Seventh week of pregnancy


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Despite the fact that the baby’s weight can be only about 0.8 grams, and growth – 8 mm, his face is actively taking shape. Him internal organs develop no less actively.

The state of the mother also changes. Her uterus begins to produce a lot of mucus, which is a protective substance. Areola dairy the glands become much darker. Quality may deteriorate. hair and nails, because a child takes useful substances from the body for its development.


7th week of pregnancyToxicosis at this time is able to manifest yourself to the maximum. Therefore, nausea and headache are what pregnant should not worry.

It is difficult to say that during this period, pregnant women are different increased excitability, because most often the opposite is true. If mood swings and pursued even a week ago, now they changed drowsiness and fatigue.

Ladies may suddenly develop complexes, the cause of which becomes a depressed state. But, she will not express everything discontent. She will try to overcome all negative thoughts. silently.

It is noticed that at such a time in pregnant women appear some addictions not peculiar to them earlier. Moreover, it’s not just about weird culinary desires, but also others.

For example, a woman may like things that she never were pretty. Or, she wants to develop in any new activities.

Therefore, do not be surprised if your pregnant friend, characterized by timidity, will light up with the desire to jump with a parachute. Not worry if there are such obsessions. They are either fast replaced by more adequate, or will not be able to be implemented due to extreme apathy.

A woman can change for the better and sexual life. If the doctor during the examination did not notice any pathologies and features, intimacy will be incredibly helpful.

Her special benefit is that at such a time she will bring greater pleasure to the woman, and this, in turn, will help her to get the necessary charge of positive emotions.


During this period, pregnant women notice a significant increase breasts even those who practically did not notice it earlier. Yes and no only the breast changes at this time – the whole body gains more feminine and rounded shapes.


The vaginal discharge becomes yellowish. And this the only normal change. If you have bloody discharge and pain in the lower abdomen, you can not go to the doctor save.


7th week of pregnancyAlthough pregnancy at the seventh week is not too much visible to others, it should be treated extremely carefully.

During this period, you need to monitor any change in state health. If something happens to you that should not happen, being in the seventh week, you need to see a doctor urgently.

A woman needs to try to be optimistic and not expose herself unnecessary stress, because at this time the fetus is very actively developing. The fault of many abnormalities and pathologies of the fetus was neglect attitude to your body exactly at the seventh week.

About alcohol and smoking, you need to not only forget, but also move away from smokers to a long distance.

Too much sweet, salty, spicy and any smoked foods. If gas disturbs, avoid any legumes. All other non-specific products. suitable for use.

As for lifestyle, it should be in moderation active. Gymnastics and unhurried walks in the fresh air will only contribute to the good development of the baby.

Do I need to go to the hospital

Undoubtedly necessary. First, you need to do an ultrasound, which help confirm pregnancy. It is safe and helps to learn about fetal condition.

The next step after confirming pregnancy is to establish term should be registration. When you were put on medical records, you need to pass basic tests. These include analysis of urine, blood and smear.

Your doctor may require you to take some additional tests, necessary to convince that pregnancy is proceeding fine.

Well, and the last necessary medical procedure on the seventh week of pregnancy – this is a regular physical examination where you have to see an ophthalmologist, dentist and other doctors.

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