Rubber toys are dangerous for children

Update: February 2019

Buying toys for your child in some families may
become a significant event. And for the baby himself to get the desired
entertainment is a holiday. But is it all rosy with the market
children’s toys? As stated by recent research, no.

  • First of all

Russian environmentalists led by Evgenia Belyakova sounded the alarm
and appealed to the Ministry of Health of our country. They
asked a specific question: is the Ministry of Biological
monitoring of children’s products, including analysis of their content
phthalates (chemically hazardous compounds included in rubber,
PVC, etc.). This topic has previously been interested members

Phthalates are not only safe for children. Their addition to products
gives softness and plasticity to materials. And how many
items in toys? Many: ducks or frogs for baths, balls,
baby dolls, heads of “adult” dolls, etc. If the baby is long
interacts with such things, the phthalate effect can
manifest even after several years as a toxic effect on
kidneys, lungs, liver, endocrine organs (see harm from plastic
dishes, bottles for baby food, food containers). AT
In this regard, environmentalists require the state to develop a unified
programs for the production and distribution of this product.

  • ATо-вторых

The company focused specifically on inflatable products for
children. It would seem that safer “entertainment” and come up with
difficult. Unfortunately, this is not the case; they also contain harmful phthalates.
The experts analyzed a part of the party of such handicrafts.
ATыяснилось, что в составе материала было столько токсичных
compounds, how much would be enough to poison both children and
adults. Do not forget about the development of allergic reactions
after interacting with chemicals.

  • AT-третьих

Researchers have found that even sex toys are more
harmless than childrens. They вызывают меньшее количество
hormonal changes in the body. AT подтверждение этому в Швеции
An analysis of the composition of 112 toys for babies and 44 products was carried out
for “adult” games. The results shocked environmentalists:

  • 15% of products from the first group contained prohibited compounds,
    among which was lead and solvents.
  • Only 2% of products from the second group were toxic.

This allows us to conclude that adult products are more
safe and high quality. Of course, not only in children’s products
there are similar chemicals. But this is about
direct daily contact of babies with harmful goods.

Environmentalists do not call to abandon the purchase of favorite toys.
However, you should definitely look to the purchased items, not
trust small outlets or stalls. Better to get
certified goods in a large children’s store, even a little
expensive. Children’s health is always more important than any money.

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