Sab Simplex – drops from colic for newbornschildren

лекарство от колик Саб Симплекс для новорожденных

After birth, babies have digestive and nervous systems.
imperfect. Lack of enzymes necessary for digestion
food is reflected in the well-being of the infant. Up to about 4 months
almost all babies experience discomfort in the tummy in the form of bloating and
colic There are many medications to relieve
conditions of newborns, but not every medicine will suit all children
without exception, due to physiological characteristics, allergic
status. Some of the drugs have side effects and almost all

Drops from colic Sub Simplex

SAB simplex for newborns is one of the safest
лекарств от colic The effect of the drug is aimed at the cause
flatulence, without interfering with the biochemical processes
digestion. Drops SAB simplex from colic naturally
remove gases from the body.

When do SAB simplexes are used?

Before you buy medicine for a child, be sure to
consult a pediatrician. Only the doctor will determine the real
cause of anxiety of the baby, diagnose and correctly assign

Indications for use of the drug SAB simplex:

  • physiological swelling in the intestines of newborns. Medicine
    will not help with infectious diseases, enzymatic
    violations, although they can also manifest abdominal pain,
    swelling and crying baby;
  • hardware examination of the gastrointestinal tract (FGDS, ultrasound,
    radiography, MRI, CT);
  • surfactant poisoning (detergents).

How does the SAB simplex work?

The main component, which is part of the SAB simplex,
называется симетикон
– это соединение кремния диоксида с
dimethylsiloxane, which has a carminative effect. Simethicone
plays the role of defoamer in the intestinal lumen. He breaks big
gas bubbles into smaller ones that are sucked into the wall
intestines and are derived by peristaltic movements. So in
the lumen of the intestine reduces the amount of gas and colic pass.
The drug does not enter into chemical bonds with other drugs or
organic compounds of the body, and displayed through the lumen
intestinal in its original form.

How to take the drug SAB simplex?

  • Как давать SAB симплекс: лекарство дается в
    in the form of drops, for each age its own dosage. Before
    using the vial should be shaken and turned down
    pipette, measuring the required number of drops.
  • Сколько давать капель: детям от 1-го
    months to a year to eliminate colic to give 15 drops in the process
    feeding or immediately after it.
    If the baby is being fed
    mixture, you can add medicine to the bottle with food. SAB
    Simplex is compatible with any liquids: milk, water.
  • Малышам на грудном вскармливании SAB симплекс
    convenient to give, diluted in boiled water or milk, with the help
    dosing part of a syringe or teaspoon, before
    by attachment.
  • Как часто давать SAB симплекс: врачи
    рекомендуют atменять это лекарство два раза в
    во время кормления — 15 капель и перед сном — 15

If necessary, the dosage can be extended over several
feeding, this applies to infants who are often attached to
Breasts (free feeding) and babies – “artificiality” with
strong colic: 10 drops for feeding, with an interval of 3
hours According to the instructions, the drug can be given up to eight times a day.

Если atменение SAB симплекса обусловлено подготовкой к
diagnostic examination, the dosage, time and frequency
taking the drug is prescribed only by the attending physician.

Laxative drugs, based on lactulose (Duphalac) and
лекарство SAB симплекс от запоров atнимают совместно, поскольку
lactulose causes gas formation.

Когда SAB симплекс противопоказан?

Как и любой лекарственный препарат, SAB симплекс имеет

  1. obstructive (with impaired patency, peristalsis)
    gastrointestinal disorders;
  2. congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract with impaired patency;
  3. individual intolerance.

Аллергия на SAB симплекс может появиться как реакция на
simethicone and its flavors and
preservatives. Then you need to ask the pediatrician to pick up another
suitable drug for the baby.

SAB симплекс можно использовать в период вынашивания и лактации.
Since the drug does not penetrate the blood, it is absolutely safe
for the fetus and the infant.

инструкция по atменению саб симплекс от коликов

Чем SAB симплекс отличается от аналогов?

Средняя цена за упаковку SAB симплекс для новорожденных
makes 200 – 240 rubles. The cost of such drugs on the market
about the same. Many analogues have gained great popularity.
среди врачей и родителей, но, тем не менее, SAB симплекс по
compared to them has many advantages:

  1. Эспумизан или SAB симплекс: активный компонент
    in preparations the same – simethicone, but in different dosages. AT
    SAB симплексе в 1 мл – 69,19 мг активного вещества, а в Эспумизане
    5 ml – 40 mg. SAB симплекс удобней в atменении: 15 капель на
    reception, and Espumizan – 1 tsp, which is not always possible to give
    a small child. Because of this, Espumizan ends quickly,
    at таком же объеме флакона, что и у SAB симплекса. Need the same
    notice that Espumizan advertising is actively broadcast in the media, that
    atвело к частым подделкам препарата.
  2. Bobotik и SAB симплекс: в обоих препаратах
    содержится симетикон, atмерно в одинаковых концентрациях. Bobotik
    atменяется не более 4-х раз в сутки, а SAB симплекс можно давать
    at каждом кормлении. Стоимость первого препарата
    – from 150 rubles, which is an undoubted advantage.
  3. Baby калм или SAB симплекс: абсолютно разные
    по составу препараты, которые можно atменять параллельно. Baby
    Kalm contains a mixture of vegetable oils, which, in addition to carminative
    effect, have more anti-inflammatory, analgesic and
    sedative effect. If the baby is very restless, suffers from
    сильных колик, то Baby калм будет хорошим дополнением к лекарству
    SAB симплекс.

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