Risk of developing type 2 diabetesincreases with lack of sleep

Update: February 2019

According to statistics at the beginning of 2012 in Russia the number of people
suffering from type 2 diabetes, was more than 3 million 200
thousand people According to experts, after 10-12 years, this figure
will be increased by 2 times. Moreover, this official data
statisticians, many citizens are not examined and do not know that they are sick,
and these figures are most likely 3-4 times more statistical.

The main causes of type 2 diabetes and its high
increase in incidence, first of all, experts attribute this to
sedentary lifestyle, long and almost constant
stress of urban residents, unbalanced and irrational
питанием,  злоупотреблением энергетическими напитками,
smoking, alcohol, and lack of sleep. To this conclusion
American scientists came from Harvard Medical School
university, finding out that sleep deficiency increases the risk of
type 2 diabetes. To conduct an experiment, a group
experts selected 21 healthy volunteers. Throughout
research, they were in the laboratory. Within 3 weeks im
allowed to sleep only 6 hours. Moreover, researchers
increased the length of the day from 24 hours to 28. Only after that,
the specialists restored normal for the participants within 9 days
for a person, the duration of sleep and wakefulness.


Недостаток сна повышает риск диабета

According to the study, the majority of volunteers
lack of sleep has led to an increase in blood sugar levels. Have
some participants during sleep deficiency, glucose levels
approached the values ​​characteristic of diabetics, and in
during the recovery period, this was normalized

Thus, scientists have concluded that lack of sleep has reduced
insulin production in subjects after eating up to 32% on average, and
made the conclusion that long-term sleep deprivation, permanent
lack of rest, can contribute to the development of diabetes
2 types. See signs of diabetes in women and symptoms
diabetes in men. A new type of diabetes that is not
Doctors recognize.

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