Shy child: what should parents do? howto help your child cope with shyness?

Excessive shyness suggests that a child has
low self-esteem. And although he does not realize this, he is fine
feels. Helping such a kid is to raise
confidence in their actions and deeds. And here the main thing
the principle will be – do no harm! Incorrectly matched words and
methods will only aggravate the situation.

The content of the article

  • 1 Should I pay attention?
    • 1.1 Psychology: Shy children
    • 1.2 Signs of shyness
    • 1.3 Where does shyness come from?
    • 1.4 Shy kid: future loser?
  • 2 how помочь ребенку?
    • 2.1 «Совет детского психолога» how преодолеть
      shyness in children?
  • 3 Mistakes of parents
    • 3.1 What you can not do categorically
  • 4 Mom’s school. Shy baby. how воспитать в нем
    self-confidence and learn to stand up for yourself?

застенчивый ребенок

Should I pay attention?

On the one hand, modesty gives the girl charm.
Shy kid can not be called annoying, annoying or
brazen. They are sympathetic and friendly people, always listen,
will come to the rescue. From the modest little girls and guys come true

On the other hand, it can be a misfortune when a child is not
able to communicate normally with children, play with them, start
friends He is frightened by new people and surroundings. The kid is experiencing, but
can not do anything with them.

These small problems develop into huge ones in the future.
Shy people are often lonely, it is difficult for them to find a second
half and start a family. Because of their timidity and constraint, they
imperceptible and unsuccessful.

Man is a social being. He cannot live outside society. AND
the duty of adults is to help such a child. That is to teach
interact with people. AND лучше начать это делать в раннем

Psychology: Shy children

Shyness, indecision in modern life, if not
flaw, then certainly the property of character, which prevents
a lot. Where do children get excessive shyness, and how are we
Can we help your child?


Signs of shyness

A shy child is easy to isolate from the crowd. Away he is not
moves away from her mother, hides behind her, silent. Where all the children
play, this kid quietly sits aside and sad
is watching.

  • General signs. Rapid pulse, voltage in
    muscles, profuse sweating, bright blush – the first symptoms.
    They shackle the baby, do not let him relax. As a result
    the child feels a strong discomfort. This is joined by the quiet
    voice, excessive excitement, if he paid attention. Kid
    cautious in actions. It’s easier for him not to do at all
    remain inconspicuous.
  • Self-criticism. Such children are unnecessary
    demanding of his own person. They consider themselves worse than others
    inferior. This applies to both appearance and behavior. AT
    As a result, complexes are further removed from people.
  • Closure. Closed children in any team.
    ATытянуть на разговор или вовлечь в общественную деятельность их
    heavy. For questions they try to keep quiet, fun games.
    prefer loneliness.
  • Shyness Any child will be glad
    when he is praised, but not this kid. It is easier for him to stay in
    shade than get a serving of little attention. Public praise
    for him it is stress.
  • Shyness Fear of novelty and public. New
    people, places, any unfamiliar situation. Kid старается уйти от
    her, hide. He feels calm only in the usual
  • Indecision. Such a child is hard
    to make decisions. He feels insecure in his own
    deeds and thoughts. He is plagued by doubts: is he doing right or
    not. Even small tasks cause huge difficulties.
  • Speech impairment. These children in ordinary life
    unsociable, with strangers do not speak – shy.
    ATыступление на публике им противопоказаны. Fear and anxiety can
    lead to stuttering, stammering in speech.


Where does shyness come from?

To help the child overcome excessive modesty and
Uncertainty, you need to know the reason for its origin. Sometimes
eliminating the source, the problem disappears.

  • Heredity. If relatives are close
    relatives, including parents, suffered shyness, crumb
    could inherit this quality.
  • AT силу темперамента. Phlegmatic and melancholic
    naturally prone to shyness. These types of temperament also
    Introversion is characteristic. That is, they are not focused on external
    communication with people around you, and on your inner world.
  • An example of parents. Children learn
    interact with society, repeating the behavior of adults. If in
    family, one of the relatives has this quality, the child could
    copy it.
  • ATоспитание. Sometimes the parents themselves do not
    suspecting, they bring up shyness in the kid. Criticism, frequent
    punishment, prohibitions without explanation form a certain behavior
    baby He tries to meet the expectations of adults.
  • Cruelty. When a dysfunctional family
    situation, there is psychological pressure, tyranny or
    assault, baby closes, grows shy and squeezed.
  • Long isolation. In other words,
    lack of experience. This happens when a child is often sick and
    sitting on home mode. The reason may be closed
    family policy of the family. Parents spent little time on
    communication baby with other children.
  • Hyper-Pharmacy. how вид особой (намеренной)
    isolation. This is excessive custody of relatives and friends over the child.
    ATстречается у излишне тревожных и мнительных родителей. Fearing for
    the baby’s health, or that it may be offended, adults deliberately do not
    allow contact with strangers. For parents suffering
    It is characteristic of hyper-care to keep children in “home confinement”.

Shy kid: future loser?

how помочь ребенку?

The baby will not cope with this task on its own. AND в будущем
a small problem can turn into a big tragedy. What to do

  1. Praise. Encourage and encourage child
    verbally: “You will succeed!”, “You are so clever with me!”, “I
    I’m proud of you!”.  Do this as often as possible. When baby
    feels the support of loving parents, it gives
    of confidence.
  2. Demonstrate how important it is.
    Ask for a child’s opinion on a particular issue. When choosing
    clothes, any purchases for home, surprise for dad, grandmother.
    Let the baby feel that it is considered that his opinion is important.
    Thus, children’s self-esteem is growing.
  3. Show that adults are wrong too. AND в
    this is no big deal. Parental authority has great
    value for baby. ATидя, что даже взрослые совершают промахи,
    the child will treat his own failures differently. Teach him not
    focus on mistakes and try to correct them.
  4. Practice playfully. Children try on
    social roles through the game. Hone your interaction skills with
    социумом в сюжетных играх: «AT гости», «AT поликлинике», «Автобус»,
    «ANDгрушки идут в детский сад». A child without fear and anxiety can
    try yourself in any way. Here you can rehearse
    the use of polite words, how to get acquainted, the rules
    behavior in public places and more.
  5. Give instructions. Simple tasks that
    baby can do it yourself. Start with the simplest: give
    cash to the seller at the checkout, to transfer the thing to an adult, to help collect
    necessary products in the store. AND обязательно похвалите.
  6. Visit crowded places. Being in places
    clusters of children, the child gets used to be in society. Besides
    he sees patterns of behavior of other kids: how to communicate,
    get acquainted, interact. No need to insist on playing with children,
    пусть is watching. Over time, he himself will be interested
    to try. But to visit such places often.
  7. Invite children to visit. Child more confident
    feels on its territory. Here he is the master, here he is everything
    familiar. Kidу легче решиться на контакт с людьми в окружении
    familiar surroundings and toys.

«Совет детского психолога» how преодолеть застенчивость у

Parents’ mistakes

A timid, humble child is easy to hurt. It closes off
others, but hears and understands everything. ANDногда близкие и родные сами
without realizing it provokes his shy behavior.

  1. Стремление переделать baby ATзрослые
    specially create a situation that the baby is most afraid of.
    Focus on the problem, discussing out loud, asking
    tell a poem to the public. For shy crumbs it’s stress.
    The effect will be the opposite of what was expected. Baby even more
    closes and no longer trust parents.
  2. Do not pay attention. �“He is like that!” Or
    �”Grow up, he will change!”. ANDгнорировать — тоже ошибка. Situation
    Itself will not change. It will grow into a complex with which he
    can not cope alone. Kid может на всю жизнь
    stay shy, lonely and miserable.
  3. Waiting for a quick effect. Even keeping everything
    rules and precautions, do not expect quick results. To kid
    need time. AT каждом конкретном случае индивидуально. Not worth it
    force events. Create conditions, encourage the slightest
    achievements and his first independent attempts. Be child

What can not be done categorically

  • Criticize.
  • Compare with other children.
  • Shame in public.
  • To focus on the problem.

Many complexes of people are rooted in childhood. Therefore, on
shoulders parents falls responsibility for timely assistance
little close person. The earlier an adult takes notice
and help the baby, the easier and faster the child will step over
�”Shy” stage of development.

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Mom’s school. Shy baby. how воспитать в нем
self-confidence and learn to stand up for yourself?

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