Sedentary lifestyle threatens cancerkidney

Update: February 2019

How important can our lifestyle be to the development of cancer
tumors? New research in the field of cancer
Dr. Kirsten Mousich from Cancer Rouswell Institute took up
A park. The data of the results of their work a group of scientists led by
Doctor has published on the website of his institute.

In general, the study of the impact of lifestyle on the development of various
diseases attracts scientists about ten to twenty years.
Obesity is known to have a major effect on the heart and blood vessels. But
now regardless of body mass index, which determines the degree
obesity, science began to talk about the inactivity of the population. AND
the relationship of this risk factor is even more terrible: the sedentary image
life can lead to cancer.


For the experiment, Mousich selected 766 subjects with excellent
health (control group), 160 people with established
диагнозом рака kidney и 766 человек с опухолью Bladder.
Thanks to a long and careful analysis, the doctors managed to find out
that there is a close relationship between physical activity
study participants and the presence of cancer:

  • Пациенты с малоподвижным укладом жизни имели риск рака kidney в
    77% of cases.
  • The same group risked getting bladder cancer in 73%

Notably, the body mass index figures
influenced the outcome, that is, both obesity and normal mass
the bodies did not change the statistical significance of the test.

Doctors dare not make final conclusions;
further large-scale experiments. The only thing for now
scientists are counting, this is what people will start to do more
sports, walk and follow the diet. ANDх поддерживает
The US Department of Health and Human Services, recalling
Population: you can significantly improve your health and body shape by doing
2.5 hours moderate load and 1.15 hours pronounced load
per day. Возможно, это будет одновременно предупреждать рак kidney и

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