Should I remove breast fibroadenoma?Arguments for and against the operation


  • The essence of the disease, classification, causes
  • How to treat breast fibroadenoma?
  • Conservative treatment of fibroadenoma
  • Surgical treatment of fibroadenoma
  • Video
  • Postoperative period
  • Prevention of breast fibroadenoma

One type of nodular mastopathy is breast fibroadenoma.
Delete or not? This question is asked by women who are
this diagnosis. In each case, the doctor chooses
individual treatment of fibroadenoma.

The essence of the disease, classification, causes

Breast fibroadenoma – non-cancerous tumor,
which is formed due to the growth of fibrous tissue. Despite
on a benign character, a neoplasm may degenerate into
cancer (sarcoma).

фиброаденома молочной железы

Most often, fibroadenoma appears in women aged 18 to
38 years. May be localized in one gland or in both.
The tumor has a rounded shape ranging in size from 2 mm to several
centimeters. Fibroadenoma is painless, it happens 2

  • nodular;
  • leaf-shaped.

The tumor is hormone-dependent, therefore the cause of the formation
breast fibroadenoma is an increase in the number

This happens in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Acceptance of hormonal contraceptives.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Obesity.
  • Pathology of the ovaries.
  • Stress.
  • Menopause.
  • Heredity.

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How to treat breast fibroadenoma?

Do I need to remove fibroadenoma? Usually education itself does not
manifests, therefore, the need for surgery is questioned.
The probability of transformation of a tumor into cancer is negligible. Only
a type of fibroadenoma that is at risk of degenerating into sarcoma –
leaf-shaped (phylloid) tumor. This fibroadenoma represents
is a cross between benign and malignant
swelling. According to statistics, 10% of phylloid tumors are transformed into
crayfish. Therefore, the leaf-shaped fibroadenoma is necessarily removed.

The decision about the operation is made by the doctor after the diagnosis,
which includes:

  • palpation;
  • Breast ultrasound;
  • mammography;
  • biopsy.

Depending on the degree of development of education are divided

  • Immature fibroadenoma. It is found in adolescence
    she has no capsule. Therefore, the tumor is easy to
    conservative treatment.
  • Mature fibroadenoma. Diagnosed in adult women, has
    capsule, so medication treatment is ineffective.

If a tumor is detected after delivery, it is not
contraindication to breastfeeding. On the contrary, change
hormonal levels during this period can act positively and
fibroadenoma will decrease in size or disappear completely.

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oncomarkers? How to identify oncology?

Conservative treatment of fibroadenoma

Conservative therapy consists of dynamic observation and
hormonal treatment. Dynamic observation is used in the case of
small size of the tumor (up to 1 cm), lack of symptoms.

If education is growing, given its hormone-dependent nature,
prescribe medication. It is worth remembering that after treatment
the tumor does not pass without a trace. Hormone therapy is only capable
stop the growth of education. In most cases, conservative
therapy does not bring positive results and the disease
is progressing.

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Surgical treatment of fibroadenoma

Removal of fibroadenomas is the only way to get rid of
ailment. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

Indications for removal:

  • Sheet-shaped fibroadenoma.
  • Подозрение на crayfish.
  • Increase the size of education.
  • Cosmetic defect (adenoma spoils the appearance of the breast).
  • Planning a pregnancy.
  • The menopause period.
  • Temperature rise. Temperature at fibroadenoma
    testifies to the onset of inflammation.

Not all women who have had fibroadenoma removed have achieved complete
cure. After surgery, it is important to restore hormones,
so that there is no recurrence.

How to remove fibroadenoma? In medicine, use several types
tumor removal operations:

  • Enucleation This is husking the tumor of small size. Method
    used when the benign nature of fibroadenoma is not
    leaves doubts. Recovery after such an operation occurs.
  • Sectoral resection. Remove the tumor and the tissue around it.
    Method применяют при опухолях больших размеров, если имеется
    suspected oncological process. In place of the cut impose
    cosmetic seam. After surgery, the woman is in pain.
    until the chest is healed.
  • Laser coagulation. Used to remove any fibroadenoma
    sizes. The advantage of the method is the speed of the procedure (1 minutes) and
    easy recovery. After the tumor has been removed, the woman
    some time feels a slight pain in the area of ​​the seam, which
    passes within a day.

If multiple fibroadenomas or tumors are diagnosed
has a large size, then spend a complete removal of the breast.
Although such cases are very rare, the disease is usually diagnosed on
early stage. After surgery, the removed fibroadenoma is sent to
histology to exclude cancer process.

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Postoperative period

The duration of rehabilitation depends on the type of operation. Average
The recovery period lasts 8-10 days.

The most common complications after

  • Inflammation and suppuration in the area of ​​sutures.
  • Боли в спине, между лопатоto.

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Анализы для ранней диагностиtoи онtoологии

Этого можно избежать, выполняя реtoомендации

  • Do not take water treatments for 2-3 days after
  • Исtoлючить физичесtoие упражнения на период до 10 дней.
  • Within 15-20 days do not go to the bath, sauna, solarium, not
    sunbathing in the sun.

To reduce postoperative scars after 10-12 days stitches
нужно смазывать специальными гелями (Контраtoтубеtoс). Duration
application is from one month to six months.

Important! После операции все фунtoции молочных желез
are saved.

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