Shout at the child correctly: 13 bad adviceto parents

Education is a whole science. К сожалению, часто to parents
it seems that the best way to influence a child is screaming.
Приведем 13 вредных советов to parents о том, как правильно кричать
on scion. They will help you understand what this might lead to.
communicating with the baby.


Raising children is not easy at all. Each of us in the head
there is an image of a “good parent.” And, most likely, there is no mom in it or
dads, loudly screaming at the child for his every misconduct. we
we understand that this is not the best means of education, we suffer and
repent after we broke a cry.

Below are 13 humorous harmful tips on how to
shout correctly at the child. Maybe they will help us take a look.
at themselves from the side and the next hot moment will stop the cry,
ready to break the lips.

If your baby doesn’t want

Do what you need

For a long time do not need to think:

Raise the noise and din!

Talk to the child in a raised voice, everyone
раз, как  увидите, что ребенок делает не то, что вы
want to.


Very loudly you say:

�”What are you doing?! It is impossible!

Immediately pore,

Scary bulging eyes.

Every time remind loudly the child that there is a word
�”CANNOT.” And do not forget to ask with indignation “WHAT ARE YOU


If the whims began,

Tears flowed from the eyes

You break it:

Louder voice because you have!

When your child is naughty and crying, try
shout it down so he can figure out who has a louder voice.


If you are very tired,


Evil tear on the child –

Maybe she will pass!

If in the evening you have a headache, then yell at
baby Perhaps a headache will pass.


If the toddler is random

Suddenly fell, got dirty,

To make it easier for him –

You can not do without screaming!

Must be sure to yell at the child when he fell
or got dirty. After all, only from your cry he will


When is the child in the evening

Bothers you to rest

Does not give on the phone

You and your girlfriend chat, –

Find the right tool:

Scream loudly

And send it

Play in the far corner.

If your child spins around you all evening, sets
всякие вопросы и мешает поговорить по телефону,  нужно
shout at him sharply and loudly. And then send to the far corner
play alone.


To exactly your baby

I understood all my guilt

When yelling at him

Review a couple of times.

When yelling at a child, use insults, so
the child will better understand what his mistake is.


Choose a better place

Where is the child scold.

If shouting publicly –

It will be better understood.

The best place to yell at a child is with strangers
with friends, on the street. So the child will be ashamed not only for himself,
but for you.


If you learn something

Peanut yet,


You blame him

Clumsy obzovite.

After all, you, of course,

Better results!

When a child tries to show independence and
it doesn’t work, the best thing you can do is
shout and call him stupid.


For parents, patience –

Very bad trait.

Hardly in the matter of education

It will be useful to you.

That’s why not

Tiny long to explain –

Did you say two times

Or as many as twenty-five,

If at once yell –

It will be better understood!

Терпение to parents ни к чему. More than twice the children do not
worth repeating the same thing. After all, children sometimes understand only with
twenty fifth time. Therefore, it is necessary to shout right away.


And when the child realized

What a misdeed did

Even makes an attempt

Justify yourself before you

Listen to the baby is not necessary

It is necessary to do only this:

Loud, long swear,

So next time

And the desire to justify

It did not arise from him!

If the child admits his mistake and tries
justify, do not listen to him. Нужно  его перебить и долго
swear that the next time the child did not even think to explain
your wrongdoing.


If you want very much

Show love to him

More often on a child

Raise your voice.

Only in this way can he understand

How dear and love.

Tenderness, caress, compassion

This is definitely no good!

You should shout at the child more often, only this way he will understand how
he cares for you and how you love him. Words of love and tenderness
here to anything.


Everyone knows: very bad

In the emotions to keep.

So without reason

Shout at the child.

This is the best way.

Reset voltage

But, alas, will not cause

Have children respect!

And generally shout at the child for any reason. This is very
convenient way to get rid of negative emotions.


If you follow these tips, soon the child is so
get used to your cry that completely stop on him
to react. Then you can scream at the child
your pleasure without interruption, even all 24 hours a day.

And the worst thing is that he will not hear the words addressed to him.
calm tone.

Good luck, parents!

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