Signs of whooping cough in a child

Update: November 2018

Whooping cough is an acute airborne infection caused by
Bordetella pertussis pertussis wand. It affects the respiratory
пути человека, и наиболее опасно  это заболевание для детей,
under the age of two. Usually most cases
Pertussis is registered in children of pre-school age 3-6 years.
Основным характерным признаком  коклюша у ребенка является
cough with spasms and seizures.

Causes of increased pertussis

According to statistics for the last 20 years in Russia there has been an increase
the incidence of whooping cough. The main reasons for the increase in cases
the occurrence of this infectious disease in the population is considered
following:Signs of whooping cough in a child

  • The percentage of vaccinated children has decreased to 70%.
  • Older vaccines have low efficacy, as there is
    adapted form of pertussis sticks, which affects children with
    good post-vaccination immunity.
  • Earlier, due to the less advanced diagnosis of this disease,
    statistics of real cases of whooping cough in children was underestimated. On
    Today, almost all cases of detection are recorded.
    whooping cough because improved diagnostic methods and many
    parents themselves are aware of the characteristic signs of whooping cough
  • Decreased immunity in adults and adolescents also
    promotes whooping cough among adults
  • Not effective immunization and, as a consequence, an increase in
    sick among children under 6 years.

Sources of infection – the sick and carriers. Patient contagious from 1 to
25 day illness.

Symptoms of whooping cough in children

The incubation period for whooping cough lasts a maximum of 2 weeks, but in
the average is 5 days. This is the latent period of illness when
the pathogen has already been introduced into the body, but whooping cough symptoms have not yet
manifest themselves. When the incubation period ends, begins
the disease itself, which in a child can be divided into three stages:

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Catarrhal stage

This is a week to two period, when the disease begins as
normal colds or a cold. Signs of whooping cough in a child в этот период
difficult to determine because there are no typical symptoms. Wherein
the child sneezes, coughs, a runny nose and subfebrile appears
temperature, weakness. Gradually cough strength and frequency
increases, the child becomes more moody,


Period of spasmodic cough

This is a paroxysmal stage, maximum symptoms observed on
2-3 week of illness. This period lasts about a month, sometimes
a little less or more. Now the child has a characteristic
for whooping cough spasmodic cough, the attacks of which begin
suddenly they last up to 4 minutes. During the day, the number of such
attacks, depending on the severity of the disease, may
be from 5 to 50.

An attack of cough with whooping cough begins with a series of cough tremors,
after which the child takes a breath with a whistle and repeats again
a series of convulsive cough tremors, such a cycle – coughing and inhaling
свистом-  во время одного приступа может повториться до 15
time. At the end of an episode, glassy viscous is usually released.
sputum. Also in children, sputum removal efforts can cause

The condition of the child in the period of the attack is very heavy, the complexion
may be bluish due to lack of incoming
oxygen, eyes bulging, neck veins dilate, maybe
the frenulum of the tongue is injured, seizures may occur. The most
it’s dangerous that the development of choking in a child is great
the likelihood of respiratory failure.

Recovery period

В этот период приступы кашля постепенно становятся  более
rare and not pronounced, then are replaced by the usual cough, which
lasts up to 3 weeks.

Таким образом, общая продолжительность болезни от полутора
up to 4 months, that is, the recovery period may be delayed and more
3 weeks.

Severity of illness

The three periods described above are typical for typical
mild to moderate course of the disease.

  • In severe form during the period of spasmodic cough, the child sharply
    pale with blueness, indifferent, puffy, sleeping poorly, little
    is eating.
  • Coughing attacks are frequent and prolonged.
  • In children up to one year often episodes of respiratory failure (apnea) –
    the child turns gray with cyanosis and does not breathe for a minute or more. With
    this can drench, crap one’s pants, get a hemorrhage in the eyes
    or the nose will bleed. In babies, cramps are also more common.
    bouts of coughing.

The erased form is noted only by a low temperature and
long coughing (up to 6 weeks).

Complications after whooping cough in a child

One of the serious complications of whooping cough is pneumonia,
which is provoked by either the pertussis wand itself or
affiliated bacterial infection. May also develop
bleeding from the nose, inflammation of the larynx, false croup, hernia
inguinal or umbilical. With тяжелом течении заболевания у маленьких
children there are cases of encephalopathy, seizures.

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