Review of the best candles from thrush – benefits,limitations

Update: December 2018


  • Terms of use candles against thrush
  • 11 best vaginal suppositories for treatment of thrush –
    pros and cons of use
  • Benefits and limitations of use суппозиториев при
  • Thrush candles during pregnancy

Thrush suppositories are the most convenient method of local therapy.
candida vagina in women. Action vaginal suppositories
due to the deep penetration of the active antifungal
substances in the mucous membrane, with the causative agent being destroyed,
inflammation is eliminated, the symptoms of thrush in women are reduced.
The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range
various antifungal drugs in gynecology – it’s like
suppositories for local treatment as well as medicines for
oral medications prescribed by the doctor for severe forms
candidiasis in chronic thrush in the complex

What candles from thrush better? There is one answer to this question –
These are the drugs to which Candida fungus is sensitive.
by the result of bacterial seeding and determination of resistance,
resistance or sensitivity of the pathogen to a specific
drug. As with chronic, often recurrent
thrush in women, treatment may not be effective due to
development of fungal agents of drug resistance

Uncontrolled, self-treatment of thrush, leads both
to the development of chronic candidiasis, and to the violation of microflora
vagina. Moreover, many women are actively practicing dangerous
douching for thrush, which is not permissible, since only
provokes further progression of the disease, even more
нарушая микрофлору vagina. Only attending physician based
history of the patient, the clinical picture, taking into account the sensitivity
возбудителя назначает адекватную схему therapy. Even with
the disappearance of symptoms, clinical recovery is considered
the absence of fungi according to laboratory data for the next 3

Terms of use candles against thrush

It is recommended to treat candidiasis for both partners.
since the thrush in men is not rarely asymptomatic and
the man is just a candida carrier.

In the absence of therapy from a regular partner, the effect is
ping-pong when a woman is exposed again after treatment
fungal attack during unprotected intercourse.

During therapy, you should either refuse to have sex,
either use condoms. Candles are inserted deep into the vagina.
overnight to improve drug absorption.

When a woman is diagnosed with candidal vagina, she will
the doctor should analyze the causes of thrush,
because without eliminating or minimizing the provoking factors,
thrush can occur again and again.

Very often candidiasis indicates the presence and other infections
sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea,
trichomoniasis, etc.) as well as the development of bacterial vaginosis,
Gardnerella (discharge with the smell of fish).

Depending on the intensity of the symptoms, acute or
chronic process, treatment may differ in the course of therapy, in
in some cases it is enough to use 1 suppositories, and when
the chronic process is not enough and is required
longer treatment.

  • Vaginal suppositories cannot be used during menstruation, for
    with the exception of Povidone-Yoda (iodoxide, Betadine) and Sertaconazole
  • For 1 candle you can use the following suppositories – Zalain,
  • По 3 свечки  – Ливарол, Гино-певарил, Пимафуцин.
  • By 5-14 candles – McMiror, Clotrimazole, Ginesol, Iodoxide,
    Nystatin, Polygynax, Terzhinan, Irunin.

During the treatment should not wear synthetic, tight
underwear, you must follow all the rules of intimate hygiene,
change towels and linens daily, do not use chemicals,
scented pads, toilet paper, liquids for
intimate hygiene that only worsen the condition.

Since Candida candidiasis has various
active ingredients, they differ in terms of treatment, and
effectiveness, as well as contraindications and side effects.
The table shows a list – which candles can be used to treat thrush,
their active substance, analogues, brief instructions for use,
преимущества, limitations of use, сравнение цены. Application
any medication is possible only on prescription
(see also anti-inflammatory suppositories in gynecology).

The best candles from thrush – Livarol, Pimafutsin, Zalain,
Nystatin, Clotrimazole, Ломиксин, Макмирор –  плюсы и минусы
of use

Sertaconazole – ZalainСвечи от молочницы

Залаин (цена 1 суп. 480-520 руб, цены

This is a derivative of benzothiophene and imidazole.

Use in pregnancy: sufficient data on
There is no potential harm to the fetus and during the feeding period. But considering
single application and lack of systemic action
Zalaina –  при of pregnancy, лактации возможно его применение
in a situation where the intended benefit to the woman is higher than the possible
risk to the child. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity Adverse
actions: itching in the vagina, burning, not requiring discontinuation of the drug,
allergic reactions. Method of application: 1 candle from thrush
is inserted into the vagina at night once, while symptoms persist
in a week it is possible to reapply. Before use
wash the external genitals with a neutral soap. maybe
use during menstruation. Benefits and limitations: Плюсом
применения Zalaina от молочницы является единовременное введение
drug, high efficiency, the ability to apply when
menstruation, the disadvantage is the high price.

Ketoconazole – LivarolЛиварол

  • Livarol (price 430 p. For 5 pcs. 600-800 for 10 pcs.)
  • Ketoconazole 230-400 rub.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, 1 trimester
pregnancy, 2-3 trimester with caution. Side effects:
irritation, redness of the vaginal mucosa, itching. Skin rash,
hives. Application: В положении лежа вводят во влагалище
1 candle deep for 3-5 days, with chronic nature of thrush in
for 10 days. Pros and cons: The advantage is swift
effect, almost no allergic reactions. Assigned
most often with a first-time diagnosis, with frequent or
prolonged use occurs drug resistance in

Itraconazole – Irunin

Irunin – vaginal tablets 10 pcs. 300-320 rubles

Противопоказания: 1 триместр of pregnancy,  во 2-3
trimester with caution, hypersensitivity, lactation
Side effects: зуд, жжение, кожная сыпь, не требующая отмены
drug. Application: на ночь 7-14 дней. Advantages and disadvantages:
Effective remedy for recurrent thrush and resistance
for other antifungal agents, the disadvantage is that it cannot be applied
in 1 trimester.

Nystatin + Nifuratel Макмирор комплекс

Макмирор комплекс (цена 680 р. за 8 шт.)

Pregnancy: allowed to use Contraindications:
Hypersensitivity Side effects: very rarely itching, skin
сыпь Application: Интравагинально, по 1 свече 8 дней перед сном.
Benefits and limitations: Основное преимущество в возможности
терапии при of pregnancy, недостатком является –  высокая

Clotrimazole Clotrimazole

  • Clotrimazole (30-60 руб 6 шт),
  • Candide B6 (70 r.), Antifungol, Kanesten,
  • Candizol, Yenamazol 100, Candibene.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, categorically
запрещено использовать в 1 триместре of pregnancy,  при
кормлении грудью Побочные действия:  жжение, зуд, выделения из
vagina, abdominal pain, headache, cystitis, frequent
urination, pain during intercourse. Method of use: within
6 days 1 candle deep in the vagina at night. Benefits and
limitations: The advantage is that это недорогие свечи против
thrush, deficiency – frequent side effects, rapid development
resistance to fungal agents.

Miconazole – Klion D, Neo-Penotran

Ginesol 7 (280-300 rubles), Gyno-dactanol, Daktarin, Mikozon
(cream). Combined preparations, which include except
miconazole also metronidazole.

  • Klion-D 100 (price 330 p. ..),
  • Neo-Penotran (14 pcs. 700 p.),
  • Metromikon-Neo (14 pcs. 300-350 r.)

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, with caution when
2-3 trimester pregnancy, lactation (suspend feeding during
treatment time) for diabetes mellitus, abnormal liver function,
Herpes Side effects: only at the beginning of treatment may feel
discomfort, burning, itching, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Way
use: for 6-7 days at night for 1 candle., not during
treatment to take alcohol. Advantages and disadvantages: быстрый эффект, широкий
spectrum of activity, does not cause dysbacteriosis, is effective with frequent
relapses of thrush, the disadvantage is the danger of using
time of carrying and feeding the child.

 Econazole Гино- певарил

Гино-певарил (3 шт. 420 р. 15 шт. 800 р.),

Contraindications: hypersensitivity, pregnancy (1
mp.), because it penetrates the systemic circulation, in 2-3 seconds
care when feeding should stop breast
feeding. Side effects: local irritation, rash, itching.
Application: свечи по 50 mg. within 14 days even after
исчезновения симптомов,  курс необходимо завершить. Candles by
150 mg. – within 3 days, if after 7 days of culture
the study will give a positive result, you should repeat the course
treatment. Benefits and limitations: эффективные суппозитории при

 Natamycin – Pimafucin

  • Primafungin (3 pcs. 220 p.),
  • Pimafutsin (price 3 pcs. 280 p. 6 pcs. 500-540 p.)
  • Ecofucin 350 rub.

Effect on the fetus: approved for use during pregnancy
Contraindications: increased individual sensitivity
Side effects: легкое раздражение Method of use: within
3-6 days for 1 suppository. Benefits and минусы: достоинством
Pimafucin from thrush is the lack of effect on the fetus,
therefore, it is prescribed during pregnancy.


NystatinNystatin (30-60 руб) Комплексные
preparations containing Nystatin:

  • Polygynax (nystatin, neomycin, polymyxin B, price 6 pcs 350
    rub. 12 pcs. 600 r.)
  • Terzhinan (prednisolone, neomycin, ternidazole, nystatin – 6 pcs.
    360 p., 10 pcs. 450 p.), But their use is fraught with development

Contraindications: pregnancy of any period, individual
Side effects: chills, diarrhea, abdominal pain,
рвота, тошнота Way применения:  2 р/день (утром и вечером)
within 10-14 days Плюсы и limitations: Минусом нистатиновых свечей
against candidiasis is a long course, use 2 times a
day, the presence of serious side effects. The advantage is that
they are cheap, candida does not develop resistance to nystatin,
therefore, it is often prescribed for chronic, recurrent

Povidone-Iodine – Iodoxide

ЙодоксидЙодоксид (10 шт. 300 р.),
Бетадин (цена 7 шт. 400 r., 14 шт. 500 р.)

Contraindications: thyrotoxicosis, thyroid adenoma, with
caution in renal failure, with individual
sensitivity, during pregnancy is not recommended, is contraindicated
in 1 trimester, in 2-3 trimester and during lactation – with caution.
Side effects: allergic manifestations, local hyperemia
Way применения: При острых вагинитах 2 р/день в течение недели
1 candle, with chronic 1 p / day for 2 weeks in non
depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Advantages and disadvantages:
возможность of use во время менструации, используется в
complex treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Фентиконазол – Lomexin

LomexinLomexin (фентиконазол, цена 1000
mg. 1 PC. 400 r. 600mg. 2 pcs. 600r)

Contraindications: pregnancy, cannot be used during
menstruation, with individual intolerance to the components
suppository. Side effects: mild irritation symptoms,
who are on their own and do not require discontinuation of the drug,
аллергические реакции – сыпь, крапивница, эритема Way
применения: капсулу 600 mg. are entered once, according to indications
If symptoms persist, they can be used within 3 days.
Капсулы 1000 mg. are introduced within 2 days. Benefits and
limitations: эффективное средство, нельзя применять при
of pregnancy.

Dekaliniya chloride – Fluomizin 

Fluomizin – vaginal tablets 6 pcs. 560 rub. –
antiseptic in gynecology (bacterial vaginosis,
Candida vaginitis, before childbirth and rehabilitation operations)

Contraindications: ulcerative lesions of the cervix and vagina,
девушкам до начала половой жизни, беременность 1-2 триместр –
no safety data is available. Side effects: symptoms
раздражения, аллергические реакции – сыпь, крапивница, эритема
Way применения: капсулу на ночь, в течение 6 дней, во время
menstruation treatment to stop, continue after.

In addition to suppositories, it is possible to use creams with
antifungal drugs:

  • Clotrimazole – Кандид (с аппликатором 80 руб), Clotrimazole крем
    120 rub., Канизон 80 rub.
  • Econazole – Экодакс крем 140 руб
  • Изоконазол – Травоген крем 500-700 rub.
  • Фентиконазол – Lomexin крем 600 rub.
  • Бутоконазол – Гинофорт крем с аппликатором 600-700 rub.

In case of chronic recurrent thrush is required reception
antifungal drugs inside:

  • Fluconazole 40-50 rubles (and more expensive counterparts Flucostat,
    Mikomax, Mikosist, Diflucan)
  • Tinidazole 30-70 rub
  • Кетоконазол – Микозорал 460 руб
  • Itraconazole – Irunin 320 руб, Итразол 380 руб, Орунгамин.

After antifungal therapy, the doctor may prescribe
preparations for the normalization of the vaginal microflora, that is, the creation
conditions for the growth of lactobacilli in the vagina:

  • Vagilak 2 p / day (candles with bifidobacteria) 5-10 days.
  • Laktozhinal, Atsilakt (lactobacilli) vaginal capsules of 1
    10 days.
  • Для приема внутрь – Бификол 10 days.

Benefits and limitations of use суппозиториев при

Преимущества of use местных препаратов при candidiasis у

  • With the introduction of the drug in the place of active reproduction of fungi,
    the effect of local treatment appears much faster, especially
    when using modern effective drugs such as
    Livarol or Zalain.
  • Modern antifungal agents can be used
  • Because systemic absorption from local drugs is low,
    the incidence of side effects is reduced, unlike
    пероральной therapy.

Disadvantages of local treatment:

  • Local treatment gives the woman some inconvenience –
    soils the linen, limits the sexual life.
  • The positive effect of such therapy is possible only when
    milder forms of thrush, when the course of the disease is more
    severe, long-term, local therapy should be supplemented
    using antifungal drugs in pills. therefore
    often requires a repeat course of treatment after a certain time.
  • When using combination antimicrobials such
    like Terzhinan, Polygynax, a frequent side effect is
    vaginal dysbacteriosis, which then requires additional
    treatment, for example the use of candles with lactobacilli –
    Lactonorm, acylact, lactobacterin, ecofemin or vagiflora.

Thrush candles during pregnancy

Очень часто у женщин во время of pregnancy из-за
the physiological decline in immunity occurs thrush, and many
drugs are either absolutely not allowed to use or reliable
no safety studies have been performed for the fetus. Among all
selection of local drugs, following candles from thrush for
of pregnancy разрешены к применению:

  • Candles – Pimafutsin, Primafungin (active ingredient
  • The combined drug – Makmiror complex (active
    вещества Nystatin и Нифурател).
  • Во 2-3 триместрах Clotrimazole, Nystatin (малая эффективность)
    or the ancient means of Bura in glycerin (Sodium tetraborate in
    glycerin), Pimafucin, Gyno-Pevaril, Ginofort (vaginal cream),
    все эти препараты применяется во время of pregnancy с
    caution if the potential risk to maternal health
    exceeds the risk to the child.
  • Some doctors prescribe a combination drug – Terzhinan
    (prednisone, neomycin, ternidazole, nystatin), but in the instructions for
    it states that from 2 trimester it can only be used when
    assessment of potential benefits to the mother and harm to the fetus, since
    has undesirable side effects and contains
    hormonal drug – prednisone.

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