Режим дня ребенка в 8 months

Eight-month age is not accidentally called
a turning point in the development of the baby, since it is from this
of time, the gradually increasing dynamics of its physical and social
Activity is becoming more pronounced. In order
дня 8-месячного ребенка намечается стойкая тенденция к
the prevalence of periods of active wakefulness over periods of sleep.
Общаться с малышом день ото дня становится все интереснее,
although troublesome for mom, all the time close to
by him.

The content of the article

  • 1 Примерный распорядок дня для ребенка в 8 months
    • 1.1 About the need for rest
    • 1.2 About the proper organization of sleep
    • 1.3 About the intricacies of feeding
    • 1.4 About physical activities and walks
    • 1.5 On the content of educational games
  • 2 ВИДЕО ГИД: 8 months: развитие, питание, сон и режим
    дня, what can


Примерный распорядок дня для ребенка в 8 months

  • 6:00-8:30 Время пробуждения, первого
    feeding, morning toilet and light massage that completes
    air bath procedure.
  • 8:30-10:00 Первый сон желательно на свежем
    the air.
  • 10:00-10:30 Вторая трапеза baby
  • 10:30-14:00 Активный досуг, включающий
    doing morning exercises, massage and educational games.
  • 14:00-14:30 Время третьей трапезы.
  • 14:30-16:00 Второй период дневного отдыха.
    It is better to combine with a walk.
  • 16:00-18:00 Период активного ознакомления с
    time for developmental activities and physical
  • 18:00-18:30 Четвертая трапеза baby
  • 18:30-20:00 Прогулка на свежем
    the air.
  • 20:00-22:00 Игры с близкими родственниками,
    procedure evening bathing a child.
  • 22:00-22:30 Вечернее кормление
  • 22:30-6:00 Период ночного отдыха.

A few more options with the daily routine
(вы уже подберете оптимальный вариант учитывая особенности
your little ones):


A comparative study of the tables can be seen that
распорядок дня, организующий жизнь ребенка в 8 months, не
undergone significant changes (compared with the previous
period). He still provides five feedings with
a four-hour interval between them and two walks in the fresh
the air. Only the time of day rest has decreased, since the child
способен сохранять активность на протяжении 5-6 часов

About the need for rest

The sleep of an eight-month-old baby, having a superficial phase
and deep sleep, begins to resemble the sleep of an adult. Tightly
the sleeping baby does not respond to any external stimuli, its
reflex reactions during this period are significantly reduced. Level
brain activity during nighttime sleep is reduced to minimal

Установлено, что ребенок в 8 months способен видеть
colorful dreams. Read an article about when children start to see.

  • The longest period of rest in the mode of the day 8-month
    is a night’s sleep, usually at least eight
  • Daytime sleep becomes biphasic. Most babies
    отправляется на полутора-двухчасовой сон два раза в течение
    days, although it is not uncommon when its duration does not exceed
    and forty minutes. Some eight-month-olds have a rest.
    only once during the day, and the duration of this holiday
    может составлять не менее четырех hours;
  • On average, a child needs eleven hours of sleep for
    days, although some babies go on sleeping by thirteen

The fact that the baby is tired and needs rest is easy
guess by his behavior. The crumb becomes sluggish, ceases
actively respond to what is happening, begins to yawn and rub
eyes with fists, his breathing becomes deeper and more even.
Noticing all these signs, the mother should change the baby and send
его в кроватку


About the proper organization of sleep

To sleep crumbs was as strong and quiet as possible, you need
take care of creating optimal conditions for him.

  1. Level влажности в детской комнате должен быть не ниже 70%, а
    air temperature – no higher than 24 degrees.
  2. Before you put the child in the crib, you must
    take care of the preliminary airing of the room: air,
    saturated with oxygen will promote deeper breathing
  3. Using a properly matched orthopedic mattress
    (how to choose a mattress) and a neatly made bed that does not have
    folds on the surface of the sheet – another condition for prolonged
  4. It is necessary to lay the baby in accordance with the usual
    daily routine.
  5. To make the crumbs sleep calm, you should shade the window and
    mute the volume of the TV and radio (quiet background
    sounds not only do not interfere, but also contribute to a good sleep
  6. Very useful before putting the crumbs to make him
    relaxing massage and sing lullaby.
  7. A long night rest is always facilitated by a walk on
    fresh air and bathing procedure (basking in warm water and
    Having played enough with rubber toys, the crumb will fall asleep faster and

The important point concerns the kids who used to be in a dream
roll over from back to tummy and sleep with your nose buried in
pillow Crumbs need to immediately turn accompanying their
stroking on the back, quiet singing or monotonous
affectionate muttering. If the baby, frightened, while awake,
you can just pick it up and, gently shaking, put it back in

To simplify control of the baby’s sleep,
roll over in a dream, you can, completely removing the side wall
crib, move it to my mother’s bed, combining levels
. Holding the baby by the hand, mom can either calmly
sleep all night (if the pussy behaves calmly), or wake up
at the right moment. It is known that caring parents sleep is different
special sensitivity and discontinuity. Feeling the movement of a little
pens, mom wakes up and controls the behavior of the baby.


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About the intricacies of feeding

Eating a baby at 8 months is getting pretty
varied. In addition to well-known to him dishes and drinks (vegetable
and fruit purees, multi-grain and dairy porridges, children’s cottage cheese,
kefir, tea and juice) baby begins to receive meat. For children
nutrition is excellent low-fat varieties of it: chicken breast, meat
кролика и индейки

Entering meat in the diet of the crumbs, it is better to gradually add it to
vegetable puree. A good option to get acquainted with the new product.
is the addition of meat, ground to crumb, in
children’s soups cooked in vegetable or meat broth.

Instead of meat, you can enter chicken egg yolk in the soup, strictly
making sure that both of these rather heavy products are not
appeared in the children’s stomach in one day (they should
alternate, giving on different days).

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Many mothers of eight-month-old children believe that in this
age is time to wean them from breast milk. This is an erroneous position.
Most experienced pediatricians claim to breastfeed a baby
should be as long as possible. Of course, the nutritional value of one
maternal milk grown crumbs is not enough, therefore
apply it to the chest should be at least twice a day:
пробуждении и при укладывании на ночь

Поскольку грудное молоко для 8-месячного ребенка является
food, not drink, it is necessary to drink special children’s tea
or boiled some water. During the day the baby should
получить примерно литр твердой пищи и 600 мл жидкости

in the form of juices, teas, herbal decoctions, water and breast milk).

The daily diet of the child in 8 months should look
like that:

  1. Завтрак: мамино молоко или молочная
  2. Вторая трапеза: каша (на воде или молоке),
    juice or baby tea.
  3. Обед: овощной супчик с добавлением мяса
    or yolk (instead of soup, you can make vegetable puree), fruit
    the juice.
  4. Четвертая трапеза: пюре из фруктов или детский
    cottage cheese.
  5. Кормление перед сном: прикладывание к груди
    or porridge (for the artifacts).

From the age of 8 months, the baby needs
teach to wash pens before eating: if you do it regularly,
he will soon have a good habit associated with
с кормлением
. This useful skill is useful to the baby when
he will go to kindergarten. We read article about 4 main useful
skills you need to teach a child in front of kindergarten
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/eto-polezno-znat/chto-dolzhen-umet-rebenok-pered-detskim-sadom-4-poleznyih-navyika.html

Useful tips for moms:

About physical activities and walks

By 8 months, the baby achieves great success: thanks to the strong
muscles he can sit confidently without any support, perfectly crawls,
moving from room to room, stands up and starts walking
with support for both pens.

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months | no less important article about child development in 8

To consolidate these achievements and lay the foundation
future successful development, the crumb needs regular
physical activities: performing morning exercises and complexes
special exercises to strengthen the muscular ligament

With a set of gymnastic exercises mother will introduce
nurse in the office of a healthy child. Performing
exercises to flexion and extension of the limbs, performing circular
rotation handles and feet crumbs, the mother must be extremely
attentive and careful, ensuring that the mobile baby does not
got injured at an awkward turn.

To make gymnastics enjoyable for the child, after each
Exercise should do some relaxing massage.
movements. The total duration of exercise for
An 8 month old baby can be 15-20 minutes per
. Before doing the gymnastics you need to be good.
air the room.

Long stay in the fresh air unusually
useful for child development, which is why pediatricians advise
use any opportunity for the kid to walk like
it is possible more often and longer. Two two-hour walks should be
mandatory component of the daily routine of the day.

Inhalation of air enriched with oxygen

  • the active development of the cerebral hemispheres;
  • oxygenation of cells and tissues of the child’s body;
  • deep and long sleep.

On the content of educational games

Arsenal developmental activities for the child can be replenished
new interesting games:

    • Kids like to move bright cubes, disassemble
      colorful pyramids and lay out items from the boxes;
    • If you put as many toys as possible into your baby’s crib, he
      fad begins to throw them out of it. In the course of this strange (with
      point of view of an adult) the game the child develops
      coordination of movements, eye, strengthened all muscle groups, and
      a lot of energy is spent at the same time;
    • Kids love outdoor games, so you can give them
      the opportunity to “fly a plane” in the hands of the pope or to experience
      delight when playing “hole boo”;
    • For the development of motor coordination and motor skills of small muscles
      offer the kid a toy wrapped in soft wrapping paper
      (it is necessary to wrap up stealthily from him). Satisfying your natural
      curiosity, he will certainly engage in its unfolding;
  • Instilling your child interest in books, you need to teach him
    carefully consider the illustrations accompanying the process
    comments about who is depicted in the picture. If this animal is
    You can talk about his size, habits, favorite delicacies,
    demonstrate what sounds it makes;
  • Even the familiar one can be turned into an exciting role-playing game.
    bathing procedure crumbs. Taking a plastic boat, mom can
    показать малышу, как можно use ее для перевозки небольшой
    toys. It is possible in the eyes of a child to bathe his favorite doll or
    rubber toy, soaping it with a piece of sponge and repeating the same
    words that are commonly used when bathing a baby. Thereafter
    crumb will certainly want to perform this action on their own.
    The kids love to pour some water. For this in their
    disposal must be buckets, lechki or small bottles
    (playing with baby in the bathroom). Most favorite water treatments
    babies require great care from their parents. Should
    remember that the baby sitting in the bath should not be left without
    supervised even for a moment. It is also undesirable to get
    the stopper covering the drain hole of the bath when it is
    child. Type of rapidly decreasing water and published at the same time
    sounds can scare him and cause water to fear

Daily follow daily routine
is a guarantor of excellent mood, successful development and
good health 8 month old baby.

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ВИДЕО ГИД: 8 months: развитие, питание, сон и режим дня,
what can

In this video, I will tell and show you what a child can and can
from 7 to 8 months of life. I’ll touch on such important issues as food,
development, our achievements, the regime of the day and the sleep of the child, as well
some other topics. You can make up for yourself some
idea of ​​what child from 7 to 8 months that he can and
how it develops.

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