Sleeping Aids for the Elderly Increasesfracture risk

Update: February 2019

Use of some sleeping pills by older people
значительно повышают fracture risk шейки бедра.

According to a recent study in the US, taking sleeping pills
drugs violates the coordination of movements in middle-aged people,
thereby increasing the risk of falling, respectively, and fracture.

A similar problem occurs when receiving older
antidepressants that also reduce the ability to coordinate and


The survey involved 530 people from nursing homes,
the duration of the observation was 20 years.

The age of volunteers was 81 years old. Among them, 44
patients had hip fractures. When older people drank sleeping pills,
66 percent increased the risk of fracture, compared with those who did not
drank sleeping pills and antidepressants.

According to statistics, people over 70 years old, three times
increases the risk of falls than 50 year olds. Therefore, doctors
should carefully recommend sleeping pills for
the elderly, especially people with cognitive impairment.

Дата публикации 10.03.2013

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