Second week of pregnancy


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Many are interested in what comes after the first week of obstetric pregnancy. Every lady is curious what awaits her body after this etc.

Second week of pregnancySecond week of pregnancy represents the very period that goes before conception. After a cycle of twelve to fourteen days, the majority the fairer sex begins ovulation.

If you look at it all in terms of professional gynecologists, then a two-week period is not yet pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is simply not there.

In fact, fixing the fetus directly to the uterus occurs around the third or fourth week pregnancy. Only then can you consider it with ultrasound examination. The body of the expectant mother at this time only starts to prepare for potential changes.

When the menstrual cycle ends, the female body begins to actively prepare for direct conception. Egg matures, after which it is completely ready for fertilization.

The second week of obstetric pregnancy is characterized by the onset ovulation period. This moment is expected by many women, and with look great.

He is waiting for those who want to get pregnant in the very near future. It is this date – the most favorable for the implementation of such goals deadline. Everyone who plans to conceive a child should actively “work” at this time.


At this time, the woman is not yet able to fix any changes in physical condition. This is due to the fact that by and large there was still no direct physical conception.

This period is characterized by active ovulation, and the “present” conception will be provoked only by the most favorable circumstances. Based on the foregoing, we can do a definite conclusion that in practice the symptoms of pregnancy in a given period are not marked.

What’s happening?

Second week of pregnancyThis period is characterized by some curious changes that are taking place directly in the female body. Among all such processes the most key can be called egg maturation.

It represents half of the required genetic material to be inherited by the child. Exactly through this is transmitted the contribution to temper, appearance and everything else future baby.

When only the second week passes, the female egg located in a small special bubble. His role in the future fetal development is very important.

The follicle, i.e. this bubble, is constantly becoming more. After maximum thinning of the surface of the wall bubble burst, because they can no longer withstand such stress. Ovulation appears after that.

Sensation Features

Almost every woman who really wants to get pregnant, dreams of unique sensations when the child gives about himself know.

But during this period, one should not expect anything like this. At that time you should not expect anything like this, because the fruit has not even began to form.


The second week is distinguished by the threshold of ovulation. Among the hormones in the female body at this time is dominated by the estrogen component contributing to some changes in the reproductive system.

During this period, you must try not to take baths, to raise gravity etc. Menstruation is already ending at this time, due to which there is no blood discharge. If they continue to appear, then you need to contact a specialist, because this indicates the presence of some kind of deviation.

In the second week, the woman simply does not suspect that the pregnancy has come. Some characteristic sensations can appear after about the fifth or even sixth week.

During this period, the embryo is fixed in the uterus. At this moment, the process of development and growth starts. fetus inside the female body.

Women do not feel anything at this time. Especially applies to those who did not even plan pregnancy and did not change their habitual life rhythm. If someone was planning a pregnancy and wanted to conceive a child, then witnesses of the ovulation process may be mucous discharge and sex drive.

At this time, it makes no sense to talk about the fetus, because it exists as an egg.

Fertilization must be done according to the rules, because in otherwise, a miscarriage will occur. But it will only be called just an unsuccessful attempt to get pregnant.

It makes no sense to take tests, because there was no actual pregnancy. No increase in HCG. This week may be revealed only an increase in progesterone in the body.

The female body at this time can produce such a hormone very active. There is no need to do an ultrasound either, because impossible to see almost nothing.

General recommendations

Excessive hygiene is not required because sperm do not very well tolerate changes in the pH environment. Before conception to men it’s better to tolerate a few days without sex, because it allows increase the level of activity of their sperm.

This indicator is a kind of success. conception. After intercourse, it is advisable to lie down about half an hour so that sperm can fulfill their mission.

It is also important to bring your regime to the norm. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, etc. Of course young a woman may not know about pregnancy at this time, but still it’s better to give up everything harmful, especially if pregnancy is included in the plans.

We must try to listen to our own body, give meet his needs. They may be helpful.

Refusal of bad habits is a kind of guarantee fixing the fetus. Of course, any woman can still be it is not known that inside it is already slowly starting to form life, but still need to take care of yourself.

The best option would be for every lady who potentially pregnant in the near future, maintain adequate lifestyle, eat right, etc. If you do everything right, then the pregnancy will be successful, and the baby will come to this world healthy.

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