Seborrheic dermatitis: causes, symptoms,treatment

Как вылечить себорейный дерматитMost often this
the disease manifests itself in men, is characterized by a pronounced
peeling of the skin and focal redness. Seborrheic dermatitis
affects mainly the surface of the head and the central part of the face.
The disease usually occurs in a chronic form, has
tendency to seasonal exacerbations (spring and / or autumn).

Definition of seborrhea

Seborrheic eczema (seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea) – chronic
skin pathology provoked by the fungus Pityrosporum
ovale. Pathological foci appear on areas of skin that have
a lot of greasy ducts.

Provoking factors

Although the fungus Pityrosporum ovale dwells on the skin of any person,
seborrhea develops not everyone. Activation of fungal growth,
therefore, the following are contributing to the occurrence of seborrheic eczema
the reasons:

  • Признаки себорейного дерматитаNervous shocks and
    frequent stress.
  • Acceptance of some medications.
  • Disorders of the endocrine system.
  • Strengthening the production of sebum contributes to reducing
    estrogen levels and increased androgens in the body.
  • Pathology of the central nervous system.
  • Problems with the digestive tract.
  • Hormonal imbalance due to physiological
    condition: pregnancy, adolescence, etc.
  • Mental ills.
  • Immunodeficiency.
  • Unbalanced diet and abuse of carbohydrate, spicy
    and spicy food.
  • Lack of minerals and vitamins.

ATиды себорейной экземы

Seborrhea usually affects the scalp
eyelashes, eyebrows, and also face skin. Sometimes foci of disease can
occur in the chest, between the shoulder blades and behind the ears. Very rarely
skin folds are affected.

AT области лица

Места заражения себорейным дерматитомAT области
nose, chin and forehead appear red spots with clear
boundaries. The skin begins to itch and peel off. After some
time spots are covered with yellowish scales that are formed
due to the impregnation of epidermal cells with sebum. Originally
small white scales are observed, which subsequently begin
grow in size and turn yellow. AT некоторых случаях может
note the combination of several scales into one large spot.
Joining the infection leads to oozing

With seborrheic eczema, complicated by bacterial infection,
characteristic polymorphic rashes appear. Peeling and
skin redness is accompanied by the formation of vesicles and papules,
which are localized, usually in the center of the pathological

AT результате закупорки сальных желез кожным жиром наблюдается
stagnation of fluid in the duct, which leads to its infection and
the appearance of acne.

With the spread of pathology in the eyelid area develops
seborrheic blepharitis, in which the eyelids become swollen and
red, as well as cracks in the affected area. By
the edges of the eyelashes are formed scales, resulting in a patient
Eyes often stick together on waking.

Body integuments

Причины развития себорейного дерматитаFormation
pathological foci observed in the chest area, as well as between
shoulder blades. At the initial stage formed capillary papules.
pink or yellowish. AT дальнейшем происходит их
association, large seborrheic plaques appear with clear
outlines. Byстепенно их размеры увеличиваются, при этом папулы
may be present only on the periphery of the spot, while its
the middle has a healthy natural look. Joining
bacterial infection can cause acne,
which become painful and often inflamed.

AT складках кожи (под молочными железами, в области паха и
underarms) formed reddened and flaky areas with
clear boundaries are either pink or dark red plaques. Herself
the surface of the seborrheic mass can crack and become covered

ATолосистая поверхность головы

Как лечить себорею на кожеMain feature
seborrhea scalp is dandruff.

Dry type. Pathological foci appear mainly in
crown and occiput. AT некоторых случаях перхоть
spread over the entire surface of the head. Spots have blurry
outlines. At the same time, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands is not
observed, which leads to the appearance of loose, shallow,
grayish-white scales.

Bold type. This type of pathology is characterized by enhanced
generation of sebum. Scales differ pronounced yellowness,
stick together with each other, have a wax-like greasy appearance. AT
unlike the dry type of seborrheic eczema, a fatty variety
disease is characterized by a more tight attachment of scales to
surface of the head. When shaking off, dandruff is separated by large
flakes in small quantities.

ATолосы начинают быстро жирнеть, приобретают слипшийся вид. On
the skin is clearly visible reddened areas, and because of the constant hair
excoriation may occur (superficial integrity
epidermis caused by mechanical action).

ATоспалительный тип. This type of disease is characteristic
the appearance of scaly erythema on the skin, with pronounced boundaries.
In this case, seborrheic formations can be combined into large
pathological foci that completely cover the head. Plaques
covered with yellow or whitish scales, and on the border
hairy surface and forehead are pronounced

Inflammatory type of disease is always accompanied by pronounced
itching. It happens that the surface of foci of inflammation is covered
unpleasant smelling gray-yellow pustules, with the elimination
which exposes weeping surface. Often seborrheic eczema
this type extends to the forehead, neck, ear and ear
plot. In the skin folds behind the ears, deep and
painful cracks. Sometimes there is an increase in nearby
lymph nodes.

Методы лечения дерматита

Generalized type. Constantly growing and merging together
pathological foci can trigger the development of secondary
erythroderma. The skin on the affected areas becomes edematous,
pinkish, sometimes with a brown or yellowish tint, on her
surface peeling occurs, weeping, cracks. In process
pococcal and candidal microflora are often involved, which
accompanied by a deterioration in general well-being, the appearance of itching,
temperature increase. This type of seborrheic dermatitis is often
occurs on the background of HIV infection.

Dermatitis treatment

When the first symptoms of seborrhea appear, you should apply for
assistance to a specialist who will conduct a full examination and
prescribe the appropriate therapy. Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis on
the head and other parts of the body are performed by a dermatologist together with
other narrow specialists (gynecologist, endocrinologist and


For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis on the face and head are used.
external antimycotic agents that inhibit growth and development
fungus Pityrosporum ovale. These drugs include

  • Препараты от себорейного дерматитаBatrafen;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • zinc-based preparations (for example, Regecin, Curiosin);
  • drugs that include amorolfine;
  • Lamisil;
  • products containing tar;
  • medications containing ichthyol and sulfur.

For the treatment of seborrhea on a smooth skin all these
medications are prescribed in the form of creams, ointments and gels.
If seborrheic dermatitis is accompanied by the addition of pyogenic
flora, used external means, which include
antibiotic (Fucidin, Baneotsin, etc.). Inflammatory therapy
seborrhea type is performed using creams, emulsions or ointments
with the content of glucocorticosteroids (Lokoid, Elokom). Also at
seborrhea drugs with low content
keratoloitis (salicylic acid, resorcinol).


With the defeat of the scalp surface, all of these
funds are used in the form of therapeutic shampoos that use
2-3 times / week. A full course of treatment is at least two.
months. Instructions for using such shampoos (for men and
woman) provides a special treatment regimen: remedy
applied to the scalp, must be left for 5-10 minutes, and
only then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Otherwise
The use of therapeutic shampoo will not bring the desired effect.

If a dry pathology is diagnosed, do not use
agents that have a drying effect on the skin
(alcohol-based preparations, alkaline soaps and shampoos). AT
In these cases, the following types are best.

  • Fryderm Zinc;
  • Sebasol and Nizoral;
  • Sulsena.

In the case of a fatty type of the disease, it is possible to be treated by means of
which contains cationic and anionic detergents, as well as
acidic shampoos. For example, following:

  • Чем лечить себореюCurtiol (contains ichthyol);
  • Friderm-tar (contains tar);
  • Sebasol, Nizoral (azo-containing remedies);
  • Sulsena (contains sulfur).

Upon reaching remission, antifungal should be used.
Shampoo 7 times in 14 days. AT остальное время голову можно мыть
ordinary soft shampoo.

Generalized type of dermatitis is treated with antifungal
drugs – these can be tablets such as prednisone
(steroid) and ketoconazole (antifungal medication).
AT случае присоединения вторичной инфекции назначаются

Folk ways

Traditional medicine knows many recipes used in
treatment of seborrheic eczema. The action of such funds is aimed at
increase immunity (local and general), as well as to eliminate
inflammation and itching. Folk remedies facilitate
condition of the patient and improve the appearance of the skin,
prepared for both outdoor and indoor use.

For external treatment of seborrhea use the following

  • Onродные средства от себореиDecoction Hypericum. Dry
    herb (1 table. L) brew boiling water (200 ml), insist.
    Treat affected areas 2-3 times / day using
    a napkin. Hypericum broth helps prevent joining
    secondary infection, as well as relieve inflammation.
  • Broth oak bark. Dry кору (20 г.) залить водой (1 стак.) и
    put in a water bath, strain after 30 minutes. Use
    for applications or treatment of seborrhea lesions, which contributes to
    reduce inflammation and eliminate itching.
  • Calendula tincture and oil solution. Tool used
    in the treatment of fatty type diseases. Tincture of the herb (10 hours) and
    castor oil (1 tsp) mixed. Rub the mixture into the skin
    1-2 times / day. For the treatment of dry seborrhea, these same components
    must be taken in equal quantities.

There are special recipes for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis,
the symptoms of which appear on the head. For example,

  • Отвары при себореиNettle and garlic mask.
    Nettle leaves and chopped garlic. Equal amount of ingredients
    mix and apply the resulting slurry on the affected areas.
    The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes, after which the mask is necessary
    wash off with a warm infusion of chamomile, decoction of burdock or birch buds
    either plain water.
  • Walnut tincture. From unripe nuts extract
    the contents, and dry the shells, grind in a coffee grinder. Raw Material (100
    g) pour vodka or diluted with 40% alcohol. Capacity close
    sealed lid, insist in the dark and cool about two
    weeks. The resulting solution to treat the affected areas.
  • Mustard powder. Dry горчицу можно использовать вместо
    shampoo 1 time / 2 weeks.
  • Infusion of tea fungus. Infuse the solution for 30 days,
    then rub into the affected area. The procedure is carried out

ATылечить себорейный дерматит можно и при помощи наружных
the means used inside.

  • Black currant. You only need bark (1 table. L), which
    it is necessary to pour boiling water (1 stack), to insist in heat about
    eight o’clock. use 5 times / day for 1 table. l
  • Therapeutic infusion of medicinal plants. ATзять плоды
    rose hips and hawthorn, add mint herb and valerian roots, all
    ingredients are taken in equal amounts. Сбор (1 стоl л)
    put in a thermos and pour boiling water (200 ml), leave overnight.
    Drink 0.5 stack.2 times / day.

Duration of use of a drug
means it is desirable to discuss with the doctor.

Food for eczema

Before you decide on a set of products in the treatment of seborrhea,
It is necessary to undergo a full examination at the clinic, which
involves examination by a therapist, an immunologist, a gastroenterologist,
dermatologist, allergist and psychiatrist. In addition, the patient
A general blood test is indicated. And only on the basis of
the results of the survey are appointed
nutrition. The same applies to young patients who have
dermatitis is more common than in adults. ATвиду того что детям
many antifungal agents are contraindicated, diet can
be the only way to treat seborrhea.

Dangerous food

Any changes in diet, as well as a lack of vitamins,
minerals and other essential substances
skin reacts. That is, the condition of the skin can be much
talk about the nutrition of a person and his passion
harmful products. With seborrheic eczema should
exclude the following product groups from the menu:

  • Запрещенные продукты при себореиHistamines,
    provoking the development of allergic reactions. Powerful allergens
    are seafood, red fish, citrus fruits, honey, eggs, mushrooms,
  • Spice. Do not cook dishes with the addition of hot pepper,
    and also it is necessary to limit the use of sugar and salt.
  • Foods containing quickly digestible carbohydrates. To them
    include white bread, rice and semolina, cakes, sweets,
    muffins, as well as pasta from durum wheat.
  • Fish and canned meat. Often used for manufacturing
    poor quality raw materials that can harm even quite
    healthy person.
  • Fat Enhance sebum production, which can lead to
    обострению diseases.
  • Strong tea and coffee. AT этих напитках содержится большое
    amount of carcinogens that have a negative effect
    on the skin.
  • Salted, pickled and smoked products.
  • Alcohol. It is necessary to completely eliminate the use of
    alcohol-containing drinks, even low alcohol drinks – wines, cocktails,
    of beer. This will avoid the release of toxins into the blood.

Recommended Products

Since most healthy products do not have
the usual taste, adults change their diet much
harder than children. It will take enormous willpower as well
a strong desire to cope with the disease. With seborrhea
It is necessary to include in the daily menu the following

  • Питание при себорейном дерматитеFruits and berries.
    However, they should be used with extreme caution, since
    some of them may provoke the development of allergic
  • Fermented milk products – kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, ryazhenka. AT них
    contains lacto-and bifidobacteria useful for the body,
    promote active removal of harmful substances.
  • Vegetables – squash, zucchini, white cabbage and cauliflower,
    pumpkin, broccoli.
  • Boiled fish – in the absence of allergy.
  • Low-fat meat – rabbit, turkey, beef, chicken.
    It is advisable to cook for a couple or use it in baked or
    boiled form.
  • Slow carbohydrates – bran, bread and other pastries from rye
    flour, cereal porridge.
  • Vegetable oil (only refined) – sesame, corn,
  • From liquids ideal juices, decoctions of
    herbs, compotes, weakly brewed tea and fruit drinks.

rules preparations

It is not enough to simply change the diet for the period of treatment of the disease,
diet must be followed constantly. The same can be said about
способе preparations еды — пищу запекают в духовом шкафу, варят
or steamed. There are several common
recommendations for the preparation of products for patients

  • Do not add animal fats, margarine, butter
    or sour cream;
  • fry food until crusted, as many people love, and
    also avoid the use of so-called fast foods;
  • молоко для preparations каши необходимо разбавлять кипячёной
    water in the ratio 50/50.

Признаки себорейного дерматита

Many patients were helped by raw foods – eating foods, not
heat treated. For example, это могут быть пророщенные
cereals, nuts and vegetables. But do not get involved in this kind of diet and
completely exclude fish / meat from the menu, as in these products
contains iron and proteins necessary for the skin.

Sample menu

A balanced diet for seborrhea is a very important component.
general course of treatment. The body must be provided by all
essential nutrients and microelements.
Experts recommend sticking with the following

  • Правильное питание при себорейном дерматитеBreakfast
    1 – cottage cheese or porridge of five cereals, a glass of pear juice.
  • Breakfast 2 — морковный салат с добавлением яблока и сельдерея,
    drizzled with low-fat sour cream.
  • Lunch – rye bread and vegetables baked / cooked in a pot with
    adding minced meat. From drinks – fruit drink made from
    fresh frozen berries.
  • Snack – oatmeal bread with drinking yogurt.
  • For dinner, you can cook Greek salad, seasoned
    olive oil, as well as steamed fish. Drink it all
    chamomile tea.
  • Additional dinner – cottage cheese casserole and compote
    dried fruit.

As for the sizes of portions, there also exist
certain rules:

  • the volume of fluid consumed should be about 1.5-2
    liters / day;
  • you need to eat in small portions: no more than 150-200 grams. for one
  • observe intervals between meals – at least 3-4
  • snacks “on the run” should be completely eliminated, replace them with
    use of healthy drinks.

Prevention Tips

To prevent the development of seborrheic eczema, especially
for people prone to skin irritation
adhere to the following rules:

  • Правильный уход за кожейDo not wear a beard and mustache,
    because they accumulate greasy secret and dirt.
  • Wear only natural fabrics.
  • Control your weight, do not allow the development of obesity.
  • For sensitive and problem skin use special
    napkins, processed high-quality cleansing composition.
  • Carry out regular skin care, clean the areas between
    folds, especially for obese people.
  • Improve immunity and follow a special diet.
  • Avoid stressful situations that can trigger
    exacerbation of dermatitis.

Although many do not consider seborrhea to be a serious disease, treat
the disease is still needed. Ignoring symptoms and lack of therapy
can lead to complications up to complete baldness. But better
try to avoid the development of this disease, observing everything
рекомендации по профилактике diseases.

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