Savage: or why the child does not communicate withpeers

There are children open, sociable, talkative, and there are
those who eschew avoid contact with other children.
If your baby belongs to the second category and, having come to the nursery
площадку, стоит в сторонке, или  вовсе прячется и никак не
wants to participate in the general fun, you should understand this
question and help the child socialize.


The child’s desire for solitude is often alarming.
thoughts of parents, they begin to be tormented by questions: “What are we
doing wrong? “,” What is the psychological problem? “.

Psychologists in one voice say that for the age category
2-3 years state of alienation from peers may be normal
by deed. During this period, the closest friends of the baby are
parents and next of kin. He has everything he needs at home
for personal development and needs for communication and
games. therefore необщение со peers вполне обосновано.

The very first experience of communicating with people provides the basis for further
relationship in society. For a child it is important not only to be able to
speak, but also express your emotions: shout, laugh, get angry,
see the reaction of others.  The behavior of children is difficult to predict, and
This allows the child to seek solutions, approaches in communication.
Именно во взаимоотношениях со peers, малыш учиться искать
out of conflict, defend, reconcile.

By the age of 4-5 years, children begin to be actively interested in others,
get involved in common games, chat and get to know each other. If and to
this age, your child remains a loner, is to identify
reasons for this behavior.


A child can be closed and shy by nature. Such
kids hiding behind mom, shy greet, do not even like
talking in public. Nature is difficult to deceive, but openness and
courage can be grafted gradually.

Not the ability to communicate and express emotions.

The child could simply not be taught to communicate. If the family does not
it is customary to share opinions and concerns, and the parents themselves
introverts, it is difficult to expect a different behavior from a child. therefore
It is so important to find time for conversations and active games with

Manifestation of leadership.

The kid may simply not want to obey the general rules of the game,
be on the sidelines among peers, adapt to
most. Тем не менее,  даже в младших группах детского
the garden already has several leaders setting rules of conduct and


Your baby may have a negative experience with
peers. He could be offended, hit. He may have been in
companies of children are very different in age, so he was
either their games and conversations are incomprehensible, or he missed communicating with
younger children.



The child could be intentionally restricted in dealing with children. �”Of
kindergarten will only bring illness, let it sit at home ”,“ What children in
the house, and so the head breaks “,” After children so much cleaning “-
such arguments are found by parents and, unwittingly, raise
savage. The kid, meanwhile, goes deep into himself or spends time
TV and other gadgets, but this does not contribute

If you have decided on the cause of the alienation of your
child, go to action.


Your child is shy – correct this trait: more often
Praise for results and help, encourage manifestations
individuality. Do not get tired of repeating how wonderful he is,
smart, capable and loved. Support works wonders.

Let your house be open for guests, invite friends
child, organize yourself celebrations, holidays and themed
parties Talk more and be interested in the affairs of the baby,
for even the smallest little things can be very important to him. Neither
one child’s problem cannot be nonsense for you, what’s important
he must be important to you.

Try to write the child into a circle, section, group classes.
Teach your baby to communicate, play the rules of dating, courtesy.
Participate in collective games yourself, be their organizer.

If the child does not yet go to the garden, more often come to places where
children walk and play, in the cold season go to
entertainment centers. Pay attention to the development of your
child, is it suitable for a children’s company, because even among
peers may be distinguished children more developed than others.
So kids are just not interested with others.

It is important for parents to learn that communicating only with them is not enough for
little man. To ensure the child is normal
psychological development, it is important to help him in building relationships
со peers. While the baby is still small, it is much easier to do
after all, he has not yet fully formed ideas about the correct

If a child is alienated from childhood from others, then, as an adult,
may experience problems in the family, at work,
depressions, earn psychological

Kids are especially sensitive to everything new, they
clean and open, capable of very active absorb information
therefore, it is not difficult to influence a young child.

Help your children, solve problems together, because you are the most
close people!

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