. This is a very significant advantage.
    Especially in the winter sleeping bag for newborns
    becomes a real boon for parents.
  2. The ability to feed a newborn without taking out
    his sleeping bag. If the apartment is cool, the baby can
    act up at the moment of removing it from the heated bed, and
    sleeping bag will relieve the discomfort.
  3. The comfort and comfort of sleep – in a sleeping bag do not need to turn up
    edges, so that the child is truly warm and sweet to rest.
    Just born babies got used to the cramped mother’s cradle
    in the womb, so a sleeping bag will come in handy.
  4. A sleeping bag is safer for newborns than a blanket.
    The fact is that the child can either pull the blanket over himself or
    Slide himself under the blanket. The result is one – the child’s head turns
    covered This can make breathing difficult, and the newborn is not
    able to independently get out of this position. And at
    use of sleeping bags for newborns the likelihood of suffocation
    much lower.
  5. The grown-up baby sleeping in a sleeping bag cannot independently
    climb over the side of the bed.
  6. It is very convenient to take with you on a trip or a trip, while
    no need to worry about the hanging edges of the blanket, which is not always
    hygienically. At the same time on any trip the child will be comfortable to relax.
    in the conditions to which he was accustomed at home.

Conclusion: A sleeping bag is important and sometimes irreplaceable.
affiliation that provides the child with excellent conditions for


Are there sleeping bag drawbacks?

  1. sleeping bag is not very convenient for the newborn. Special
    this can occur when the child is accustomed to sleep open, and here
    it is suddenly placed in an isolated space. However if baby
    from the first days sleeping in a sleeping bag, then such problems are usually
    does not occur;
  2. If the sleeping bag is normal, and not with sleeves, then the baby’s handles
    will not be covered and may freeze. In a warm room this one
    The disadvantage, of course, is not relevant.
  3. In a sleeping bag, it is advisable to put the child in a diaper, which
    will not allow the child to wet the sleeping bag.
  4. Менять ночью подгузник не разбудив ребенка будет весьма
    uncomfortable. Sleepy baby needs to get out of the bag, undress,
    change the diaper, put it on and put it in the bag. After such
    manipulation, many children wake up completely. Only
    very young children have no such problem, because they like
    It usually takes one diaper overnight.

How to choose a good sleeping bag?


Even bedding has its own characteristics and
especially, they also exist in sleeping bags. When choosing you need
consider several indicators, which are described below.

  • Size of sleeping bag

It is necessary to select the product according to the growth of the child. So just
born children buy bags 65 cm long, for babies 3-9
months suitable sleeping 70-75 cm, from 9 months to 1.5 years size
sleeping bag must be at least 90 cm. Older children
need a sleeping bag about 100-110 cm and more.

Рассчитаны спальные мешки на детей до 4 лет! In large
model size there is a risk of getting confused. Therefore, the length allowed on
10-15 cm more than the height of the baby from neck to foot. To make no mistake
with the size, before buying, measure the chest girth of the baby and his

To pick up the product on the particular height of the baby is worth
add to the length of the body from the feet to the neck 15 cm, so before you buy
It is recommended to carefully measure your child.

  • Composition

Как правило спальники изготавливаются из гипоаллергенных,
breathable, natural materials. Lining is usually made from 100%
cotton, and the top – polyamide fiber, which gives the product shape
and retaining heat. Care for such a sleeping bag
as simple as it is washed in a typewriter at a temperature of 40-60
degrees Products made of artificial or mixed fabrics do not buy
worth it.

  • Do you need sleeves?

Usually sleeves are sewn to sleeping bags designed
for newborns. This will help keep the pens warm and protect.
child from accidental injury – scratching the face. If decided to choose
a model with sleeves, they should not be narrow, because the baby is all
still need to move. In more expensive sleeping bags even
come unfastened, which will be comfortable in the older child and in
warm room. There are models in which the length is adjusted


  • Neck sleeping

The neck should also be spacious so that the child is in no way
least was not constrained by the fabric. Ideally, between his neck and neck
sleeping bag should remain a distance of 1.5-2 cm.

  • Bag back

So that a newborn or older child can sleep comfortably,
the back of the sleeping bag is selected smooth, without appliqués,
embroidery, otherwise the product will rub soft skin
at night.

  • Clasps

In a sleeping bag, as a rule, zipper is sewn, which is
right in the center of the product (it’s easier to disguise the baby). Children
the older ones who are already actively turning over at night are better
покупать спальник с молнией, которая расстегивается снизу
up – so that she herself did not disperse or the child could not
unzip it yourself. On the back of the clasps do not make them not
prevented children, but on the shoulders of many products have additional
кнопки – для регулирования под growth.

Спальник с молнией

Спальник с молнией
Спальник с кнопками

Спальник с кнопками

Specialсти применения спального мешка — время года и
room temperature

There are some recommendations for using sleeping bags:

  1. Lightweight cotton models are usually used when in an apartment.
    тепло – выше 22 degrees
  2. Warm products will be useful if the temperature drops to
    19-22 degrees
  3. Warm, quilted sleeping bags are needed if the pussy sleeps when
    температуре ниже 19 degrees

The temperature at which a particular model is applied.
sleeping bag, always indicated on the product label.

What to wear a baby for the night?

In children with normal thermoregulation it is easy to pick up clothes.
для sleep. Если на термометре 22 o C и выше, подойдет боди
with short sleeves or even a diaper. The child is placed in
simple cotton sleeping bag.

Если температура приблизительно от 20 o C до 22
o C, надевают боди с длинными рукавами и верхнюю часть
pajamas for a cotton sleeping bag or just a body for warmed

А когда столбик термометра опускается до отметки 18 o
C или даже 16 o C, что для малышей считается лучшим
microclimate, along with high levels of humidity, use
the most warmed sleeping bag and put on the little man, pajamas with
pants or sliders with a body that has a long sleeve. AT
Basically, you quickly find out what kind of clothes to wear on your baby,
so that it does not freeze, but also does not sweat.


spal`nik dlia novorozhdennogo


  • Why sew sleeping bags without sleeves, baby
    will freeze?

In fact, children are very susceptible to overheating.
Thermal regulation in infants is only being established, and if
the baby is hot, there is a heat transfer, which is just
carried out through the free handles.

It should be remembered that constant thermal comfort is as harmful as
and freezing – thermoregulation mechanisms are not “started” properly
образом, и в результате ребенок часто болеет ОРATИ и ОРЗ. If you
If you watch a sleeping baby, you will see that he often sticks out
handles from under the blanket, and that’s fine.

So do not be afraid to buy sleeveless models when in the apartment
(home) maintained a more or less stable temperature.

  • How to understand that the child is very hot?

Hands – not the surest landmark, they often feel
cold Touch a tummy or a nape of a baby, if it sweaty,
hot is hot to him. Uncover the child, if necessary
change clothes and give a drink.

  • How to understand if the temperature is normal
    the room?

For these purposes, there are indoor alcohol or electronic
thermometers. Some include humidity indicators in
indoors. If it is less than 50%, it is worth thinking about ways
moisturizing. The most effective – using a special device,
humidifier. Читаем также: нормальная
room temperature с новорожденным ребенком

  • What if the child slips inside the bedroom

If the size is chosen, taking into account all the nuances and recommendations, such
will never happen. The narrowing in the chest area as well as the notches
for hands, serve as an obstacle.

  • Bag with “insulation” seems thin. Maybe cover
    extra blanket?

Look not at the thickness of the product, but at the label and temperature
threshold at which it is used. Modern materials
retain their heat very well, despite what may seem
unreliable. As for the additional cover, you can not
use a blanket with a sleeping bag!

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Спальный мешок для новорожденных своими by hands

sh`em spal`ny`i` meshok2

sh`em spal`ny`i` meshok

Even those moms who are not too familiar with sewing
with a machine, can sew a sleeping bag for newborns with their own
собственными by hands. To sew a sleeping bag, you need to buy
good, natural fabric (cotton, wool, knitwear, flannel, etc.
ATсе зависит от температуры в комнате и времени рождения малыша.
If you шьете спальный мешок для прогулок на улице, то можно
make a layer of any insulation, for example, padding polyester
or holofiber. AT любом случае вам лучше знать, что нужно
newborn baby), as well as pick the desired pattern
size. The order of cutting and sewing is as follows:

  • ATыкройка. You can make a suitable pattern,
    if for this purpose, apply the clothes of a child. The process is pretty
    простой – нужно взять ползунки или майку, пометить на
    thick paper the outline of the clothes, then add a bit of stock on
    stitches and body space. The resulting bag should not squeeze
    child in any way. The length of the sleeping bag, as already noted,
    calculated based on the growth of the baby from neck to feet, plus 15 cm. For
    backs cut out one part, and you can cut the front part of the bag
    both in the form of a single-cut part, and from several parts (to make
    interesting application).

vy`kroi`ka dlia spal`nogo meshka

  • Cutting fabric. For cutting back need
    a solid piece of fabric so that the seams do not interfere with the baby to sleep. Cutting
    front of the sleeping bag is better to make two parts to
    sew a zipper, but the simplest option would also be a one-piece
    a piece of cloth with a zipper on the bottom.
  • Sewing. After the pieces of fabric are embedded,
    they turn their faces inward, grind off, and from below
    (or in the middle) sew a zipper. On the hangers, you can sew Velcro
    or buttons. For tailoring a warm sleeping bag after cutting
    parts between every two pairs are inserted along a layer of
    synthetic winterizer, and only then grind the parts together. To decorate
    sleeping bag can be in any order – using ribbons, stripes and

Master class: a sleeping bag for your newborn
by hands

How to tie a sleeping bag?

For women who are well knit, certainly not difficult
to make a knitted sleeping bag for a child. Thanks
repetition of the contours of the body and a pleasant fit sleep in such a product
the child will be the most comfortable. For knitting you need to purchase
wool, or wool mixed with cotton, that is – completely
natural materials.

To knit a sleeping bag, a newborn needs about 500 g of wool,
buttons, zipper. The tool that will be needed – spokes 4,5,
circular needles 3.5, auxiliary needle. To make a gum,
alternate facial and purl loops. Button Holes
2 loops are closed in the front row;
seamy side.

viazhem spal`ny`i` mesho2

The back of the sleeping bag knits by dialing 49 loops on 5
knitting needle, knitting technique – the front surface. AT каждом 2-м ряду добавляют
on a loop until reaching 59 loops. If the bag fits in for
a newborn, with a length of 48 cm loop for an armhole diminishes to 53
loops. After about 15 cm of this cloth in the middle close 11
loops, the rest knit separately. AT это же время закрывают и
side loops to form a bevel shoulder. Hinges need to close
about 17 cm from the start of the armhole.

viazhem spal`ny`i` meshok

The front half of the sleeping bag make the front surface –
gain 69 loops, add side loops in each 2nd row
достижению 79 loops. The front of the product can be knit in any
another technique that is more like it. Through 12 rows of loop
divide, then knit separately, after 48 cm make an armhole (similarly
as described above).

If a sleeping bag has a hood, sleeves, then they are knitted separately
needles 4 rubber band. Then all the parts of the sleeping bag are sewn between
by itself, stitch in a fastener, if necessary – buttons. After
the end of the work the finished product needs to be washed, after which you can
use it for its intended purpose!

ATыбрать и купить спальные мешки можно в интернет
Obstetrics Store – Sleeping Envelopes

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