Seventeenth week of pregnancy


  1. Feel
  2. Belly at week 17
  3. Necessary examinations
  4. Ultrasound scan
  5. Pain
  6. Discharge

The 17th week brings the woman closer to the equator of pregnancy. At this time, some inconvenience is already beginning to appear, related to the interesting position of the representative of the beautiful sex, but well-being remains: weight gain is still not so significant, toxicosis does not torment.

At week 17 there comes the most favorable period when expectant mother can completely surrender to positive emotions and enjoy pregnancy.


17th week of pregnancyMost importantly what happens to a woman at this time – this is the rapid growth of the uterus and how the consequence is an increase in the “pregnant” tummy. Uterus at 17 weeks is 2-3 cm below the navel, very soon it will rise above and will be almost under the chest.

Some women at this time may even feel the first delicate tremors of his crumbs. If this has not happened yet, do not worth worrying: normally this should happen on the period from 18 to 22 a week.

If the expectant mother monitors her diet and does not lean on harmful foods, the average weight gain during this period is about 3.5-4 kg. Despite the fact that it is not very big indicator, moving a pregnant woman is becoming harder.

The gait acquires a certain angularity, it becomes not so easy before. A woman may feel that she is becoming awkward.

For the first time, back pain can make themselves felt. They appear from that there is a shift in the center of gravity, resulting in the woman leans back a little.

The back during pregnancy is under tremendous strain, in primarily due to the rapidly increasing weight of women. If the future mother has no complications and pathologies, It is strongly recommended that you start special exercises. for pregnant. This will not only help relieve the spine, but also to stretch the muscles and ligaments, which will facilitate subsequently the birth process.

Some women report bleeding at week 17 from the nose, as well as bleeding gums. This is because blood circulation increases by week 17, and small blood vessels can not cope with such a load.

Also a problem for many pregnant women is finding convenient position during night sleep.

Sleeping on the belly of the future mother will not work out because of a large enough and round tummy. Sleep on the back also undesirable, as a grown uterus in this position can press into the vena cava, which significantly reduces oxygen little man.

Belly at week 17

Week 17 is the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy. Tummy on this deadline is already very clearly visible and hide your position the woman is unlikely to succeed.

The growing uterus rises higher above the pubic joint, already soon it will be almost at the navel level. Tummy on This term becomes round and grows very quickly.

Necessary examinations

Usually they don’t do any special examinations during this period. (except for indications for their implementation). Scheduled inspection gynecologist whom the expectant mother visits yet another time per month, required for this period only if something worries the pregnant woman.

Also at this time it will be necessary to donate blood from a vein for conducting the so-called “triple test”. This analysis will help determine if the fetus has malformations or the baby is healthy and develops in accordance with the gestational age.

Ultrasound scan

17th week of pregnancyAn ultrasound scan for a period of 17 weeks is performed only if indicated. On the screen of the monitor future parents already very clearly able to see their baby.

So far, the baby is very wrinkled, and the skin is quite thin. The reason for this is a lack of subcutaneous fat. But baby will be actively accumulate it throughout pregnancy, and by the time childbirth, this figure will be already 72-75 percent of the total body weight.

Despite the fact that the fruit is still very small (its length reaches only 10-11 cm, and weight about 150 g), he is already starting to distinguish sounds and respond to them. The kid can get scared sharp and loud sounds, and his mother’s voice calms him.

The baby’s eyes are still closed, but he can already show a reaction to artificial light. If you shine on mom’s tummy with a flashlight, baby will turn away.

By the beginning of the fifth month, the child has already formed facial features, he becoming more and more like one of the parents. Kid can frown, show tongue, and even smile.

An experienced doctor for a period of 17 weeks can even see the floor baby, since the reproductive system of the fetus is already formed and reproductive organs are clearly distinguishable.


Most expectant mothers at this time complain of drawing pains lower abdomen, resembling sensations during menstruation. If not spotting and analysis are normal, then do not worry. This is due to the rapid growth of the uterus.

17th week of pregnancyThe ligaments supporting her stretch and can cause a woman pain. Sometimes they can be quite sharp and tingling. To reduce to minimize such unpleasant phenomena, you need to be very careful move, do not make sudden movements, slowly get out of the chair or out of bed.

Back 17, back, lower back, or tailbone area. Completely such a pain can not be removed, as the weight moms will continue to increase and the load on the spine will only grow.

Many women note that shooting pains in the tailbone and their lower back went only after childbirth. To alleviate the condition you can use the drug “Menovazin” (but only if if the woman is not allergic to novocaine).

At 17 weeks, a woman may begin to bother pain during urination. When this happens conditions, you must definitely see a doctor, since it is possible development of cystitis and pyelonephritis. Run these diseases in no it’s not worth it, as it is fraught with very serious complications for both mother and fetus.

Important! If you experience any pain, you should immediately go to the hospital! Only a doctor can assess the condition pregnant and determine the cause of the onset of pain.


Allocations at week 17 are still transparent either have white color. Their number is moderate, and should not exceed 2 tablespoons per day. What discharge should alert a woman and may be an occasion to contact a pregnancy observer to the doctor:

  • Allocations of yellow, green, brown;
  • Discharges with a pungent odor (sour, fish smell);
  • Cheesy discharge (may indicate the presence of thrush);
  • Discharges with streaks of blood, spotting (excuse for immediate appeal to the consultation, there is a risk of spontaneous abortion).

Recommendations for pregnant women for a period of 17 weeks:

  1. To prevent edema and reduce the load on the spine It’s worth buying comfortable shoes. Lovers of high heels it is worth forgetting them before childbirth. Optimal heel height or platforms – no more than 3-4 cm.
  2. If a pregnant woman suffers cramps in the calf muscles, should massage your legs more often and keep them in from time to time cold water. Also, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor regarding the use of magnesium preparations (“Magne-B6). Disadvantage this macronutrient is one of the reasons for the appearance of these unpleasant tingling sensations in the legs.
  3. For a night’s sleep, it’s best to choose the “lying on your side” position. Legs can be bent at the knees. This pose will be as comfortable as possible, in addition, it will ensure a constant supply of the fetus oxygen, as the uterus will not squeeze the vena cava. Special pillows for pregnant. They can be clamped between the legs (this will allow also reduce lower back pain), and at the same time put under the head. Such a pillow is also very practical. After all, after childbirth it can be used to feed the baby.
  4. Since pregnant women are often tormented by leg swelling, it’s best Prevent them in advance. Limit use salty and smoked food, drinks with a lot of caffeine (coffee Tea). Also to avoid stagnation of fluid helps posture with legs up. It is advisable to do this several times in at least 5-10 minutes a day.
  5. To prevent the occurrence of headaches, you need as much as possible more often to be in the fresh air. It is advisable to walk away from busy tracks so that as little as possible get into the body exhausts and gases, because the baby does not need to breathe at all.

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