Since how many infants give compote from dried fruit?


  1. When can I give
  2. Compote of dried fruits for infants 6 months
  3. How to cook dried fruit compote for babies

Dried fruits are a real storehouse of vitamins.

Compote of them has a lot of healing properties.

It is useful to drink for both adults and children, and starting with infancy.

Many mothers ask such questions: when to start introduction to the child’s diet of such a drink. They are interested in how to introduce complementary foods for babies, how to cook it and Which dried fruits are best used?

When can I give

Most experts insist that enter the menu baby compote is needed no earlier than six months. Until that time the baby’s digestive tract perceives milk best mothers, and even a harmless drink can trigger an allergy or digestion problems.

By the age of 6 months, the baby gradually begins to give the first lure, and at the same time, you can gradually introduce the uzvar as a drink. This is especially necessary for children on artificial feeding that do not get enough vitamins with milk mothers.

It is necessary to give a drink from dried fruits to infants in winter, when the immune system weakens and the risk of catching a cold increases diseases. Also, the intake of such a drink is indicated with an increase in baby’s temperature or in extreme heat when the baby is sweating and loses a large amount of fluid.


Compote of dried fruits for infants 6 months

Like any new product, the child is first given a drink by one teaspoon and look at the reaction. If there is no allergy, then the amount of drink over time is adjusted to 100-150 ml per day. When baby can compoteLess “allergic” are considered The following dried fruits:

  • An Apple;
  • Prunes
  • Pear.

It is recommended to prepare the first drink from apples, and later start introducing assorted dried fruits. Up to 10 months it is advisable not to cook a brew with raisins and dried apricots. Raisins can provoke flatulence in a child, and dried apricots – an allergy.

Note: make infants drink sugar free, if necessary, it can be replaced with fructose.

How to cook dried fruit compote for babies

First of all, we note what exactly to cook, that is, to hold for a long time already boiled drink on fire is impossible – dried fruits lose their useful qualities. We recommend that you read the article on how to how many months you can give juices to the baby.

Additional information on the topic here – is it worth it to solder baby with water. Correctly compote of dried fruits is prepared as follows:

  1. For the first compote, they take only dried apples. It will be enough 20 g
  2. Dried fruits are well washed in water. Before that, you need to check that they were not moldy and that they were not spoiled by insects.
  3. Pour dried fruit with a small amount of warm boiled water and let stand for 10-20 minutes to swell.
  4. Heated with 200 ml of drinking water to 80 ° C.
  5. Dried fruits are poured into a thermos and poured with hot water. After 2 hours can be cooled and given to the child.

If there is no thermos – you can take enameled dishes with a lid. You can cook compote on fire, in this in case it is only brought to a boil and immediately turned off. Capacity with compote must be covered with a lid and let it brew for 1 hour.

Tip: leave an unfinished drink on tomorrow is not worth it, mom can drink it, but the baby needs prepare a fresh serving.

Dried fruits can be stored for up to 2 years. However compote baby better made from fresh stocks and therefore dried fruit for It is preferable for the child to harvest compote on their own. It’s not difficult to do it, but you’ll definitely be a product sure.

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