Self-treatment is the new call of therapists throughoutcountry

Update: February 2019

The notorious Anatoly Martynov, who is president
Russian National Medical Society of General Practitioners
in supporting self-medication by country doctors. He expressed his opinion on
XI National Congress of Therapists. Self-medication as it was
said, it will be useful for both doctors and patients.

Martynov clarified that there is an erroneous point of view in society about
one hundred percent harm of independent attempts to recover from this or
another disease. Fortunately, this opinion is mistaken in many cases. TO
example, symptoms of viral infection (fever,
runny nose, cough, feeling unwell) may well be defeated
self-medication. However, it is worth remembering that the population should be
as fully as possible advised on self-medication to
be able to properly implement it.

Anatoly Martynov gave the following comment: “Doctors should
understand the need for training conversations for their
patients. During such training, the patient must understand that
can change his state of health and in which cases he
will be able to give himself the right help. After all, pharmacies
also equipped with qualified professionals who are able to give
advice But for self-treatment, we are with all therapists.
should create the basics of treatment tactics. Such tactics for each
The patient must certainly be safe. In them we take into account
that there are no drugs without side effects. “

It was also noted at the congress that doctors should give
special attention to people with chronic diseases. For them feasible
selection of treatment regimens, the choice of drugs for home
first aid kits.

The idea of ​​self-medication among patients may be limited.
consultation time of the doctor. According to the established standards reception
a general practitioner or pediatrician should not exceed 15 minutes for one
person And this time, according to the director of the department
Public Health and Communications Ministry of Health Oleg Salagay, more
more than what is reserved in many European countries. However 15
there are still not enough minutes to fully explain to patients
therapeutic action at home.

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