Scientists warn: heartburn medications forpregnant women are dangerous

Update: February 2019

�”Children born to mothers who took drugs from
heartburn during pregnancy may have an increased risk of developing
asthma “- say scientists who have conducted relevant studies on
the base of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and educational institutions
Tempere (Finland).


As you know, heartburn is caused by the injection of hydrochloric acid from
stomach into the esophagus. During pregnancy, this phenomenon is particularly frequent:
it causes a change in the hormonal background of the mother, and later –
pressure on the stomach of the pregnant uterus. To eliminate this phenomenon
drugs such as H2-histamine blockers are often prescribed
receptors and proton pump blockers (read more here).
Previously it was believed that they are safe and do not affect the development of the fetus.
Recently, it has been suggested that they may influence
the immune system of an unborn child and thus
increase the risk of allergic reactions, including
bronchial asthma, by a third.

Scientists have collected data from eight previous studies in which
More than 1.3 million children participated. Information about
the health of both mothers and their children was analyzed by
case histories and data on prescribed drugs. They have a connection
between taking heartburn medications and developing asthma in
early childhood traced. With this, scientists say
that they cannot argue that such drugs cause
allergization of the child’s body: “any
another factor, ”they say.

Since this relationship has not yet been convincingly proven, doctors
will not change recommendations given to pregnant women. In this
direction further research is underway.

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