Rosemary extract can improve memory andmental capacity

Update: February 2019

University of Northumbria specialists found: application
drink “No 1 Rosemary Water” with a concentrated extract
розмарина поможет улучшить память и повысить mental capacity
by 15%. The results of the work published in the Journal of

Rosemary has long been used for medicinal purposes. Ancient Greeks
Rosemary wreaths were worn on the head: it was believed that they improve
memory. In the new work, scientists tracked the effect of the drink «No 1
Rosemary Water “- the only one in which the extract
rosemary and spring water. Technology of extract –
the secret of the manufacturer, claiming that all nutrients
the plants are preserved in substance.


To establish how drinking is affected by
розмарином на mental capacity, участников разделили на две

  • some drank a placebo
  • others – 250 ml of concentrated drink “No 1 Rosemary”
    Water. “

After 20 minutes, participants began to solve the problems proposed
by specialists. In parallel, features of blood flow were assessed.
the brain to identify how well the body consumes
oxygen under the influence of substances from rosemary compared to

Результаты: в экспериментальной группе,
употребившей напиток с розмарином, результаты улучшились by 15%. AT
the blood supplying the brain has been increased
erythrocytes, poor in oxygen, due to more active
extract energy to increase mental efficiency

Earlier, scientists found that rosemary aroma has
положительное воздействие на memory. Also long known
antimicrobial, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and
antitumor properties of rosemary. For the improvement of mental
activities correspond to 1,8-cineole and rosemary acid.

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