Should I punish a child in 3 years: opinionparents and psychologist

Do I need to punish a three-year-old child? If so, how?
They say Vladimir Smirnov, 30 years old, father of two children, Tamara, 28
years, mother of two children. Elena Ostrovskaya gives a recommendation
psychologist, leading parent-child groups. Lena Danilyuk
tells how to punish the child and save
Friendly and trusting relationship with your baby. Psychologist
Dmitry Korpachev in the video will tell why you can not beat the children. Also
collected popular opinions moms from the forums.

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  • 1 “A parent must be a leader, an authority”
  • 2 “Children can obey their parents without punishment”
  • 3 Elena Ostrovskaya, psychologist, leading parent-child groups
  • 4 Psychologist Dmitry Korpachev video consultation: how to
    punish the child. Why not beat children
  • 5 Opinions moms from forums

Any psychologist will tell you that at 3 years old the child begins
first age crisis. (if the child did not have a crisis in
1-2 years, at 3 he will definitely come). Kid становится
independent person, defends his right to personal
space. Not all adults have nerves of steel …
question: is it possible to punish a child at this age (put
little capricious in a corner, put on a chair, slap)?

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�“A parent must be a leader, an authority”

Vladimir Smirnov, 30 years old, father of two children

I raise children quite strictly, therefore, periodically
punishing children for their offenses. This does not mean that I am home
a tyrant who beats his own children. But they should know that
the parent is the principal; it is impossible for him to sit on the neck. Never
lose credibility in the eyes of your child. At the age of three
the kids begin a kind of “rebellion”: roar, make tantrums in
public places and stores are trying to manipulate. I remember
son fell in the store on the floor and hysterical, demanding that I buy him
a toy I warned that I would punish for this behavior.
He kept his word: at home he stood in the corner for half an hour. I can and ass
spank, but of course slightly. But now he knows the word
father – the law, and that I keep my word.

I have the same attitude to my daughter, only I punish her more
softly and naturally without slaps, after all she is a girl.

Now my children are 10 and 12 years old. �“Impact Techniques” a bit
have changed: I don’t put a corner, but sometimes I deprive a computer. AND
I do not regret at all that sometimes I have to punish them and put them
to the corner: this is an effective way to achieve obedience in
as soon as possible.

ребенок стоит в углу

ANDз мультфильма Kid и Карлсон

«Дети могут слушаться родителей и без наказаний»

Tamara, 28 years old, mother of two children

To be honest, in my childhood I sometimes got a strap around my bum,
and as a child I promised myself that my children would never
to punish in this way (hitting or not hitting the child – the consequences
physical punishment of children). But once I had to break my
word: my 3-year-old son behaved ugly on the street, flung
stones in passing people. I told him to stop,
but he did not obey. I was wildly angry, grabbed his jacket,
dragged home and spanked, and then put in a corner. Thereafter
I was tormented by remorse, I was very ashamed. I
I realized that I did not keep my word, that the situation was not
changed, only spoiled the mood, ruffled nerves and myself, and
baby AND я вновь дала себе слово больше подобного не делать и
still coping.

наказание ребенка на стульчике в углу

Ребенка наказали, посадили на стульчик

Сейчас моей дочке 3 года, и я не ставлю ее в угол и тем более не
I slap her: if she starts to act up, I try to interest her
distract anything. I say something in the spirit: “Oh, look what a doggy
there is running! Let’s go see her. ” It can be difficult to restrain yourself
when a child becomes completely unmanageable, but I try to find
approach and I cope. Children without punishment will love,
to obey and respect their parents.

Lena Danilyuk рассказывает, как правильно наказывать
child and maintain friendly and trusting relationships with your
chad. 8 ways to punish a child and not break it


Elena Ostrovskaya, a psychologist leading parent-child

Punishments are not such a terrible thing as it is thought: sometimes
This is necessary for the education of the baby. But they apply to children.
older than three years (most likely for children 5 years and older). And you
can not punish just like that because of a bad mood.
Punishment следует после серьезного проступка, нарушения каких-то
the rules. The child must know: there is a clear and undeniable
system of rules (these rules should be understandable for the child and
agreed in advance). If he violates them, then the parent is entitled
apply measures. Discuss with your baby what you think is unacceptable.
his behavior. Without threats and scandals. Need to punish
depriving a child of something good and not doing baby something

But the thing is: at the age of three, the child will not understand about
what rules you say. Yes, and the very situations when he is bad himself
leads, can be divided into two groups:

  1. He is still too small and his whims – this is not the desire to withdraw
    parents out of themselves, but rather a cry for help. He was probably tired
    nervous or unable to cope with any task.
  2. There is another option – through his tantrum child
    trying to protect their own borders, defend their interests and

When you slap a three-year-old, you tell him that violence is
family is the norm. And that help from his parents, he can not wait.
We send to the corner – it means that we refuse to make contact. Kid
begins to feel a lack of care and love, withdraws itself.
It threatens with psychological problems in the future.

Imagine what the child feels then: he is abandoned, not
love, bad …

But parents should not forget about themselves. Tell the child: “We
we respect you, but you must respect us. ” That is, you can not
ignore bad behavior. If the baby is thrown into the passersby
stones, you need to take the child aside and remind of existing
rules, say it bothers you and the people around you. Also not
succumb to the manipulation, buying a child of toys and chocolates.
Naturally, the baby will cry, freak out and protest, because you
draw the border that he can not cross. Stand your ground
but do it without aggression and malice. Do not dismiss the child,
he really needs your support.


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Psychologist Dmitry Korpachev video consultation: how to
punish the child. Why not beat children

Opinions moms from forums

Spelling and punctuation authors preserved.

Светлана: я не наказываю своих детей, пока
There is simply no reason, I do not consider pranks. I have experienced myself
the cruelty of the mother, who with or without beat us, by
black. Could feet, for hair to drag, and these are daughters. Total:
our children’s souls are traumatized, we had practically no childhood,
we were madly jealous of other children whom mothers caressed, not
beat and who were like friends to their children. To mother hate
insults are not passing and there is no desire to communicate with her now. But it is not
It means that I have spoiled and not brought up children, they just
know that i might not like it. Daughter studying in grade 3, came
and says. �”I know mom, that you will not be happy” and … .. yes I am with
she talked to her for a long time, but she did not read the notations, it was she who spoke
my son is generally very attached to me. I bring up one, without

Ossa: О каком наказание вообще может идти
speech, and especially young children? We are often angry at children
because of their actions, which are aimed at knowing
of the world (he is a child is not to blame for not knowing what is good and what
badly!). And over time, we still do not have the strength to first understand
child, then find time to practice with him. Simply of course press
to the nail (on a soft spot or on a gray substance – it does not matter). When
he will also grow up and answer … The punishment is punishment, and
I want to understand …

Елена: Наказывать детей надо. But
punishments are different, and it’s not necessarily spanking on the ass or
scream. When ребенок специально делает то, что ему запрещают
parents, he must be punished. If parents will be engaged
connivance in the future child punish society. Simply
the question of how to punish depends on the child, his temperament.
One will be enough educational conversation, and to the other without
slapping on the ass will not come.

джексон: Детей нужно не наказывать, а
bring up, without forgetting to thoroughly explain what is
good and what is bad and desirable personal examples. Punishment
the usual reckoning for disobedience, but you are not from your children
grow up slaves. So, only word and personal education
by example

Inga: Так и хочется написать, что я —
perfect mom who never spanks child. And what I have
the ideal child who does not provoke me for this spanking))))
I will not write because it is not true. It happens sometimes, break, slap on
the pope and shout at his “electrobroom”. Then I always suffer
conscience, because I know that this is impossible. But sometimes it helps …

Although it is better to do without it, if it is possible. Better sometimes
go into another room, let off steam, switch to something

ANDнна135: Мое мнение, что ребенка нужно
punish at such a small age only if
the child is doing something dangerous to life and health, or has already done,
in order for him to understand that it is impossible to do this. In other cases
you just need to talk more and explain everything to the baby.

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