Scarlet fever in adults – symptoms, treatment,the signs

Update: December 2018

Adults suffer from scarlet fever – for many it can be
surprising statement since most of the population is convinced
that scarlet fever is an exclusively pediatric disease. Can they
Will adults get scarlet fever from a child?

Adults with a weakened immune system when in contact with a patient
a child may get scarlet fever. Adult symptoms
diseases most often are somewhat blurred, and
only mild catarrh of the throat, small
intoxication and a pale, transient rash.

However, there are cases of extremely severe scarlet fever in
adults whose treatment was delayed or incorrect,
as the late diagnosis of an infectious disease is established

Signs, symptoms of scarlet fever in adults

In 80% of clinical cases of scarlet fever – the disease develops in
children 4-8 years, 2 times more often it happens in the cold season.
Given the weakened immunity of the majority of the population, the probability
infection of adults from children is very high.

Infection occurs through airborne droplets and through objects.
life, as well as in contact with the patient’s skin, if the healthy
man has wounds, abrasions, cuts in the skin. If a person,
which has not formed an antitoxic immunity, or he
will be infected with other serovars Streptococcus group A, in
In this case, the occurrence of scarlet fever in an adult.

Symptoms of the disease occur after the incubation period.
scarlet fever (3-7 days) quite sharply, literally in one day,
then within 4-5 days there is an increase in signs
scarlet fever, and within 14-21 days people finally
is recovering. Основные the signs, симптомы скарлатины у

  • Скарлатина у взрослых фотоSymptoms of general intoxication –
    high fever, headache, chills, loss of appetite,
    excitement, euphoria or vice versa, lethargy, drowsiness.
  • Heart palpitations, in severe cases, nausea and
  • The day after the temperature jump appears fine
    skin rash that is one of the hallmarks
    scarlet fever It is most often localized on the face, neck, folds.
    limbs, side of the abdomen, chest and inner thighs.
    This rash is accompanied by severe itching and which many perceive.
    as an allergic reaction to drugs, food allergies,
  • The cheeks may become bright red, also the tongue.
    becomes crimson, and the nasolabial triangle becomes
  • To distinguish scarlet fever rash from other skin rashes
    use such a test – when pressing the palm on the skin with a rash,
    she temporarily disappears.
  • Rash stay no more than a week, and disappear without pigmentation
    or any traces.
  • Tonsillitis, sore throat.
  • Infected skin wounds that may be input
    gateway infection.
  • Blood test in adults with scarlet fever – eosinophilia,
    neutrophilic leukocytosis, high ESR, slight decrease
  • Penicilin therapy gives a quick effect.
  • After 1-2 weeks, instead of a rash, the skin begins to peel off. More often
    total peeling of the skin is formed on the palms and soles, toe
    skin occurs in layers. On the skin of the body, peeling is usually more
    shallow and characterized as bruised.

However, in the mild form of scarlet fever, adults do not need
hospitalization and these symptoms may not be pronounced. In that
In this case, you can treat at home, the doctor prescribes
penicillin for 10 days, the patient should follow the bed
7 days regimen, gargle with sore throat.

A completely different clinical picture is taking shape according to some
hospitals, where most often, with a severe course of the disease,
students are being hospitalized, conscripts, people living in
dormitories, that is, the category of patients of low social level.
Moreover, the soldiers arrive on day 2 of the height of the disease, and the rest
patients 4-5 days, in a state of moderate severity

  • 52% – persons aged 16-20 years
  • 47% – persons aged 21-30
  • 1% – persons aged 31-40 years.

And in the hospital, and ambulatory doctors need scarlet fever.
differentiate with other diseases, diagnosed in 28% of cases
false and scarlet fever is established in adults mistakenly
take for:

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  • Rubella – 20% of all misdiagnosis
  • Measles (see symptoms of measles in adults) – 19%
  • Infectious mononucleosis – 14%
  • Псевдотуберкулез —  13%
  • Лакунарная ангина  — 12%
  • Medicinal dermatitis, toxicoderma -9%
  • ARVI – 5%
  • Пищевые токсикоинфекции —  5%
  • Аденовирусную инфекцию —  2%
  • Менингит —  1%

There is still no in our country everywhere there are available and
100% effective early diagnosis methods, laboratory tests
definitions of scarlet fever (rapid tests for streptococcus (stripes). And
doctors have to be guided only by clinical
manifestations of the disease so there are so many
misdiagnosis. When a person needs urgent treatment, and
the diagnosis is not correct, sometimes doctors prescribe inadequate

Complications, consequences of scarlet fever in adults

In case of mild disease there are no consequences and complications.
scarlet fever in adults does not cause. But in patients who are in
in a hospital with a moderate course of the disease in 5.4% of cases
There are various late complications:

  • Myocarditis, endocarditis
  • Pyelonephritis, nephritis
  • Pneumonia
  • Arthritis
  • Sinusitis, otitis media

In children, severe forms of scarlet fever are practically not recorded, and
here in adults the symptoms of scarlet fever in rare cases occur
extremely hard. The patient has a toxic-septic shock:

  • when intoxication increases at lightning speed, fever is bright
  • in 2-3 days cardiovascular develops
  • skin undergoes hemorrhage at localized rash
  • necrotic tonsillitis appears
  • lymph node inflammation
  • limbs become cold
  • both body temperature and blood pressure decrease
  • pulse becomes filiform, urination stops and in
    eventually fatal

Treatment for scarlet fever in adults

  • Treatment for scarlet fever in adults в легких формах можно
    exercise at home, the doctor prescribes penicillin for 10 days, with
    intolerance to penicillin preparations, alternative
    Cephalosporins and Macrolides are considered antibiotics.
  • Bed rest for 7 days is a must for
    successful treatment of scarlet fever in an adult.
  • Gargle should be a variety of herbal herbs,
    have anti-inflammatory effects – calendula, chamomile,
  • Antihistamines should also be taken, most
    optimal use of allergy pills 3 generations – Cetrin,
  • Restorative therapy may consist of various herbal teas,
    rosehip infusion, vitamin therapy.
  • While taking antibiotics, as well as after antimicrobial
    therapy should take probiotic preparations rioflora immuno
    Hilak forte, Atsipol and others (11 rules how to drink

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