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Update: November 2018

The sharp increase in the incidence of diabetes, especially among
residents of megacities in recent decades is alarming.
Moreover, every ten years the number of patients with diabetes doubles.
Studies on the prevalence of this disease in Russia
found that, on average, 2-3.5% of the population suffers from sugar
diabetes of varying severity.

The insidiousness of this affliction lies in the fact that the pre-diabetic
Type 2 diabetes mellitus develops sufficiently
slowly, sometimes over 10 years and with diabetes in women
signs are not observed for a long time.

However, there are some body signals that indicate
approaching insulin resistance, noticing that you can
just take a blood glucose test, the rate of which is different
sources average is 3.3-5.7 mmol / l. or even in
home using a glucometer to measure the sugar level in
blood fasting. In case of doubtful results can also be at home.
test for glucose tolerance and determine if
addiction or latent diabetes in a woman or not.

The first signs of diabetes

У женщин —  матерей, бабушек и хозяек, хранительниц
hearth, in our time is formed incredible, increased and
emotional and physical exertion every day. They have to
work up to eight hours a day, grow, control your
детей, следить, ухаживать за собой, поддерживать чистоту и
order in the house, cook, clean, wash, etc. Exhausting
work, constant stress, lack of natural vitamins,
normal food – often lead to fatigue,
excessive fatigue, sometimes a woman does not notice that weakness can
caused by another reason:

  • Weakness and lack of energy, reduced
    работоспособности —
    это может быть одним из звоночков
    diabetes mellitus. In women, a sign of diabetes can
    to be such a fact, if after a good rest, long sleep,
    psychological comfort, good nutrition – weakness is not
    leaves, cheerfulness and strength did not increase – this can be one of
    signals of beginning diabetes if added to it
    some more early signs of diabetes.
  • Drowsiness, lethargy, feeling tired immediately after
    приема пищи —
    также является одним из первых признаков
    diabetes mellitus. If this happens rarely, after a heavy reception
    carbohydrate is a variant of the norm. But if every time after eating
    unbearably want to sleep, it becomes hard to concentrate and think
    – this is a warning sign.
  • Ощущение жажды. This is the most noticeable symptom.
    diabetes in women and men, it usually joins and
    dry mouth. If these symptoms are chronic, that is
    thirsty woman constantly experiences, drinks a lot of liquid
    and this, respectively, leads to frequent urination,
    therefore, it is necessary to exclude or confirm such a diagnosis.
    like diabetes.
  • Увеличение количества мочи. At large
    fluid intake increases and its removal from the body –
    it is also one of the signs of diabetes.
  • Overweight. Excess body fat,
    obesity are serious risk factors for diabetes,
    causing insensitivity of tissues and cells of the body to insulin,
    which plays a crucial role in metabolic processes, promoting
    the penetration of glucose from the blood into the cells of all organs. And the extra
    the fat mass in this process creates certain obstacles
    glucose in the proper volume is not absorbed by the cells, and is delayed in
    blood, gradually affecting the cardiovascular
    the system.

In the development of diabetes, excess weight matters precisely by its area
accumulations, that is, fat deposits in the thighs, buttocks are not
are clear risk factors. But with the accumulation of excess
kilograms around the waist – prerequisites for development are created
hypertension, heart disease and causes disorders
carbohydrate metabolism. It is believed that for this reason, the risk of developing
diabetes in men is higher because the accumulation of excess fat in them
occurs mainly in the abdomen, not the hips and buttocks, as in

  • Hypertension. Высокое кровяное давление  в
    a complex with overweight, thirst and increased appetite – obvious
    risk factors and the first signs of diabetes in any person.
  • Increased appetite, especially the desire to eat sweet
    A woman notices that she always wants
    easily digestible carbohydrates, sweet foods. At the same time, glucose and
    does not enter the organs and tissues, the brain. And starving brain cells
    require the supply of food again, forcing the person to consume
    more products, and some people have a particularly strong
    craving for sweets.

New research by Swiss scientists has shown that in the development
type 2 diabetes socio-economic factors play a decisive
role. It is believed that since childhood the child grew up in poverty, that is
fed on cheaper foods, most often easily digestible
carbohydrate, then with age in such a person the risk of developing
sugar diabetes is increased by 2 times, even if later
its nutrition becomes more protein and balanced.

  • Sharp weight loss. With type 1 diabetes
    women are not inclined to corpulence and a sharp weight loss serves as a signal
    и первым симптомом diabetes mellitus.
  • Зуд кожных покровов, особенно в области паха.
    Of course, this is not the brightest sign of diabetes, itching is triggered
    allergies, thrush and STDs, but if combined with other
    symptoms appeared itching in the pubic part of the body, in the groin area – this
    может быть симптомом diabetes mellitus.
  • Headaches and pustular skin lesions.
    The causes of headaches, as well as boils are numerous, do not beat
    anxiety when they appear without other symptoms of diabetes. But y
    some patients with diabetes are observed and such are his

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The main signs of diabetes in women

It is necessary to distinguish the existing main 2 types –
инсулинозависимый 1 тип и инсулинонезависимый 2 тип sugar
diabetes, causes of type 1 diabetes are damage
pancreatic cells where it decreases or
insulin production stops altogether, so most often
option women are not obese, but rather slim and
thin Признаки диабета первого типа считаются

  • General weakness, fatigue caused by sharp
    significant weight loss
  • Constant feeling of thirst, and as a result, frequent
  • Dry mouth and metallic taste in mouth
  • Dry skin of the hands, feet, skin
  • With a sharp weight loss in the urine there is acetone
  • Irritability, headaches, nervousness,
    sleep disturbance, depression
  • Sometimes nausea and vomiting
  • Furunculosis, skin and vaginal itching, fungal and other
    vaginal infections
  • Cramps and pain in the calf muscles, pain in the heart
  • Visual impairment, blurred vision, especially in women after
    50 years

При диабете второго типа выработка инсулина
may not be broken, and the main link of changes is
decreased sensitivity of tissues to insulin, in this case, signs
sugar диабета у женщин похожи с 1 типом, но и немного

  • Thirst is also characteristic of type 2 diabetes.
  • And also itchy crotch
  • Pain sensitivity decreases, seizures appear and
    numbness of upper and lower limbs
  • Blurred eyes, reduced vision
  • The appearance of various skin infections, difficult healing wounds
  • Drowsiness after eating, general muscular weakness
  • Immunosuppression and frequent viral and infectious
  • Gradual weight gain, obesity, due to increased
  • Hair loss on the legs, hair growth in women on the face, on
    beard and mustache, as well as the appearance on the body of small yellow
    growths – xanthan.

Как избежать sugar диабета женщине

Кому следует опасаться развития такого diseases? First
the queue is:

  • Persons with unfavorable heredity for diabetes,
    if at least one of the parents suffers from this disease, the children also
    at high risk
  • Obese Women Aggravated by Diabetic
  • Persons with vascular atherosclerosis, hypertension
  • Women who have experienced either during pregnancy
    гестационный диабет, либо   нарушения толерантности к
  • Women who have given birth to a child weighing more than 4 kg.
  • Women who have a pathological pregnancy that
    ended with the death of the fetus

К сожалению, избежать sugar диабета при тяжелой
heredity is hard, but today has already been developed
immunological diagnostics with which to catch the early
stage of diabetes is very easy when a person is still full of health.

And then, through healthy eating, exercise and
anti-stress trainings, positive attitude, to conduct the maximum
healthy lifestyle, not bringing the body to an extreme point, when
irreversible changes will occur.

If there is a genetic predisposition to this disease, then
How to avoid diabetes? Lifestyle Tips
it’s very easy to give as soon as you try to bring them to life
устранить существующий фактор риска sugar диабета?

  • Физическая активность — залог хорошего
    health, sedentary work should be compensated by walks,
    физическим трудом на свежем воздухе,  спортивные клубы также
    good, but running through the woods, weeding the garden will have a greater effect,
    rather than an exercise bike in a stuffy room.
  • Gymnastics gives a very good slimming effect.
    Бодифлекс, выполнять которую не сложно, занимает
    it is not more than 15 minutes a day, it strengthens the muscle mass and
    helps to improve metabolism in the body by burning fat
    mass of
  • Питание — один из важнейших профилактических
    factors to avoid diabetes. Should be replaced
    all production flour, confectionery, bread products on
    cereals, legumes, if you eat bread, then only in the form of useful
    rye bread. Limit the use of semi-finished products
    animal fats, chemical additives, exclude alcohol, coffee,
    too salty and spicy dishes.
  • Psychological positive attitude, pronouncing affirmations,
    positive attitudes, meditation, yoga classes are also effective
    help the body to restructure and fight the disease, even with
    genetic tendency to it.

If you pay attention to your disposition in time, any
женщина может избежать sugar диабета, если захочет, проводя
appropriate prevention, and regularly monitoring the level
blood sugar

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