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The main task is to provide him with everything necessary for normal growth and development. Clothes on a huge list takes far from last place. Especially important carefully approach her choice if the baby was born in winter. Not this way for a long time, only a few decades ago, the issue was resolved very simply. Moms used a regular baby blanket in which wrapped the child, and to make it convenient, fixed him position by a bright ribbon. Nowadays, more convenient and practical solutions in the form of special envelopes for newborns.

The modern market is full of offers. The main thing is to choose was done right. To winter options of products special requirements, and they cannot be ignored.

What to look for when buying a warm item?

The primary function assigned to this wardrobe item, – providing protection against cold and comfort during operation. Therefore, there are several criteria that are extremely important to consider.

  1. Material. In the case of small children, when sewing, preference always given to natural fabrics. Thanks to them are excluded allergic reactions, the appearance of static energy, which leads to normal air circulation. Accordingly, tender the skin will be able to breathe and the health of the crumbs will not be disturbed. It may be a textile product or a knitted envelope.
  2. Filler. If the child is not prone to allergies, then fine the solution will be a model on a sheepskin. Otherwise worth see synthetic-filled envelopes. Modern option is absolutely safe. The baby will be warm and comfortable. More Moreover, the product itself is very light, which is a plus for parents.
  3. Transformability. Newborn baby is waiting not only walks in the fresh air, but also trips to the pediatrician, for example, where he will have to undress and put it on again. The speed of the procedure has very important. Little kids really dislike when they are packed in clothes and in every possible way show their displeasure. Therefore, there must be special additional devices to simplify and speed up the whole process. Zippers, clasps, Velcro, just what you need. It is thanks to them that you can go even further and turn clothes into a bungalow, a blanket on which it will be convenient to feed the baby, or change his diaper. These same details will allow you to adjust growth envelope. Due to its functionality, the transformer It will be relevant for more than one year. As a child grows up, he will replace him a mat for games.

If you consider all these subtleties, then your baby will be fine feel yourself no matter what the temperature the street.

Types of winter models

As for the varieties, there is nothing new in this matter. and for warm products they are exactly the same as with all the rest. There are several separate designs, each of which has its own characteristics, characteristics and advantages.

With a hard bottom. Usually, in such envelopes there is a hard, removable, dense mattress, well fixing the back of the crumbs. They convenient for sledding and stroller walks. Fastening the handles, you can carry the newborn and in the hands, as in a bag.

  1. Envelope bag. Convenient walking solution. Comfort provided that the handles and legs are inside in free a condition that allows children to move them freely. First the advantage is the lack of discomfort associated with forced position. The second is in good heat preservation.
  2. Bag with sleeves. The name already characterizes this thing. The lower part is made by analogy with the previous version. From above But we see an ordinary jacket. As a result, we get a jumpsuit. By the way the bottom can be regular or extended. The choice depends on individual indicators of the newborn himself, his activity, behavior. For hyperactive children, it is recommended to purchase straight bottom models.
  3. Transformer. We already talked about him a little higher. Such clothes can at any time become larger in size or become a blanket and even a play mat.


If it’s time to choose this item for the winter, check immediately a complete set. The fact is that in some cases the manufacturer issues an envelope in a set with other items, for example, hat, blanket, pillow and so on. Number of products and their purpose may be excellent. Therefore, it is recommended review your wishes in advance and build on them.

Try to remember the information received, and the procedure shopping will become simple.

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