Rumbling in the abdomen


  1. Rumbling due to lack of lactase
  2. If not lactase deficiency, then what?
  3. How to normalize the condition of the abdomen of the baby
  4. Conclusion

It’s so instituted by nature that a baby for several the first months of his life is tormented by unpleasant sensations in tummy. Among others – rumbling.

Men and women who have recently become parents will learn a lot. useful from the information below:

  • When rumbling occurs;
  • What may cause the symptom;
  • How to alleviate the condition of the baby with special exercises.

Rumbling due to lack of lactase

A baby’s tummy can “talk” for various reasons. If the child develops normally, he has not identified serious disease, he is naturally fed, but still writhes from pain, and a rumbling is heard from the abdomen, so the point is lactase deficiency. Almost all babies suffer from it, and with time passes by.

Mom’s milk is rich in lactose. When it enters the body crumbs, all his powers are rushed to digest the substance.

However, most often the enzyme necessary for this – lactase – produced only by the third month of life. That’s why at first the baby’s gastrointestinal tract is not yet adapted to active work and gives his problem rumbling.

If not lactase deficiency, then what?

Rumbling in the abdomen in infantsThere are other reasons for with which the baby’s stomach rumbles and hurts. It can happen in the period of the beginning of complementary foods with external mixtures.

Goat or cow milk given to a child accustomed to the mother’s chest is quite heavy for his stomach, because it contains complex enzymes.


Along with rumbling, disorders of the stool may occur (appearance in it foam), swelling of the abdomen. The baby shows her bad feeling whims, crying, often wakes up from discomfort.

Also, a wrong feeding with using a bottle. Together with the drink, the baby swallows air, which enters the stomach and causes rumbling and colic. Same occurs during prolonged crying, when the baby chokes by air.

How to normalize the condition of the abdomen of the baby

If the baby cries because of colic, and the mother, listening to him stomach, clearly feels rumbling, we must try to save child from these unpleasant symptoms. Good in such cases compress helps.

Using an iron, the soft soft tissue heats up to warm state and is applied to the tummy. Baby feet should Lift, bend at the knees and press to the chest area. Soon the baby will calm down and fall asleep.

  • As often as possible, it is necessary to put the child on his stomach;
  • In the morning to do gymnastics to soft soft music, so that the baby feels safe and relaxes;
  • Before going to bed, massage is shown with light movements in the direction of travel hour hand;
  • You can’t press on the stomach;
  • You should first consult your doctor.

Periodic bending and extension of the legs contributes promoting the eaten food through the intestines. Three will be enough techniques, which include 8 flexions and extensions. Mom needs more often to put the baby down tummy on your stomach. First aid, if baby stool is green.

Find out on our website how to get rid of constipation baby.

What to do with dysbiosis in infants is a useful material.


All these measures are designed to alleviate the condition of the baby, and if they correctly observed, the baby will become a calm and cheerful rumbling in the abdomen in the baby will stop.

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