Review of ointments, creams from allergies for children

Update: October 2018

Today, it’s probably hard to find someone
suffering from any kind of allergic reactions. And every day
The allergenic load on each of us is growing, but the possibility
The body’s cope with it, especially in children, is small. Even
many healthy people can not cope with the daily
chemical attack on the body. During the day, both children and adults
face abundance:

  • airborne industrial allergens;
  • chemical dyes in clothes;
  • preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes in
    food products;
  • as well as the daily active use of household chemicals;
  • eating vegetables and fruits, stuffed with chemicals,
    pesticides all increase the risk of unwanted
    reactions, especially in the infant immature immune system.

A serious risk of developing allergic manifestations is maximized.
Small children, residents of megacities and large
industrial cities.

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How to reduce the allergic reaction in a child? To start should
determine which substance, food or drug
The remedy causes an inadequate reaction in the child. In addition to the exception
allergen exposure, hypoallergenic diet, skin manifestations
allergic reactions in the form of urticaria, dermatitis and eczema
eliminate with the help of ointments and creams from allergies for children.

Since the children’s organism is very much influenced by any
medicines, even the use of allergy cream for
The child must be selected taking into account the diagnosis, examination and
recommendations of a specialist and with extreme caution be applied in
children Paradox, but even ointments and allergy creams are capable of themselves.
cause allergies.

All creams from allergies in children can be divided into two main

Non-hormonal creams and allergy ointments for children

Non-hormonal allergy creams providing
anti-inflammatory effect – a number of drugs that
in most cases, it can be used for children with allergies
early age. These tools include:


Крем от аллергии для детей– gel, providing a pronounced
antipruritic effect on the skin, reduces irritation during skin
allergic reactions, local anesthetic effect.
Active ingredient dimetindena maleate. Indications: Pruritus at
hives, insect bites, eczema and dermatosis, sun and
other burns. Age restrictions: can not be used for
treatment of newborns, as permitted use in children with 1
of the month. Side effects: Allergic reactions such as itching,
rash, burning and dry skin. Special instructions:  Не следует
use gel on large areas of skin in infants and children under 6
years, especially with bleeding and severe inflammation. With
use should avoid direct sunlight,
especially with extensive areas of skin treatment. Average price in
аптеках: 220-250< rub.


Gistan не путать с Gistan Н, который содержит гормональный
препарат.Gistan — это негормональный  крем, а
dietary supplement for topical use, in composition
which includes lily of the valley oil, extracts of birch buds, lupine,
euphorbia, veronica gnawing, succession, violets, calendula, and
dimethicone and betulin. Indications: It is an outdoor agent used.
in case of allergic reactions on the skin – vesicle rash, itching,
urticaria as well as local anti-inflammatory
remedies for eczema and atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis),
insect bites. Side effects: possible occurrence
allergic reactions to the components of this dietary supplement. Average price in
pharmacies: 150 rubles.

Skin cap

Скин Кап крем и гель для местного применения, обладает
antibacterial, antiproliferative and antifungal
contains activated zinc pyrithione. If a
this cream is prescribed to you by a doctor, know that there is information
that it contains clobetasol propionate, which is not mentioned
в инструкции, а это вещество синтетический
что возможно должно относить этот
cream to hormonal. We do not undertake to assert this, nor
to refute, but such information exists, sooner or later it is
will be proved or disproved. Indications: Dry skin,
seborrheic, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. Age restrictions:
can be used in children from one year. Side effects: Rarely
there are allergic reactions. Average price in аптеках: 650 rub.

Drugs that can be used for severe dermatitis
in children


Elidel cream, the main active ingredient of which
pimecrolimus. Indications: It has anti-inflammatory local.
action with atopic dermatitis, eczema. Age
ограничения: Используется для лечения дерматитов in children с 3
month of age. Side Effects: Occurs mainly on
the initial stage of treatment, burning sensation in the treated area, itching,
redness and irritation of the skin, folliculitis. It is also possible
the appearance of allergic reactions, deterioration of the skin,
discoloration of skin, etc. The application should be treated with
caution, long-term effects of the drug before
the end has not been studied, it is believed that it reduces the activity of the immune
system and in rare cases leads to the development of lymphomas and cutaneous
oncology. Special instructions: With лечении рекомендуется свести к
minimum artificial or natural ultraviolet radiation.
Average price in аптеках: 950-970 rub.


Desitin topical ointment with acting
substance – zinc oxide. Indications: Dermatitis, burns, diaper rash,
потница in children (лечение), язвенные поражения кожи, экзема в стадии
aggravations. The preparation also contains cod liver oil, and
vaseline-lanolin ointment base form a protective barrier, 
reducing the effect of irritants on the affected area,
preventing the spread of the rash. Special instructions: ointment can not
apply on infected skin. Price in pharmacies: 160-220


Protopic It is an ointment, the active substance of which

Used to treat atopic dermatitis in a child. For
children can only use 0.03% ointment, and only from 2 years old, this
the ointment has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, in contrast
from hormonal drugs for atopic dermatitis and allergic
reactions does not cause skin atrophy. Price: 1500-1600 rub.


 Cream, which consists of tinctures
yarrow, Sophora, cinquefoil, propolis and cardiophile. Renders
healing, bactericidal, hemostatic,
anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Shown to
application: for psoriasis, allergic reactions, dermatitis,
burns, atopic dermatitis, trophic ulcers. Minimum course of treatment
7 days, maximum 1 month. Price: 120-150 rub.

In cases where the use of antibacterial
ointments that have antimicrobial effects, as prescribed by a doctor
You can use the following ointments: Dioxidine, Sulfargin. Also
anti-inflammatory effects have old, proven
time ointments such as ichthyol ointment and zinc ointment.

Creams that improve tissue regeneration, eliminate dryness
skin, have a healing effect

Bepanten, Bepanten plus, De-panthenol

Бепантен– cream and ointment, stimulating regeneration
тканей, действующее вещество Дексpanthenol. Indications:
Used to heal skin with skin lesions.
irritation, diaper dermatitis, and treatment of dryness
skin for dermatitis, and baby care. Side effects:
possible allergic reactions in the form of urticaria, itching Price in
аптеках: 250-270 rub.

La cree La cree

cream that has antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and
antiallergic action. The cream contains extracts –
licorice, succession, walnut, and avocado oil, bisabolol and
panthenol. Indications: Рекомендован для снижения аллергических и
inflammatory reactions on the skin – peeling, rash, itching, redness,
irritation. The product has a soothing effect on the skin.
regenerating and moisturizing effect. Side effects:
Allergic reactions with intolerance to medicinal herbs. Price
в аптеках: 150-170 rub.

Мустела Стелатопия -Mustela StelAtopia  Мустела Стелатопия

– cream emulsion, adapted for children’s skin, perfect
remedy for children from infancy. The cream contains
natural ingredients – sunflower extracts, complex
sugars, procholesterol, bioceramides, fatty acids. Indications:
Hypoallergenic cream for skin care of babies prone to
atopic dermatitis. Price: от 1000 до 1150 rub.

Auxiliary ointments that promote rapid
Healing and improving tissue regeneration are:

  • Aktovegin, Solkoseril – with calf blood hemodic
  • Радевит, Видестим — витамин А
  • Gel Kuriozin (Zinc Hyaluronate)
  • Methyluracil ointment (also an immunostimulant)

Гормональные кремы от аллергии in children

These are creams and ointments containing corticosteroid hormones.
The use of these medicines should be only if
when other products that do not contain steroids do not help.

These creams very effectively relieve inflammation, allergic
itching, but the use of these drugs, especially in young children
has a potential risk of developing adrenal insufficiency and
Cushing’s syndrome.

Especially dangerous is the use of hormonal ointments, which
actively absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, having a powerful effect on
the body of babies, reducing immunity and leading to irreversible
the consequences. It is not advisable to use for the treatment of allergies.
children hydrocortisone ointment, Flucinar, Lorinden, Celestoderm,

Even сравнительно безопасные кремы, содержащие гормоны, опасны
for children, since they have an immunosuppressive effect on the skin
child, and with prolonged use or with large areas
lesions may have a systemic effect.

Try to avoid using them, but if treatment is started,
you can not abruptly throw its use, you should reduce the dose
gradually stirring hormonal cream with regular baby cream,
otherwise, withdrawal may occur after some time.
possible recurrence of the disease. The whole list
hormonal ointments and creams, as well as their side effects
presented in the article – Masi for psoriasis.


glucocorticosteroid, has anti-inflammatory,
antipruritic action. Indications: Используется при
allergic dermatosis. Avoid long-term therapy.
hormonal treatments and use of creams in high doses on
обширных участках кожи, особенно у children Used only by
prescribed by a doctor. Age restrictions: Возможно использование у
children from 6 months. Side effects: появление жжения, зуда,
irritation, dry skin, the development of perioral dermatitis,
prickly heat, allergic contact dermatitis. Special instructions:
You can only use the cream with hormonal drugs.
short courses 5-7 days, and with the cancellation should be gradually
reduce the dosage by mixing the ointment with baby cream. Price в
аптеках: 360-380 rub.


Advantan non-halogenated
synthetic steroid – methylprednisolone. Indications: Атопический
dermatitis, children’s eczema, neurodermatitis, simple contact dermatitis,
solar dermatitis, allergic dermatitis. Used only by
prescribed by a doctor. Age restrictions: Возможно использование у
children from 4 months. Side effects: местные реакции – зуд,
burning, rash, erythema. Special instructions: With чрезмерно интенсивном и
long-term treatment there is a high risk of atrophy of the skin.
Price в аптеках: 330-350 rub.

Below is a list of all possible hormonal ointments and creams for
Parents Know What Means Cannot Be Used
on their own without a doctor’s prescription for the treatment of allergies
in a child and which cannot be used at all:

  • Гидрокортизон — эти препараты детям
    can not be used, these include Hydrocortisone ointment, 
    Oxycort, Dactacort, Fucidin, Sulfodecortem, Cortef, Locoid,
    Сибикорт, Гиоксизон, Латикорт, Сополькорт, Кортеид
  • Флуметазон —  применять не желательно –
    Flucinar, Lorinden, Ultralan, Lokasalen, Lokakorten, Sinalar,
    Sinaflan, Flunolo, Flukort
  • Триамцинолон — также нельзя использовать
    Fluorocort, Kenalog, Kenacort, Nazacort, Ftoderm, Triacort,
    Burlicort, Polkortolon
  • Бетаметазон — не желательно применять
    Celestoderm, Diprogent, Daybovet, Celeston, Akriderm, Betazon,
    Futsikor, Betnovayt, Betasalik, Flosteron, Belogent, Kuterid,
    Beloderm, Betacortal, Diprosalik, Vipsogal, Diprospan, Betacalin,
    Belosalik, Triderml
  • Мометазон — эти препараты возможно применять
    только по назначению и контролем лечащего врача Elokom, Gistan Н,
    Silkaren, Uniderm, Moderderm, Avekort, Momat, Monovo, Skinlight
  • Клобетазол — мази Дермовейт, Кловейт,
    Пауэркорт, Skin cap

With возникновении аллергии in children и взрослых большое значение
has the amount of allergen, that is, the more the body gets
contact with an allergen or substance that causes
allergies, the more pronounced the reaction. To decrease
risk of developing allergies, should minimize the excess chemical
nutritional supplements as well:

  • With покупке бытовой химии и средств ухода за детьми обращайте
    attention to the composition of the funds, the abundance of fragrances, the presence of formaldehyde,
    methyl acrylate, propylene glycol, significantly increase the risk of
    the child has allergies.
  • Especially attentively it is necessary to concern the choice of washing
    powder for washing baby clothes if the powder is high
    surfactant content in our country is usually 30-40%, it is very
    негативно влияет на здоровье children Clothing accumulates these substances.
    и влияет на кожin children не лучшим образом. Use washing
    powders with surfactant content of not more than 5% (see about the dangers of household chemicals,
    how to choose washing powder or make yourself).
  • Try to purchase products with a minimum amount
    flavors, flavorings, dyes, preservatives.
  • Withдерживайтесь правила при питании ребенка – вводить новые или
    exotic foods should be taken one by one meal and in
    very small amount.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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