Seborrhea: scalp, face, symptoms andtreatment of oily and dry seborrhea

Update: October 2018

Seborrhea is a pathological condition of the skin, for
which is characterized by the development of sebaceous gland dysfunction on the background
disorders of the neuroendocrine and nervous regulation of their work. This
the disease is widespread among adults and
teenagers presenting a serious aesthetic, psychological and
a medical problem, and is characterized by a chronic course with
frequent relapses. In the absence of adequate treatment of the disease
may be complicated by acne, seborrheic dermatitis and seborrheic

Contrary to the bright symptoms and impartial clinical picture,
such patients are not dangerous to others: seborrhea does not
has an infectious nature and is not contagious.

A few words about the function of the sebaceous glands

The sebaceous glands are present in every person. Have small children
most glands are in a non-functioning state and
begins to work fully only to the period of puberty.
For older people is characterized by a gradual decrease in the number
data structures of the skin.

The glands produce sebum (sebum), which covers
the skin surface is thin and protects it, as well as the hair from
drying out When hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, resulting from
certain causes, they begin to produce 1.5 times more
changed sebum content: less linoleic acid
turns into an increase in the pH of the skin, which means that conditions are created for
activation of infections. When the glands hypofunction, the skin becomes thinner,
dries out and suffers no less, because of lack of fat
its natural protective function is impaired.

Causes of seborrhea

There is no single or primary cause of the disease. how
typically, seborrhea occurs when combining several factors from
list below:

  • metabolic disorders (in particular, fat metabolism);
  • changes in hormonal levels (physiological and
  • changing emotional background (stress, depression);
  • genetic predisposition (often the disease has
    family character);
  • immunodeficiency;
  • adverse external or behavioral factors:
    • neglect of personal hygiene or excessive use
      various care products;
    • improper care;
    • aggressive cosmetic procedures;
    • use of laundry soap for washing and washing;
    • constant use of alcohol-containing cosmetic
    • abuse of tan and others;
  • improper diet: eating lamb, goose and
    pork fat, honey, sweets, spicy food in large

The main pathogenetic factor of the disease with localization on
Scalp is considered a scalp
Pityrosporum ovale. This is a natural representative of the skin biocenosis.
head, which normally is about 30-40% of the flora. On the background
internal or external adverse factors
increases to 60% with the greatest    
concentration near the sebaceous glands, the secret of which is
nutrient medium. Loss of fungal growth due to
reduced immunity contributes to the progression
diseases.себорея кожи heads

Seborrhea often accompanies conditions in which it occurs.
natural hormonal changes (menopause and pregnancy
women, puberty in adolescents) and is called benign
or physiological, since after normalization of hormone levels
проходят и явления данного diseases. Hormonal changes
background may be caused by hormonal drugs (for example,
contraceptives, anabolic steroids) – in this case also
there is a risk of seborrhea.

With some pathologies of the endocrine system, development is likely
phenomena of seborrhea (dysfunction of the thyroid and sex glands, tumors
ovaries, testes and adrenal glands, diabetes mellitus).

Predisposition to damage the scalp
occurs when paralysis of the trunk and cranial nerves, as well as
schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy.

In patients with severe immunodeficiency, for example, patients
AIDS, the disease is detected in 80% of cases.

Risk groups, localization

Men are at risk of seborrhea, especially when they are aged.
15 to 25 years. Often, seborrhea is found in men older than 50 years.
The female half of humanity suffers a little less
normal changes in the body of a woman are also subject to development

The main places of localization of skin changes are areas
increased sebaceous glands:

  • T-zone on the face (forehead, nose, chin);
  • chest and upper back;
  • scalp.

Forms of seborrhea

There are three clinical forms of the disease:

  1. Oily. Occurs with hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands and excessive
    sebum secretion;
  2. Dry Develops with hypofunction of the sebaceous glands and lack of
  3. Mixed form. For this type of disease
    both hyper and hypofunction of the sebaceous glands are characteristic,
    observed on the same skin areas.

Seborrhea in a child

Seborrhea can be observed in children in the form of yellow crusts
(milk crusts, gneiss) that cover the hairy part
scalp or skin at the border of hair growth (especially on the forehead). Corky
easily removed from the skin, especially after water procedures. Under them
there may be reddish spots that go through a couple

how правило, эти корочки не требуют никакого лечения, кроме
natural hygiene procedures, and independently go to
one year old, but can be observed in children under 4-5 years
(for example, with genetic predisposition).

If gneiss causes discomfort, you can get rid of it
in the way – to moisten them with children’s oil for the night, and in the morning to remove
softened crusts gently brushed. In no case can not be removed
crusts with a fingernail or some sharp object as you can
bring infection to the skin through microdamages.

Symptoms of seborrhea

The clinical picture varies by shape.
diseases. In the classic course of the disease first occurs
dry and then oily seborrhea of ​​the scalp at the back of the head
head and to the border of hair growth. If not treated with seborrhea
smooth skin is also affected.

Dry seborrhea

  • Dry and tight skin, sometimes covered with small cracks;
  • Itching of the affected areas, especially after washing;
  • Small, dry and abundant dandruff, which with seborrhea looks like
  • Peeling smooth skin (on face, shoulders, back surface
  • Thin, brittle and dull hair with split ends;
  • Seboroids – reddish specks on the affected skin.

This stage of the disease often goes unnoticed.
by man. More precisely, the symptoms of the disease are considered as a reaction.
on a new cosmetic, hair coloring, climate change,
dry air, etc.

Oily Seborrhea

  • Oily, thickened skin;
  • Enlarged, sometimes gaping pores and comedones;
  • Acne (on smooth skin);
  • Itchy skin;
  • Dandruff in the form of sticky white-yellow flakes of different
  • Greasy hair;
  • Thick or fluid secretion on the surface of seborrheic zones;
  • Inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which occurs due to the closure
    their ducts clot secretion and infection of the skin (combing
    hands, etc.);
  • Hair loss (with prolonged flow).

Mixed seborrhea

At the same time, symptoms of dry and oily form occur.
diseases: the scalp becomes dry and
flaky, hair thin and brittle, whereas face, neck, upper
part of the back and chest – very fat, shiny, with inflammatory

Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the skin

Since this symptom complex may accompany a number of
diseases, it is necessary to exclude them at inspection. Before appointment
The main treatment a person must undergo narrow specialists:

  • dermatologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • a neurologist;
  • andrologist (men) and gynecologist (women),

and receive an appropriate appointment in the identification of pathology
a specific body.

Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the scalp and smooth skin has an integrated approach and
for many patients it becomes a lifelong lifestyle and
recommendations that will have to be followed constantly to
avoid exacerbations.

how лечить себорею при помощи диеты и изменения образа
of life

  • All people with any form of disease are recommended significantly.
    limit sweet, salty, fatty, spicy, smoked and
  • The diet is enriched with foods rich in B vitamins,
    zinc, fiber (vegetables, herbs, whole grains),
    fermented milk food low fat.
  • Recommended reception beer yeast.
  • It is necessary to give up bad habits – smoking and alcohol.
  • It is necessary to avoid stressful situations and eliminate trifling
    unrest. To achieve a balance of mind recommended
    autotraining, frequent walks in the forest, changing the situation
  • Contrasting temperatures and abrupt changes should be avoided.
    climatic conditions. Sunbathing is good for the sick.
    себореей, но в умеренном quantity.
  • Women should stop drying their hair with hot air,
    hair dyeing, perm.
  • With the defeat of smooth skin should use a special
    skin care cosmetics for oily or blended skin, which
    produce many cosmetic brands (Clean Line, Belita-Vitex,
    Matis, Sothys, Vichy). Need to abandon alcohol-based tunic
    and lotions, which at first glance remove shine, but
    tighten and dry the surface of the pores, leading to even greater
    activation of the sebaceous glands, which compensatory work out more
    more sebum to moisturize the skin.

Surprisingly, only compliance with these recommendations.
allows, if not forever, then for a long time to forget about seborrhea hairy
parts of the head and skin and live a normal life without agonizing

Therapeutic and therapeutic agents for the skin

Себорея heads требует использования специального шампуня,
which may be mono- or polycomponent and includes a number of

  1. antifungal (ketoconazole, etc.), which has a destructive
    action on the fungus;
  2. antibacterial (zinc pyrithione, oktopriroks), inhibiting
    development of pathogenic flora;
  3. exfoliating (sulfur, salicylic acid), cleansing
    dandruff skin surface;
  4. vegetable (birch tar, calendula, chamomile, oak bark,
    burdock), which improves the hair structure and strengthens its roots.

    • �”Psorilom” – domestic cosmetic product line,
      which contains extracts of medicinal plants and birch
    • �”Foltene Pharma” – Italian cosmetic products,
      positioned as natural and safe, based
      completely on natural raw materials;
    • �”VICHY Dercos” – cosmetic line of care products
      волосами и кожей heads от популярного французского бренда. Row
      beneficial components such as selenium, ceramide P, vitamin E and
      salicylic acid have a complex healing effect
      на кожу heads;

Pharmacy shampoos for seborrhea are prescribed without fail,
such as Sulsen, Mykozoral, Nizoral, Perkhotal, Sebason, Friederm
Tar, Keljual. They all contain one or more
antifungal components that allow you to eliminate
pathogenetic factor of disease development – Pityrosporum fungus

Medical shampoos are prescribed for regular use, approximately
2 times a week, which allows you to achieve:

  • keratolytic effect;
  • reduce the amount of fungus on the skin surface;
  • inhibition of cell division and a visible decrease in the number
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands.

After clinical improvement, the shampoo remains for
prophylactic use 1 time per week.

Non-hormonal creams and ointments

For the treatment of seborrhea smooth skin, various external
drugs that reduce the severity of the inflammatory response and
Normalizing the sebaceous glands:

  • Ointment Randevit: antipruritic, softening and
    anti-inflammatory effect. Slowing keratinization processes
    skin, increasing the barrier function of the skin;
  • Крем Эплан: противозудное и anti-inflammatory effect.
    Quickly eliminates peeling;
  • Cream Solcoseryl: wound healing and reparative effect.
    Improves the appearance of the skin;
  • Dexpanthenol and analogues (Bepanten, Panthenol, Pantoderm):
    regenerating action. This drug can be used for
    treatment of seborrhea in children and pregnant women;
  • Cream Exoderil: antifungal and anti-inflammatory
    act. Helps to eliminate not only the phenomena of seborrhea, but also
    inflammatory elements;
  • Cream Zinocap or Skin Cap: antifungal, antibacterial
    and anti-inflammatory effect. Quickly eliminates skin irritation and
    also used to treat children.

Hormone therapy

В случаях, когда себорея на лице и волосистой части heads носит
protracted and progressive and defies classic
therapy, resort to hormonal drugs (ointment Flutsinar,
Hydrocortisone, Celestoderm, etc.). This group of drugs
apply a short course.


When seborrhea hair is shown cryomassage, normalizing
the activity of the sebaceous glands, darsonvalization, which stimulates
hair growth has a mild drying effect, and
ozone therapy, providing a disinfectant effect. On the background данных
procedures significantly reduced itching, which has a positive effect
and on the course of the disease (excluding combing), and on the general
condition of the patient.

A good effect is given by sulfur baths, prescribed by the course of 10-12

Traditional methods of treatment of seborrhea

In parallel with the main treatment can be applied popular treatment.
seborrhea, available at home.

Кожа heads

  • Broth onion peel. About 50 grams of dry husk pour 2
    glasses of water, bring to a boil and boil for about 20 minutes on
    low heat, then for another hour, insist under the lid and strain.
    This broth can be lubricated and smooth skin and hairy part
    heads по нескольку раз in a day.
  • Broth oak bark. 5 tbsp. crushed oak bark pour 2
    glasses of water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes, cool and
    strain. Rub the decoction into the hair roots daily, soaking 40
  • Fire oil mask with calendula. One tbsp heated
    Castor oil mixed with 10 tsp. alcohol tincture of calendula.
    Аккуратно втирать получившуюся смесь в кожу heads по несколько раз
    in a day.
  • Honey and Egg Mask. In pottery mix 1 tbsp.
    onion juice, liquid honey and castor oil, after which enter
    into the mixture one egg yolk. Маску нанести на кожу heads, поверх
    wrap a towel and stand for about 2 hours, then carefully
    wash your hair Apply twice a week.

Smooth skin

  • Cucumber mask. Fresh cucumber grate and
    наложить кашицу на кожу лица, груди на 15 minutes Wash off cool
    water Apply twice a week.
  • Infusion of chamomile, calendula and plantain. 4 tbsp. l dry
    herbal mixture pour 300 ml boiling water and insist in a thermos for
    nights Протирать получившимся настоем кожу по 3-4 раза in a day.
  • Tincture of Hypericum. 10 gr. dry raw materials pour 100 ml 70%
    спирта и настоять 7 дней в темноте, процедить и развести 1 ст.l
    infusion in 200 ml of warm boiled water. Wipe clean with lotion
    пораженную кожу или делать примочки по 3-4 раза in a day. Can
    применять и для кожи heads.
  • Parsley mask. Parsley greens to grind,
    add a few drops of lemon juice and apply on face skin on 15
    minutes Wash off with warm water.


Prevention данного заболевания при наследственной
burden is the maximum elimination of provoking
factors: normalization of diet, lifestyle, proper care
scalp and face, taking into account individual characteristics.
The intake of multivitamin and mineral complexes is recommended,
especially in the season of natural vitamin deficiency. The most
brewer’s yeast is a safe and affordable product – source
group B vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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