Себорейный дерматит на лице: treatment,the reasons

Seborrheic dermatitis on the face is one of the manifestations of seborrhea,
quite common disease. The majority of the population in
various periods of life have had this skin disease. More often
men, babies and teenagers are ill. Head seborrheic
dermatitis occurs mainly in children in the form of seborrheic crusts and
as the child grows, the disease subsides. There are 3 types
seborrheic manifestations:

  • Fat seborrhea – is characterized by enhanced work of sebaceous
    glands that produce an excess amount of sebum. With
    this is observed and changes in the composition of the microflora of the skin.
  • Dry seborrhea – in this case, on the contrary, decreases the selection
    sebum, and skin lesions are caused by excessive drying and
    cracking. Usually dry seborrhea is observed in children.
  • Mixed seborrhea – characterized by a combination of symptoms dry
    and oily seborrhea. With этом признаки сухой себореи наблюдаются в
    mainly on the scalp, and signs of oily seborrhea
    обычно проявляются в виде себорейного дерматита on the face.

Treatment of this dermatitis should be long lasting, supportive,
since it has a particular course in chronic form. Summer
symptoms of the disease subside, in the autumn, on the contrary, most often occur
aggravations. Chronic dermatitis affects about 5 percent.
population. Seborrheic dermatitis is not a dangerous disease, but
represents cosmetic and psychological discomfort.

Seborrheic dermatitis: symptoms

Себорейная экзема или себорейный дерматит –  это воспаление
skin that occurs when bacteria enter the sebaceous glands. With этом
Excessive sebum degradation products cause strong
skin irritation. Complications of oily seborrhea are
acne They are formed when the ducts of the glands clog up
fat and skin particles. With попадании бактерий в сальную железу
there is a purulent inflammatory process in the depth of the skin. Withзнаки
seborrheic dermatitis on the face:Себорейный дерматит на лице - treatment, the reasons

  • Itching, aggravated by sweating.
  • Skin irritation
  • Red face
  • White and yellow scales on the skin
  • Skin peeling
  • The skin becomes sensitive, painful.
  • Eels appear

More often нарушается кожный покров в заушной области, а также
eyebrows, forehead, cheekbones and nose wings are affected – butterfly, nasolabial
folds, nadpenese. The onset of the disease is usually not acute,
but it begins gradually. Clinical picture with seborrheic
dermatitis on the face is identical to some other skin diseases,
exclude that can only doctor on internal admission. These are

  • lupus
  • skin candidiasis
  • dermatomyositis
  • atopic dermatitis
  • perioral dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • impetigo
  • pityriasis versicolor

Себорейный дерматит: the reasons

Withчины появления у человека себорейного дерматита до сих пор до
the end is not known. More often он бывает у подростков во время
puberty, its occurrence is associated with a sharp
increased levels of sex hormones. As a teenager grows up and
stabilization of hormone levels passes and seborrheic dermatitis.
Treatment of adolescent seborrhea is usually only local. When u more
symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis appear in the older population,
the reasons могут быть следующими:

  • Genetic location

Often the disease is familial in nature, since the function
The sebaceous glands are determined at the genetic level. Usually the patient
seborrheic dermatitis found relatives with the same or
similar symptoms.

Hormonal cause

Medicine found that a particularly strong stimulant
sebum production are androgens – male genital
hormones. Therefore, seborrhea most often affects men. Sharp
the occurrence of seborrheic dermatitis in men sometimes
A sign of cancer – testicular seminoma. In women
seborrhea occurs when estrogen levels decrease –
female sex hormone and significantly increases the level
androgen and progesterone. These hormonal shifts in women
occur on the background of gynecological diseases, for example, when
polycystic ovaries, as well as with obesity.

Other infectious and noncommunicable diseases

From the general state of the body, the state of immunity, other
systems and organs of the body depends on the failure of the sebaceous glands.
Seborrheic dermatitis may appear on the background of the following

  • Tumors of the genital organs, adrenal tumors
  • Шизофрения, эпилепсия (см. the reasons эпилепсии, симптомы,
    treatment эпилепсии), инфекции центральной нервной системы
  • While taking hormonal drugs – anabolic
    steroids contraceptives
  • Diabetes
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Chronic stress, overwork, malnutrition,
    lack of vitamins
  • Chronic Infectious Diseases

How to treat seborrheic dermatitis on the face

Treatment of this disease must begin with the establishment
the reasons его возникновения. Since seborrheic dermatitis can
develop against other diseases without effective treatment
which, eliminate seborrhea is also impossible. With обнаружении
signs of skin the disease should consult a

  • First of all, it is a dermatologist – an appeal to which
    sure to all patients
  • Endocrinologist
  • Neuropathologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Gynecologist for women, andrologist for men

Depending on the skin condition – elasticity, oiliness,
влажности и вида себореи, площади поражения  дерматолог
prescribes diet, general and local procedures for seborrheic dermatitis
on the face. Treatment should begin with more gentle, weak remedies,
gradually move to more potent.

The main rule in dermatology – The more acute the skin process, the
softer treatment. To date, there is no medicinal
means, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands, so the treatment is more likely
aimed at reducing the manifestations of individual symptoms. To
increase the effectiveness of treatment, it should be comprehensive.
It is necessary to combine soothing medicines, antihistamines,
antifungal agents, vitamin therapy, dieting,
use of creams, ointments, lotions.

Recommendations – how to cure seborrheic dermatitis:

Eliminate violations of the digestive tract

Medicine associates the presence of various disabilities
gastrointestinal tract with the occurrence of a patient with seborrheic
дерматита on the face. Treatment of this disease is therefore directly
depends on the normalization of the intestinal microflora. Firstly
It is necessary to consult a gastroenterologist and go through a comprehensive
examination (biliary tract, pancreas, stomach,

Based on test results, the doctor may prescribe cholagogue
remedies (Berberine, Hofitol, Odeston, Artichoke extract, Hepabene,
Sibektan, etc.), digestive enzyme agents (Mezim,
Biozim, Pancreatin, Creon, Penzital, etc.) drugs
sorbents (Polyphepan, Polysorb, Filtrum STI, Enterosgel and
пр.)  Ферментные и желчегонные средства нормализуют работу
Gastrointestinal tract. And sorbents clean the intestines very well, they remove from
bacterial toxins, pathogens,
drugs, allergens.

Eliminate concomitant diseases contributing
progression of dermatitis

As already mentioned, endocrine disorders, diseases
central nervous system, recently transferred infectious
diseases, hormonal disruptions – affect the development
seborrheic dermatitis.

UV exposure

Irradiation of ultraviolet irradiation in small doses is quite effective, it
reduce itching, redness, inflammation disappears faster and
normalization of the glands. After the procedure may
a temporary slight reddening of the skin appears, but this
reversible and not dangerous.

Preparations with detoxification action

For treatment it is very effective to use products with
desensitizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-cardiac and
detoxification action – these are drugs
как Хлорид кальция, Тиосульфат натрия,  они выводят токсины и
inhibit the development of allergic reactions.

Normalize the functions of the autonomic nervous system

For this purpose, bromcamphor, bellaspon, bel-loid,

Vitamin therapy

Vitamin therapy has a good effect on seborrhea, especially
Vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2 are shown.

Corticosteroid treatment

It is very effective, quickly achieved the effect of outdoor
application, relieves inflammation, swelling, redness. But use
hormonal drugs, especially long-lasting, leads to a very
undesirable side effects. There is a habituation effect,
vascular dilation appears, skin atrophy may develop –
erythema, telangiectasia, the appearance of rosacea. This indicates
that they should be limited to use in extreme
cases and short courses.

A complete list of all known hormonal ointments for psoriasis and
other skin diseases, read about their harmful effects in
our article.

Ketoconazole Shampoo & Cream

You can use medicated shampoos with ketoconazole, zinc,
tar, antimycotic shampoos, during washing it is necessary
foam wash your face every day. Also effective cream with
ketoconazole. You can try antifungal shampoo Sulsen
Pasta 2% from the manufacturer Algama Plus – according to many reviews
remedy also helps.

Topical treatment of oily seborrhea

It is primarily aimed at skin defatting,
decrease in sebum secretion. If there are no pustules, then treatment
must begin with the removal of comedones (flat black dots).
This is done either by mechanical procedures – skin cleansing, or
apply salt compresses and other procedures. Facial cleansing follows
carry out only in beauty salons, it is a complex procedure
– poultices, steam bath, paraffin mask, then mechanical
removal of comedones.

With severe oily seborrhea under control
An endocrinologist may be treated with female hormones.
Use them after menstruation after 2 days, and finish in
a week until next. Men external estrogen drugs
should be used for a long time 1.5 – 2 months.

With acne and inflammation of the sebaceous glands, treatment
supplemented with the use of creams and ointments with antibacterial
drugs. You can wipe the affected areas with an aqueous solution
sodium thiosulfate 1-2%, sodium bicarbonate or sodium
tetraborate, purified sulfur 3-5%. When the inflammatory process
will begin to subside go to the use of alcohol solutions –
such as tincture of valerian, hawthorn, lily of the valley, boric acid
and salicylic alcohol.

Optimal use of talkers and lotions, for example 2 times a
day to use the talker “Zindol”, it is in a short time
stabilizes skin inflammation. Well helps with oily seborrhea
also a decoction of oak bark with honey (in proportion 1 cup of broth – 1
a teaspoon of honey), wipe the skin 2 times a day. Are effective
lotion from infusions of sage, chamomile and succession. If scales, crusts
amaze eyelids, then they should be carefully removed with special liquids with
accurate ophthalmic dosages.

Местное treatment сухой себореи

It consists in rubbing the damaged skin with water.
solutions of sodium bicarbonate, acetic or hydrochloric acid,
boric, citric, salicylic acid. As well as skin lubrication
agitated suspensions with ichthyol and sulfur. After acute manifestations
prescribe exfoliating preparations that promote separation
comedones. Very useful for dry seborrheic dermatitis creams with
medicinal herbs and vitamins A, E. When dry seborrhea is impossible
use shampoos with tar.

The American drug MG 217 medicated Tar, is available as
oils and shampoos

And shampoo and oil can be used for seborrhea and psoriasis, it is
therapeutic moisturizing composition containing coal tar (in
shampoo 3%, in oil 2%), the price of such a product is from 10 to 15 cu
Shampoo is used 2 times a week as a regular hair shampoo,
and oil 1-4 times a day, applying on the affected skin.

Proper skin care

In addition to medical treatment, the corresponding is very important.
daily facial skin care. It is better to avoid skin contact with
therefore it is advisable to use cleansing lotions for
skin cleaning. All products must not cause irritation.

Use of immunomodulators

It is possible to use drugs that affect the immune system,
for example, pimecrolimus – Elidel, it has anti-inflammatory
and antifungal effect. However, it can only be used.
в случае, если предыдущее treatment не дало положительных
results. In addition, frequent and prolonged use.
immunostimulating drugs are not desirable.


If the treatment does not follow a certain diet, the result
may not be as effective. Power should be restricted
carbohydrates, rough fats, salt, spicy, cholesterol containing
products, it is desirable to reduce the consumption of chocolate, coffee,
of alcohol. It is recommended vegetarian food with a large
the number of vinaigrettes, vegetables, salads, fruits.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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