Scientists have established the average incubation period coronavirus

Coronavirus incubation period established

On average, the incubation period of COVID-19 lasts 5.1 days, and symptoms appear within 11.5 days. About it on March 22 Rospotrebnadzor reports with reference to the study scientists at the John School of Public Health Hopkins.

The study was conducted based on an analysis of data 181 coronavirus patient in China. It turned out that 97.5% sick, the onset of symptoms is 11 and a half days, therefore 14-day quarantine is a reasonable and effective measure precautions.

Moreover, the incubation period itself on average lasts a little more five days.

“Accurate assessment of the incubation period of a new virus disease allows epidemiologists to better assess the likely dynamics of an outbreak disease and also allows health professionals develop effective quarantine and other control measures, “- Rospotrebnadzor notes.


The Office indicated that sometimes the incubation period exceeds quarantine duration, but these cases are extremely rare.

Experts added that a new study reveals similarities SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV – SARS, an epidemic of which hit China in 2002-2004. Then the incubation period was 5-7 days.

At present, all those who have returned from abroad to Russia must pass 14-day quarantine.


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