Режим (примерный распорядок) дня baby в 7months

Примерный распорядок дня для baby в 7 months обычно
not very strict because it is at this age
its actively developing organism selects for itself the most
physiological options
life activity. 
Mom is 7 months old
should be ready for an unexpected and fairly spontaneous restructuring
usual routine of the day. This is usually associated with a decrease in
the duration of daytime sleep and the greater activity of the baby in
periods of wakefulness.

The content of the article

  • 1 Таблица с приблизительным распорядком дня
    • 1.1 About sleep mode
    • 1.2 About walks
    • 1.3 About feeding schedule
    • 1.4 How to occupy a child
    • 1.5 On the importance of massage and hygiene complex
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    day regimen


Таблица с приблизительным распорядком дня

  • 6:00-8:30 Период пробуждения, утренней
    meals, procedures for washing and tempering air baths.
  • 8:30-10:00 Утренний сон.
  • 10:00-12:00 Время второй трапезы и активного
    wakefulness with the obligatory performance of gymnastics and
    relaxing massage.
  • 12:00-14:00 Развивающая прогулка на свежем
    air, gradually turning into a dream.
  • 14:00-16:00 Очередное кормление малыша и
    active cognitive leisure, consisting of alternating developing
    игр и гимнастических exercises.
  • 16:00-18:00 Вторая прогулка, сон на свежем
    the air.
  • 18:00-21:30 Четвертое кормление крохи, время
    communicating with family members, evening bathing procedure.
  • 21:30-22:00 Вечерняя трапеза.
  • 22:00-6:00 Ночной сон.

A few more options with the daily routine
(вы уже подберете оптимальный вариант учитывая особенности
your little ones):


The proposed table is just an example.
rational alternation of regime points (feedings, periods
sleep, walks, occupations and hygiene procedures) and in no way
should not be taken as an instruction requiring strict
follow each item.

The success rate of any daily routine is
excellent well-being of the baby. If he eats with gusto, with
plays with pleasure and without problems, not arranging hysterics, falls asleep
in the hours reserved for this, it means that the mode corresponds to all
физиологическим потребностям

About sleep mode

7 months – это возраст, который наглядно демонстрирует,
насколько индивидуален организм каждого baby. One
a seven month old still needs three
long (1.5-2 hours) period of daytime sleep, and the other is already
physiologically ready for his day rest to become

These kids can be given the opportunity to relax in the morning (with
11-00 to 12-30) and evening (from 16-00 to 17-30) hours. Not difficult
calculate that the total duration of sleep in some babies
is thirteen hours (4.5 in the afternoon and 8.5 in the night), and in others
only eleven. В последнем случае в жизни 7-месячного baby
наступает знаменательный момент: длительность периодов
active waking them begins to prevail over
duration of sleep periods.

Еще раз повторим: если малыш достаточно активен и
is in a great mood, mom shouldn’t be worried and
try to lay it in accordance with the previous schedule. Reduction
the duration of daytime sleep means only one thing: grown up
ребенок просто нуждается в новом распорядке дня

There is another option for organizing sleep, which is chosen for themselves.
some 7-month-old crumbs: they prefer for 2-3
hours to sleep while walking in the fresh air, and in the morning and evening
rest no more than an hour. After a month, the hourly intervals are daily.
rest will be reduced to forty minutes.

About walks

In the daily routine of a 7-month-old baby must be
выделено время хотя бы для двух прогулок на свежем the air. They
unusually fruitful for both his physical and
intellectual development.

Crumb, well aware of the existence of a huge world beyond the walls
apartments, looking forward to the opportunity to get a lot of new
impressions He is happy to meet people, animals, birds,
attentively listening to mom’s comments accompanying these meetings,
reacts to them by active walking, lively mimicry,
swinging pens.

During the walk with the child, the mother should take care of
observance of safety rules: actively moving baby,
able to fall out of the stroller, you must securely
. You should also carefully protect the tender
skin crumbs from exposure to bright sunlight.

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About feeding schedule

Feeding seven-month babies continues
five times, and the intervals between feedings should not be
less than four hours. Some babies still continue.
waking up at night to eat a little (the number of
Awakenings can be from one to three).

В 7 months и груднички, и искусственники уже хорошо
adapted to the complementary foods: cereals, vegetable and fruit soups and mashed potatoes,
children’s cottage cheese and all sorts of juices have become full
участниками их суточного рациона
. The only honors in
their diet is that three times a day babies continue
getting mother’s milk, and pone lovers – a bottle of milk
mixture (at least two times during the day).


Most new moms often wonder about
what foods are healthier for the child: factory production or
cooked with your own hands? If mom is confident in full
the safety of vegetables and fruits, which it will use to
cooking soups and mashed potatoes (this is only possible if
grown in your garden), then preference should be given precisely
homemade food. If there is no such confidence, better
давать ребенку соки и пюре из покупных баночек

We read on the topic of feeding: we introduce lure for children in the GV and
introduce lure kids on IV

If mom is going to feed a crumb of her own
cooking, she should grind the grits to a state of flour,
using a blender or coffee grinder. In their absence, better
purchase factory prefabricated products for children
power supply.

Particular attention would be paid to the introduction of cottage cheese in the diet.
seven month old baby. It should only be childish,
adapted to the body with not finally formed
gastrointestinal tract. Its main difference from an adult
product is very low acidity and more tender

The cottage cheese cooked has all these qualities.
in the dairy kitchen or factory specializing in the release
baby products. There is a closed production method
eliminates ingress of pathogens into the product.
It is better to acquaint the kid with the curd by introducing it into the fruit
mashed potatoes, starting with one teaspoon and gradually bringing to
three or four.

The best time to explore the crumbs with new products
are daytime hours. Перед дневным сном лучше дать
ребенку сытную сладкую кашку: хорошо наевшись, baby будет
sleep much longer and stronger. This moment concerns and
грудничков, и искусственников

If a child gets hungry a little earlier than prescribed
the daily routine, the mother can retreat a little from him:
15-20 минут ничего не решают. In the opposite
situations where the crumb refuses to eat should not feed him
by force. The reason for the refusal may be due to the fact that:

  • the child did not like the taste or smell of the proposed
  • the kid is afraid of the adult’s too persistent behavior,
    forcing him to eat;
  • baby is completely fed up with breast milk.

How to occupy a child

A child of 7 months is an active researcher of the environment.
spaces that taste all things and taste and touch. Many
babies of this age not only crawl well but also try
stand on its feet, and especially developed already confidently make their first
Steps. Such activity requires very large
vigilance: knowing that the inquisitive pipsqueak pulls everything in their mouths, they
must remove all small objects from his path (needles, beads,
coins, pins).

IMPORTANT! How to secure a house for a little

Для успешного интеллектуального развития семимесячного baby
The following classes will be helpful:

  1. Reading books and viewing bright illustrations (pages in
    books should be made of thick cardboard).
  2. Rhymes with repetitive
    sounds. Having remembered constantly repeating sound combinations, the baby
    will start playing them yourself.
  3. 7-month-old baby knows and distinguishes favorite toys.
    Having laid out in front of him 4-5 items, you can ask to find among them
    necessary. For each successful fulfillment of their request, the crumbs need
    to praise.
  4. Introducing the baby with the shape and size of objects is very useful
    use the pyramid. Mom must first assemble her by stringing
    rings in decreasing order of size, commenting on their actions.
    After that, you need to give the crumb the opportunity to disassemble the collected
    pyramid, making it an active participant in the gameplay.
  5. A child can buy several dynamic toys: roly-poly,
    Yulia or one of the modern toys, the rotation of which arise
    new pictures. Observation of their movement contributes to the development
    logical thinking baby.
  6. For the development of search skills crumbs, actively crawling
    apartment, you can use the game “Hide and Seek.” First bright toy
    hiding in front of him and asking her to find. When baby
    interested in the process, you need to hide the toy again, but already
    furtively from him, not forgetting to put her part on display: it will ease
    searches and will please the kid. In the next step, mom can hide
    herself so that the baby can find her by her voice.
  7. Developing fine motor handles, you can give your baby a plastic
    a bucket and ask him to collect scattered, for example, walnuts
    nuts. An example to the beginning of the collection should submit mom. Baby with
    pleasure will be included in the process.
  8. The same purpose is served by special beads or spirals strung together.
    on them balls, cubes and cones, which can be purchased in
    any department of toys.

Teaching your baby new skills should be created
emotional, joyful atmosphere: only under this condition baby
will be happy to take part in developmental activities.
Главной задачей развивающих занятий с малышом является
стремление научить его добиваться поставленной цели

We read in detail: about the development of the baby in 7 months and about
skills and abilities in 7 months. We also watch the video

On the importance of massage and hygiene complex

Given the extreme activity of young children, every minute
making a lot of energetic movements, the main focus is mom
should focus on massage sessions with gymnastic elements
exercises. With the technique of this massage and a complex of useful
an experienced nurse will introduce her to physical exercises during
another routine inspection.

Complex daily hygiene procedures, still
состоящий из ритуала утреннего умывания, подмывания baby при
the next change of the diaper and evening bathing should be replenished
задачей ухода за первыми зубками малыша
. For this purpose
You can purchase a set of special napkins in the form of fingertips,
soaked in cleaning solution. Wearing a napkin on the finger, mom
gently rubs teeth, tongue surface and mouth cavity
baby after each feeding. In the absence of such napkins mom
can use a piece of bandage.

Evening bathing crumbs can now be carried out in a large bath,
for safety, lay a special mat under it (how to bathe
baby). In addition to traditional rubber toys, you can give your baby
toy cure or bucket – manipulations with water transfusion are not
only interested in the crumbs, but also contribute to the development of his
intelligence and fine motor skills (useful bath toys).

Those who still doubt the appropriateness
the subordination of the life of a 7-month-old infant to some regime, should
know that babies accustomed to a certain cyclical nature
feeding, periods of sleep and wakefulness, develop much
successful peers behaving enough

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ВИДЕО ГИД: Ребенок в 7 months: развитие, питание, сон и
day regimen

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