Restorative gymnastics after childbirth – 14simple exercises

Carrying a child and its birth, although they are
natural physiological processes, but it does not pass for
organism without a trace. After birth, the body necessarily needs
recovery, because of the increased load weakens muscle tone
the abdominals, the perineum, can progress starting in
pregnancy problems with veins. Gymnastics after childbirth
necessary for full and effective recovery of the body. Than
the faster it will be started, the faster and better it will be
reducing effect.

гимнастика после родов

If there is no crotch or incision in the birth, start
classes can be very soon practical next day after
the appearance of the baby, unless of course your well-being allows it.
If stitches have been stitched, then you need to wait until they heal, this
takes about 2 months.

Five minutes a day to restore the abdomen

Restorative gymnastics after childbirth implies different
exercise complexes. Perhaps the most problematic place is the belly.
The distended abdominal muscles entail a number of discomforts that
I want to quickly eliminate. This is mainly the lack of desire to
urination and defecation, which is fraught with various problems and even

Gymnastics for the stomach also helps in the restoration of the figure.
And it is very important to perform the exercises, not limited to
wearing a bandage. The bandage only fixes the muscles, but does not force them.
shrink, and therefore does not lead to recovery.

To restore the abdominal muscles is enough to perform a couple of very
simple exercises, но выполнять их нужно регулярно. Such
gymnastics will not take longer than 5 minutes, but with good faith and
continuous execution will give a noticeable effect.

Exercise 1. Retract the stomach

упражнение 1 - втягиваем живот

втягиваем живот

Укладываемся на спину, ноги сгибаем в коленях, стопы
thoroughly pressed to the floor, palms on the stomach.

On the exhale, strongly inhale the stomach and fix this position on
4-5 seconds. Then take a deep slow breath and repeat.
exercise. In one approach, you can do 8-10 repetitions.

Exercise 2. Make the “bridge”

We accept the same situation as in the first
exercises. After exhaling, raise the pelvis, straining the buttocks and pulling in
stomach. Simultaneously with this, we lift the head and press
chin to chest.

гимнастика упражнение мостик

This exercise is not simple, so first you can
difficulties with its implementation. Nothing wrong with that
over time, the muscles will gain tone and strength, and the number of repetitions can be
will increase.

A complex approach

There are very few women whose only problem area is after
родов является stomach. In most cases, the whole body needs
muscle recovery and toning. It means fight
with postpartum problems need a complex, that is, perform
a variety of exercises and engage all parts of the body.

If you are breastfeeding, exercise better after feeding. For
You will need comfortable clothes, a small pillow and
cheerful mood. All movements during gymnastics must be performed.
smoothly and carefully.

Exercises to prevent the effects of varicose veins

Exercise 3

гимнастика для похудения упражнение 3

We are lying down, face up. Legs need to bend in
knees, feet together and tightly pressed to the floor. Arms
stretch along the body, palms turned down. Straighten legs, not
dividing the knees and squeezing the toes 10 times (as if
we pull the claws). Then we return the legs to their former position.

Exercise 4

гимнастика для похудения упражнение 4

Without changing position, lift one leg up, straightening it completely
at the knee, and pull the sock on and off. Foot movement need
perform 10 times and with a large amplitude. Then the same actions
doing the other leg.

Exercises for training the abdominal muscles

Exercise 5

Lie on your back, bend your knees, feet slightly
расставляем, руки ладонями вниз кладем на stomach. Do slow
inhale, then exhale as calmly as if uttering a sound
�”Haaaaaa.” As you exhale, draw your belly in, a little helping.
by hands. It’s not necessary to press with your hands, it should be strokes in
direction from the pubis to the navel. Exercise should be repeated 10 times.
(Picture from exercise 1)

Exercise 6

упражнение на боку

Now we lay down on the side. In order not to waste attention on
discomfort and inconvenience, you can put a small under the neck
pad. In addition to the initial position, this exercise is nothing
different from the previous: just draw in the belly on the exhale with
звуком «хааааа» и помогаем by hands. We do exercise on each
side, making 10 repetitions.

Exercise 7



We turn on the stomach, under the lower belly we put a small
pad, body support – on the elbows. Inhale and exhale
make a pelvis movement forward. On inspiration accept the initial
position. Exercise is performed 10-12 times. At runtime
exercise is important to avoid pressure on the chest so that the chest itself does not
was crowded.

Watch a video on how to restore the stomach after childbirth

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the perineum

Exercise 8

Initial position – sitting or lying down. We try to take turns
strain the muscles of the vagina and anus. This exercise requires
training, because every time it seems that the same
muscle. When the separation is clear, you can try
�”Wave” of cuts from the anus to the pubis. Do it right
exercise will help relax the lips and muscles of the mouth and control

This exercise is very similar to all known exercises.
Kegel, consisting just in the contraction of the muscles of the perineum in different
tempo Such гимнастика будет полезна и до родов, и после.

Video: kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles

Exercise 9


We lay on the side. Head, shoulders and hips make up a straight line, legs
bent at the knees. The lower arm must be placed under the head, the upper
the arm is bent and rests against the surface with a fist or palm in the area
navel. While in this position, as you exhale, raise your pelvis (support
on the upper arm), on the inhale – we lower it. Repeat 8-10 times with both

Exercise 10


Occupy the prone position, face up, bend your knees,
feet rest on the floor, arms lie along the body. On the exhale pulls socks
on ourselves and try to reach with the left hand to the left foot, inhale –
return to the starting position, exhale – repeat the exercise, but
we are already reaching for the right foot with our right hand. Doing 5-6 reps per
right and left sides.

Exercise 11


We get up on all fours. The head, shoulders and pelvis are on one
height, knees apart about shoulder width apart. Exhale
we pull in the stomach and tear off the left palm and the right palm
leg, inhale – return to the starting position, exhale – do
repeat exercise, changing the “diagonal”. We carry out 10-12 times.

Exercise 12


We continue to practice, standing on all fours. This time prop
on the palm and the rise of the feet. On the exhale, raise the pelvis, straightening his knees
и распределяя вес on the palm and the rise of the feet. Inhaling take
первоначальное position. Perform 10-12 repetitions.

Exercise 13


We again lie on its side. The lower arm is straightened and located under
right angle to the body, palm rest. Upper arm extended along
body. On the exhale, we detach the pelvis from the surface and slightly
lift up Inhaling take первоначальную позу. We carry out
8-10 repetitions on each side.

Exercise for the muscles of the back and abdomen

Exercise 14


We become face to the wall. Palms and forearms rest against
the wall, legs slightly bent apart, shoulder-width apart. We reduce
abdominal muscles as if trying to bring the right elbow closer to
opposite knee, and after – on the contrary, the left elbow to the right
knee. In fact, this movement is not performed, only strain
abdominal muscles.

We say goodbye to those extra pounds

Alas, the weight of a pregnant woman increases not only due to the growth of the fetus,
placenta, amniotic fluid and increased circulating blood volume.
Собстveinsные дополнительные килограммы, появившиеся за время
pregnancy, “stick” to the newly mommy and remain with her
after childbirth. Because it is very limited in nutrition after
childbirth is impossible, the best option – gymnastics for weight loss.

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Cindy Crawford Technique

Cindy’s exercises are very popular for this purpose.
Кроуфорд after childbirth. This set of exercises developed on
based on personal experience and includes three groups of exercises: A
– basic exercises that can be performed even where and in any
time, B – exercises aimed specifically at strengthening the muscles, C –
intense exercise for burning fat. Video workout can
find open access as they are known as a set of exercises
�”New Dimension”. Working with a virtual trainer is very convenient.
With regular classes, the results are visible after 2 weeks.

Video of Cindy Crawford. New dimension. Complex C

Cindy Crawford – perfect body in 10 minutes

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