Симптомы thrush у женщин — признаки,complications, prevention, diagnosis

Update: December 2018

Vaginal candidiasis in women, the so-called thrush is
inflammation of the vaginal mucosa due to the growth of yeast colonies
fungi of the genus Candida.

Antibiotics, poor nutrition, hormonal disruptions,
decrease in body defenses after serious illnesses or against the background
prolonged stress or overwork, hygiene violations – are
причинами возникновения thrush у женщин.

Symptoms of the disease can be as bright, intense
may be absent or be hardly noticeable. If the diagnosis and
лечение thrush не проводить своевременно, то заболевание
become chronic, often recurrent, causing marked
discomfort, soreness, which significantly impairs well-being

Признаки thrush у женщин

Because often thrush is asymptomatic, and also it does not
rarely accompanies other gynecological diseases, including
and latent sexually transmitted infections should be for
establish the correct diagnosis contact a qualified
a specialist. With the intensive reproduction of pathogenic fungal
agents, there is a pronounced thrush in women, symptoms
which is quite typical:

  • Одним из признаков thrush у женщин является зуд и жжение во
    vagina and external genitalia. Especially intense
    there is an internal burning sensation when a woman sits her leg on
    leg, this is one of the tests for thrush (itchy vagina
    – causes, treatment).
  • The volume of discharge increases, they become white.
    colors with a sour smell, but the smell may not be.
  • Для thrush характерна неоднородность консистенции выделений,
    they take the form of small lumps, like particles of cottage cheese,
    as they say, cottage cheese consistency, hence the name candidiasis
    vagina – thrush.
  • Many women who have candidiasis have complained of
    an increase in the amount of discharge at night, after various water
    procedures or after intercourse.
  • Частым симптомом thrush у женщин служит покраснение и
    swelling of the small, large labia, extending to the anal
  • Inflammation, burning, itching, swelling of the vaginal mucosa
    provoke soreness during intercourse.
  • For the same reason, pain may also occur when urinating.
  • It is not uncommon to erased candidiasis, when the symptoms
    thrush у женщин слабо выражены и может беспокоить только один из
    listed signs.
  • Thrush in women often during menstruation on their own
    passes, as this microflora of the vagina becomes more
    alkaline, unfavorable for fungi.
  • The situation becomes more serious if the disease
    becomes chronic. Recurrence occurs more
    4 times a year, appearing, usually a week before menstruation.
  • Often recurrent thrush is more difficult to treat and
    leads to complications when involved in the pathological process
    intestines, bladder and other organs and tissues.
  • Not rarely thrush accompanies other infectious
    diseases such as genital herpes, chlamydia in women,
    ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc.

The table presents the comparative characteristics of some
симптомов thrush, трихомониаза и бактериального вагинита
(gardnelelez – discharge with the smell of fish in women). These are only the most
characteristic symptoms that absolutely should not be considered as
diagnostics. Even the most experienced doctor is only on the basis of complaints and
examination can not exclude the presence of other genital infections in
женщины, которые часто сопутствуют молочнице,  поэтому
self-diagnosis and self-medication are not allowed. Diagnose
vaginal candidiasis and treatment should be prescribed only by treating

Thrush Bacterial vaginitis Trichomoniasis
smell sourish у выделений smell рыбы неприятный рыбный smell
discharge thick, whitish, resemble cottage cheese, homogeneous, milky
colors, increased excretion
liquid gray-whitish, abundant, sometimes frothy discharge гнойные, желто-зеленые, обильные, пенистые
the discomfort itching and burning in the vagina, discomfort and pain during
intercourse and urination, burning when sitting
women leg to foot
mucosal irritation and vaginal itching intense external and internal itching, mucosal redness
vagina, urination disorders

Диагностика thrush

When visiting a gynecologist, a woman should be prepared to respond to
questions that the doctor can ask her to find out
clinical picture and symptoms that concern her:

  • Describe in detail all the symptoms that bother you.
  • When did they first appear?
  • How have the symptoms of the disease changed after their
  • Опишите консистенцию, smell, цвет и количество выделений.
  • What you have provokes deterioration, which is the opposite,
  • Have there been similar symptoms before?
  • Have you been treated for any STDs (diseases,
    sexually transmitted infections)?
  • How much do you have sexual partners and whether you lead sexual
    a life?
  • What are you protected by, what methods of contraception
    do you use?
  • If there is a regular partner, does he have any discharge from
  • Have you ever used any
    antibiotics or other drugs?
  • Last menstruation day, whether the cycle is regular, how long
    monthly and how many days does the menstrual cycle last?
  • Do you use douching, by what means and why?
    (Douching with thrush soda, chamomile, chlorhexidine is not
    recommended because it is both useless and dangerous)
  • What are your chronic diseases, how are you sick now
    or in the past?

After collecting history, the gynecologist conducts an examination on the chair, takes
smear from the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix.

Microscopic examination of smear in women with thrush
find fungal mycelium, in large quantities. However, this
It is considered a quick method, but not informative, because it does not
gives information about the type of fungi that cause the disease.

Bacterial seeding should be performed to find out the type of fungus.
smear on nutritious special environments, with further definition
образовавшихся  колоний, и их чувствительности,
susceptibility of Candida fungi to various antifungal
drugs in gynecology. The quantitative factor is also taken into account.
identified colonies of fungi, since the identification of minor
quantity is the norm with a healthy vaginal microflora.

Clinical studies and observations conducted by specialists
indicate that thrush often does not occur as
independent disease, and in conjunction with other genital
infections. With thrush in women, the symptoms are perfectly masked.
hidden infections that in recent decades tend to

Therefore, a differential diagnosis of thrush with
Gardneuritis, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea,
genital herpes. It is enough to consult with
of venereologist, pass complex PCR tests for STIs, as well as pass
blood by the method of rapid tests RIF and ELISA.

In addition, for chronic thrush should go
comprehensive examination of women, as often the first symptom
diabetes in women is the appearance of thrush, therefore
should donate blood for blood glucose. If the rate is exceeded,
It is necessary to contact an endocrinologist, and in the future to comply

Also, when a woman has thrush, she should be examined by
gastroenterologist – to do an abdominal ultrasound, to pass the analysis on
intestinal dysbiosis, pass the feces to the coprogram if
testimony, then pass FGS and so on. Diagnosis.

If thrush has already provoked urinary complications
path, you should also visit the urologist, pass a smear from the urethra,
urine analysis according to Zimnitsky, ultrasound of the bladder and
the kidneys.

When should I go to a gynecologist?

  • Thrush recurs more than 4 times a year. Симптомы thrush у женщин - признаки, complications, prevention, diagnosis
  • If the treatment is within a week, the woman does not relieve the symptoms
  • If while taking the first doses of drugs prescribed by a doctor,
    there was irritation of the genitals
  • Если, кроме thrush беспокоит температура, слабость, боль
    lower abdomen
  • If the disease recurs after a course of treatment or soon
    after him – in 2-3 months
  • Purulent or bleeding occurred during therapy.
    (brown discharge in the middle of the cycle – is it dangerous?)

Осложнения thrush

With chronic thrush, a woman may have a variety of

The spread of fungal infection occurs in the absence of
treatment, or a weak immune response to therapy. First
queue may be susceptible to the development of uterine candidiasis,
leading to cervicitis, bladder – cystitis, urinary
channel – urethritis.

The combination of STIs with thrush is especially dangerous, it is fraught
serious inflammatory gynecological processes,
leading to infertility.

With little development, thrush does not bring serious
harm to the health of the woman, but constantly worries and creates discomfort
for normal sex life.

Thrush can be the first sign of a serious illness such
ka HIV infection, diabetes, etc. And if you have treated it once,
thrush returns, it indicates a weakened immune system, and
candidiasis is a signal, an indicator, external manifestation
reduce the body’s defenses or metabolic or
hormonal processes. (Thrush in female causes

When recurrent, frequent thrush in women, the symptoms of which
bright, simultaneously with the treatment of candidiasis should be found and eliminated
the cause of reduced immunity. Otherwise, thrush can occur again.
and again. In our article, Thrush in women – treatment, drugs,
You can learn more about the drugs used to
treatment of candida vagina, as well as the advantages and disadvantages
применения 10 эффективных свечей от thrush.

Профилактика thrush у женщин

First очередь следует всегда соблюдать интимную гигиену, не
use tampons for more than 4 hours, often change pads like
daily and during menstruation – this is very important!

When using antibiotics (11 rules how to take
antibiotics) for the treatment of other diseases should be taken before and
after treatment various probiotics normalizing the microflora
intestines (the entire list of probiotic preparations)

Adequate and timely treatment of any diseases, including
chronic, STDs or hormonal disruptions.

Для профилактики thrush, женщине следует носить только
cotton underwear, avoid tight, squeezing
underwear – thongs, tight tights, jeans.

Do not use hygienic antibacterial gels, soaps for
intimate hygiene, colored flavored toilet paper,
which can affect the acidity of microflora.

Если у женщины влажная среда вызывает обострение thrush,
wipe thoroughly after bathing, do not be wet
bathing suit for a long time, ideal while relaxing on the beach
have a spare dry swimsuit to change into after

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