Secrets of centenarians: 7 pushups, timelydivorce, 30 cigarettes

Update: February 2019

These people were born before there was electricity and telephones,
but they are still alive. And each of them has his own secrets of long
years of life.

Journalists of the American portal A Place for Mom surveyed 100
centenarians older than 100 years. Few of them were healthy
life and adhered to a healthy diet.

  • Only a quarter of those surveyed considered healthy eating as the basis.
    long life, and 29% advised not to listen to recommendations regarding
    of this.
  • Only 21% of people surveyed regularly did exercises and conducted
    active lifestyle (see lazy people live longer).
  • 16% used alcoholic beverages, and 12% refused

What secrets shared long-livers:

  • Richard Overton, a 112-year-old Texas resident drinks 4 cups
    whiskey and smokes 12 cigars a day, and still loves ice cream.
  • Jeanne Kalmen, who died in 1997 at 122 years of age, was
    married 46 years and 55 years lived alone. Her secrets were olive
    oil, wine, cigarettes and chocolate.
  • Emma Morano, a 117-year-old resident of Italy, divorced after being
    young, and never married again.
  • 103-year-old Italian Vincenzo Baratta lives thanks to the fact that
    eats 1 time a day and does not deny himself love joys.
  • 104-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan drinks 3 bottles every day
    Dr Pepper’s carbonated drink has already outlived its doctor
    who recommended her to refuse soda.

Also long-livers called such unusual factors as sweet
donuts, 30 cigarettes daily, 5-7 pushups per day, beer,
sexual relations.

В 2012 году в мире проживало 316 600 людей,
stepped over 100 years of age. By 2050, this figure will be
3,2 миллиона, а около 20% населения Земли будет
over 65 years old.

Dr. David Demko, an American gerontologist, claims that
longevity is associated with genetics and lifestyle, and what is more important while
it is not clear. It is recognized that:

  • genetic risk factors play a role by 25%
  • Lifestyle – 75%.

The ratio fluctuates as new research emerges.
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