Sixth week of pregnancy


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The sixth week of pregnancy is the same period for which most women will find out that they will soon become mothers. In that period changes begin to occur in the state of the body, not to notice which is simply impossible.

Only 5 weeks have passed since conception, but now it should be start taking care of your health and the health of developing baby.

What’s happening

6th week of pregnancyAt week 6, the first external changes in the body: the skin around the nipples darkens, the chest slightly increases, exacerbated sense of smell. In full swing starts the process of hormonal changes in the female body.

The embryo begins its most active development. The fruit does not exceed 5 mm in size. At this stage, the child’s nervous system is formed, the heart and liver are gradually being included in the work. Ultrasound can show baby’s heartbeat, whose frequency is now 100-150 beats per minute.

The arms and legs have not yet formed, but their rudiments appear. Active face shaping is taking place – now you can see where the child has eyes, mouth, and ears. Gradually the inner ear is formed, and the immune and muscular body systems.

The fetus gains sensitivity by reacting to stimuli from spring, but he still has no hearing. Bones have there are still no crumbs, in their place so far only cartilaginous structures, which will further strengthen, forming bones.

It is not yet possible to determine the gender of the future man, since organs did not begin to form. Thanks to the umbilical cord, the baby can move freely in amniotic fluid.


The sixth week is not yet a long time for a woman experienced some pronounced sensations. The fruit has not reached those sizes that greatly affect the condition of the mother.

The main sign of pregnancy at this stage is toxicosis, accompanied by a deterioration in well-being and rapid fatigue. A woman feels tired all the time, often there is a desire lie down and relax, sometimes tormented by dizziness.

Mood swings – a natural occurrence at week 6 pregnancy. Most moms become very irritable and moody, so close people need to show maximum patience during this period.

Taste addictions can vary greatly. Food that a woman used to consider her beloved, now she may seem disgusting to taste and some foods now seem incredibly delicious. A heightened sense of smell can lead to that some smells will cause discomfort, right up to nausea and vomiting.

This week, many women face with a problem such as heartburn, which may worsen after taking certain foods. Constipation are also common at 6 weeks. They arise because that the uterus increases in size and begins to squeeze intestines.

With the appearance of abdominal pain, especially when they accompanied by bloody discharge, should be immediately see a doctor – this symptom often indicates danger of miscarriage.


The main sign indicating a delicate situation is breast change. She gains increased sensitivity, slightly swells, areola of the nipples begin to darken.

There may be a burning or tingling sensation in the chest, as well as soreness when touched. Other signs of pregnancy on sixth week:

  • Skin problems. They arise due to hormonal body restructuring. The skin becomes loose, porous, gray shade, sometimes rashes and acne are formed.
  • The belly has not yet increased, but the woman’s weight has already slightly increased – no more than 1-1.5 kg. Slim women gain weight much faster than the pompous representatives fair sex.
  • By this week, the uterus has already increased slightly and reached 4-5 cm in diameter. This leads to increased pressure on the bladder and more frequent urination.

Highlighting a whitish hue is a natural phenomenon. To call anxiety should green, brown or yellowish discharge, especially if they have an acutely unpleasant odor. It’s almost always indicates the development of an infectious disease and You will need to immediately go to the gynecologist.

Ultrasound scan

6th week of pregnancyFrom this week, a woman should take The rule is to regularly attend antenatal clinics. In this period should be tested and undergo the first examination:

  1. Ultrasound This procedure is optional at week 6. Doctor appoints it only if there is a risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and other pathologies.
  2. A blood test for the level of the hCG hormone. With insufficient level you will need to undergo a course of treatment. It is the analysis of hCG that allows timely detect ectopic pregnancy.
  3. A blood test for HIV and other diseases.
  4. General blood analysis. According to its results, the doctor can judge the course of pregnancy.
  5. Urinalysis to monitor kidney function.
  6. Smear from the vagina. Assigned if suspected infectious lesions.


So that pregnancy at this stage proceeds as smoothly as possible, The following rules must be followed:

  • Change your diet. You need to eat fractionally, small doses, 5-6 times a day.
  • Drink more fluids. Replenish the body’s water supply very important because vomiting characteristic of this stage is lost a lot of fluid.
  • Take special vitamin complexes. Disadvantage certain vitamins or substances during pregnancy, especially C, D, E and B12, as well as folic acid, can lead to disturbances in fetal development.
  • Relax more often. You need to go to bed earlier, do not sit for hours at the computer or TV. Overload your body excessive work should not be.
  • Avoid stress. For a woman during this period, it is very important emotional state that affects development baby.
  • Do not give up sex. If absent contraindications, you can continue to have sex.
  • Use perfume as little as possible and avoid sharp chemical odors.

If you have pets you will need to minimize contact with them. From animals easily to get infected with toxoplasmosis, which is completely not dangerous for an adult, but for a developing baby can represent a serious threat.

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