Signs of a brain tumor

Update: November 2018

If a person is worried about persistent headaches, in addition to thousands
reasons for their occurrence, it is impossible to exclude such a formidable
disease as malignant as most
The first, main symptom of a brain tumor is –
headache. This symptom of the oncological process in
the brain is recorded in half of the patients. However, there are
these types of tumors that generally do not cause characteristic
signs of a brain tumor, lack of symptoms and timely
treatments lead to the death of the patient and only after it is found
the true cause of man’s death.

Characteristic signs of brain cancer

One of the most common primary cancers.
the brain is glioblastoma, it does not metastasize outside
limits of the central nervous system (within the central nervous system metastases may well be). But
описаны единичные случаи легочного метастазирования.
Signs of a brain tumorSigns of
diseases primarily depend on the localization zone
neoplasms. If education is located next to the bark
brain and also disrupts the centers that control
movement and speech, then the person feels the signs of cancer
right away

  • Speech impairment
  • Movement Coordination
  • Fainting

What if the tumor disrupts the cortical centers of different
analyzers (speech, visual, auditory, olfactory and
etc. ) or affects cortical motor centers, it will have
hallucination (visual taste, etc.) or loss of these
sensations, as well as movement disorders. Loss of consciousness can
to be associated with a violation of the blood supply (the tumor overlaps
vessels) or irritates sensitivity centers from internal
organs (precentral and postcentral sulci of the cortex).

Therefore, the person most often turns for advice in time.
and doctors based on MRI of the brain can detect
the tumor is at an early stage, so the patient’s treatment gets
during. However, with the localization of education in the deep structures
the brain, its growth is not accompanied by bright signs.

Warning should primarily chronic headaches,
not relieving analgesics, as well as morning sickness and vomiting.
Sometimes a symptom of such a tumor may be
olfactory hallucinations, for example, man constantly seems
the presence of a certain smell, ordinary food also
may seem different to taste and smell.

  • Headaches

Headache for brain cancer is different in that it wears
persistent, intense enough, oppressive, not
pain relievers, pain significantly
increases when a person is stressed, that is, when physical
load, coughing, stooping, with tension in the abdomen. Feature
such headaches is their reinforcement in the morning, this is due
accumulation of fluid overnight in the brain tissues (see also headache).
pain in the forehead).

Why is this happening? A growing tumor releases a mass of toxins,
which create barriers to the natural flow of blood, and in
horizontal position during sleep occurs swelling of the brain due to
blood stagnation, and when a person wakes up, takes a vertical
position, blood outflow is a bit normal and headache
decreases. Usually a precursor of intense headaches.
is nausea and a feeling of heaviness in the head. What a headache
maybe with a tumor?

  • In addition to a headache, a person feels muscular weakness,
    numbness of the skin, double vision
  • Very intense headache on waking, disappearing
    in 2-3 hours
  • Throbbing headache
  • When the tumor headache is not migraine in nature (see
    migraine symptoms, treatment), occurs at night and may be accompanied
    confusion and vomiting
  • Headache with swelling worse from change of position
    body, cough, physical activity
  • Dizziness

It is also quite common sign of a brain tumor, and
it occurs regardless of the position of the body, it can
arise in the supine state, and sitting and standing. Dizziness
may be a rare occurrence, and may disturb the patient very much
often. Its appearance may be as a result of increased
intracranial pressure due to fluid retention, as well as the consequence
pressure of the tumor on the vestibular apparatus, if it is a tumor of the posterior
cranial fossa, cerebellum, bridge-cerebellar angle.

  • Nausea

As the disease progresses, headache begins
accompanied by nausea and vomiting, not bringing relief and not
dependent on food intake.

  • Violations of the senses

With pinching, pressure of the tumor on the visual or auditory
nerves, speech center may appear hearing impairment, vision,
speech, especially this often accompanies brain cancer in the elderly.
Such patients have serious difficulties in pronouncing simple
words, can rapidly lose sight.

  • General state

Weakness, drowsiness, impaired sensitivity, impaired
motor functions, usually on one side of the body. Old people
can hit full or partial paralysis.

  • Reduction mental abilities

Also a sign of a brain tumor is decreased memory.
и mental abilities. With the growth of a tumor a sign of cancer
brain disorder, which is manifested in
decrease in concentration of attention, ability to voice one’s thoughts,
the patient may not be aware of what is happening around, not recognize
close people do not understand where it is and how they are called
ordinary items.

  • Mental disorders

can also accompany the growth of a brain tumor, a person becomes
indifferent, lethargic, his depressive mood prevails,
hallucinations that most often manifest as concentrated
smells, intrusive sounds or bright flashes of light.

  • Impaired sensitivity

Sometimes the sensitivity of the skin can be disturbed, then
the patient does not feel the temperature difference, warm or cold, weak
feels or does not feel touch at all.

  • There are cases when the patient finds it difficult to determine his
    parts of the body in space, can not say with closed eyes
    for example, how his hand is located, at the bottom or top is his
  • A patient may experience a running pupil, this is called
    horizontal nystagmus, while the patient is not noticed is
    pupil movement.

Today, medicine cannot say for sure that
causes brain cancer even in young people. Many theories, one of them
is a hormonal cause, that is, pregnancy, oral
contraceptives, stimulation of egg production for
IVF procedures (see hormone therapy increases the risk of cancer
brain in women). Most experts call
oncology – a disease of civilization, because everything that I used to
modern city dweller, affects the health is not the best
in a way.

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