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Parents of a baby are always interested in a lot of questions related with the introduction of complementary foods in the diet of the baby. This is especially true for mothers and dads whose first-born was born. An important issue remains introducing a child to juice, namely, from how many months can it be give and which juices give priority.

You must immediately clarify that each baby is individual and only a specialist can give a reliable answer. Let’s try to answer to the most important questions. With the introduction of complementary foods should not be no rush

The baby’s diet needs to be replenished on average from 5-6 months. No matter which product is introduced as complementary foods, pumpkin puree or juice, you need to start with great care, because the baby’s body is used to breast milk. Rush can cause allergies and even food poisoning. About the need the introduction of complementary foods besides age, factors such as head holding and teething.


The question is, from how many months you can give juices to a baby to all moms. For this, medical specialists have developed relevant standards that provide for the introduction of juices in the diet of infants.

The first fruits you can give your baby in the form of juices are pears and apples. Norm – enter them from the age of three age. Plum, apricot, carrots and pumpkin will become a source of juice for a baby older than four months.

Since how many months you can give juices to babiesShould be given juices that contain a monocomponent composition. That is, include its composition is only one fruit. From five months you can give nectars, which include different fruits – currants, cherries, raspberries, peach and others.

Citrus fruits can be given only from six months. These include tomato juices, strawberry, grape, vegetable, as well as others drinks, which include exotic fruits.

All indicated consumption rates are approved by the Ministry. health care of the Russian Federation.

For children who suffer from constipation, juices with pulp are needed. They have a weakening effect due to the presence of food fibers. The pulp contains more minerals and pectin. But be careful with their use, as they often cause babies diarrhea and colic. Pediatricians recommend starting them use no earlier than six months of age!

The choice

Since how many months you can give juices to babiesBuying juice Pay attention to what is indicated on the label. Namely:

  • Composition (fruits, vegetables, mono-or multicomponent composition);
  • The presence or absence of pulp;
  • The age at which a child can be given a drink;
  • Presence of sugar substitutes;
  • The amount of vitamins and vitamin C.

Shelf life and whether the juice is a concentrate or In its production, direct extraction was used.


The most common side effects are caused by fruit juices from tropical fruits. Dyes are especially dangerous. For this reason parents can be advised to prepare juices on their own necessary concentration on condition of use environmentally pure fruits.

Allergic reactions can also cause carrot juices and red apples. Therefore, it is better to exclude them from the diet, while the baby does not turn six months old. Juices from grapes, cherries, cranberries, pomegranate can cause flatulence and reflect badly at work pancreas. In order to avoid this, they are better dilute with water in a ratio of 50 to 50. Find out on our website, why a child drinks a lot of water.

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Everything should be in moderation! Some parents when they find out how many months can you give juices to a baby, begin to abuse by them, although this should never be allowed, since excessive juice intake at this age contributes to decay teeth, the development of obesity and housing and communal diseases.

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