Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: indicationscontraindications, effectiveness, video for free

Update: October 2018

World-famous breathing exercises Strelnikova
dates back to 30-40 years, and then positioned as a way for
voice restoration (A. N. Strelnikova was a singer). Officially
Registered in 1972 and received a patent examination:
author, Alexandra Nikolaevna, was given a special
certificate of recognition of the method of treatment.

Respiratory organs are responsible for 4 functions / capabilities of a person:
breathing, speaking, shouting and singing. The most difficult is just singing.
Which means if breathing exercises are able to recover
voice, then the more simple functions, to which including relates
breathing will have an even greater positive effect. Guess was
proven in practice – thanks to this method the student and
a follower of Strelnikova, Mikhail Schetkin, got rid of
bronchial asthma, which tormented him for many years.

The essence and positive impact of gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of a kind in technique
performance and gives really amazing results.

  • Inhale — при всех упражнениях короткий, резкий, шумный
    вдох носом
    (3 вдоха в течение 2х секунд), который
    performed at the peak of movements (exercises), compressing the chest
    the cage.
  • Выдох — выдыхать нужно произвольно, через рот.
    Exhalation is passive, or rather, it can not be on it
    concentrate: it is believed that the body itself will throw out the excess

During classes, all parts of the body are included in the work, which
causes a general, pronounced physiological response of the body and,
accordingly, increased oxygen demand.

  • All exercises are performed in parallel with breathing. This leads
    to increased tissue respiration and helps all body tissues better
    absorb oxygen and activate all metabolic processes.
  • A special breath leads to the irritation of the vast receptor zone,
    located on the nasal mucosa. Receptor area
    provides reflex connections of the nasal cavity with almost all
    organs. This determines the widest range of exposure.
    exercises helps in the treatment of various diseases
    all organs and systems, but the strongest influence on organs
    respiration and especially relevant for bronchitis, asthma, SARS.
  • Breath “sends” the inhaled air into the deepest sections.
    bronchi, so that the lungs are filled with air completely.
    The lung capacity after the 1st session is increased by
    0.1-0.3 l. Normalized blood gas composition, arterial blood
    contains more oxygen. Since breaths are parallel
    active movements, the work is fully included and
    diaphragm. As you know, this is the strongest muscle that is involved
    and in breathing, and in sound formation. Also implemented the so-called
    diaphragmatic massage of almost all organs of the abdominal cavity.
  • In parallel, the cerebral cortex is saturated with oxygen, which
    leads to the improvement of the work of all centers regulating the functions
  • The process of self-regulation of metabolic processes is implemented.

Mechanism of action

The most important feature of the exercise is the use of
forced breath with involvement of the diaphragm. During training
concentration on the breaths is obligatory: you need to think about them, on
they should be concentrated and they must be counted.

A large number of repetitions (1-5 thousand breaths for 60
min) and regular daily training (twice a day, in the morning
and in the evening) already for 12-15 lessons guarantee the strengthening of respiratory
muscles, restoration of respiratory function, strengthening the muscles of the chest
cells, and the beginning of the elimination of spinal deformities (for complete
normalization will take more time).

Significant load does not lead to the accumulation of lactic acid
in muscles, which means during and after class does not occur

More details on the benefits of exercise in diseases.
bronchopulmonary system. Increased chest excursion
leads to the strengthening of its suction action. It improves lymph
and blood circulation. Hyperventilation of the lungs leads to mechanical
stretching the broncho-alveolar level and activates the resorption
exudate. The development of adhesions,
straightened atelectasis. Regular classes can significantly
reduce the amount of drug therapy, and in some cases completely
give it up (for bronchial asthma, chronic

Advantages of the method

  • Lack of material costs and special conditions for
  • The almost complete absence of contraindications, which we
    we mention below, including age. The exceptions are
    severe, bed-ridden patients, patients in a coma, very young children,
    who by virtue of age are not able to understand the technique of execution.
  • In addition to the direct therapeutic effect, exercises relieve fatigue,
    increase vitality, give a great mood, invigorate,
    improve memory These “bonuses” are especially important for students
    schoolchildren, people engaged in stressful occupations.
  • Combination with the usual cyclical exercises, such as
    run, walking, swimming.
  • The possibility of parallel drug treatment.
  • Restoration of altered organs and systems and prevention
  • Breathing, which occurs during movement, allows
    восстановить энергетический баланс organism.
  • Preventive use of the method in school children allows
    reduce the frequency of SARS by 2-4 times.
  • In just 10-15 minutes of the most uncomplicated activities appears
    absolutely different state of health: a person feels light and cheerful
    and great mood. And this means that for the minimum period,
    completely free you can get the maximum result. And at
    The current pace of life is very important!


�”Paradoxical gymnastics” (and that’s exactly what they call it)
shown for almost all diseases and any problems
with health. Basic indications for breathing exercises:

  • neurotic conditions and chronic depression;
  • stuttering;
  • myopia;
  • inflammation of the lungs and bronchi;
  • bronchial asthma, COPD;
  • vasomotor rhinitis in acute and chronic forms;
  • ARVI;
  • allergic diseases, including seasonal
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • heart diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • history of heart attacks and strokes;
  • heart rhythm disorder;
  • headaches;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including
  • disruption of the thyroid gland;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammatory skin diseases;
  • gestation period;
  • impotence;
  • obesity. It is recommended for slimming with a slight
  • smoking.

In addition to improving the condition of various diseases of the organs
respiration: bronchial asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, etc.,
gymnastics helps:

  • For the spine, exercise helps eliminate slouching,
    helps to create a springy, easy gait, makes the body
    ductile and flexible. With regular and regular classes
    Strelnikova gymnastics for children and adolescents with scoliosis and
    poor posture gives very good.
  • Restoration of nasal breathing even in those patients who
    surgery did not help – one of many
    positive effects. Even with free nasal passages, patients
    continue to habitually breathe through the mouth due to the fact that they have
    formed a complex of conditioned-reflex connections, in which
    higher divisions of the central nervous system take part. To
    to fix once lost nasal breathing skill is required
    patient time and persistence. It is in this case that the special technique
    breathing is simply indispensable and helps to significantly shorten the period
  • Vision – classes suspend the fall of vision, and with good
    scenario allow you to improve it by 2-3 diopters. This allows
    children and adults with myopia maintain vision and improve it
  • Stuttering – breathing exercises change the stereotype of breathing,
    working out an extremely deep breath. If parallel to this
    conduct more and special sound exercises, you can achieve
    good results when stuttering.
  • Smell – stimulation of the extensive reflexogenic mucosal area
    nose provides reflex communication with the olfactory center. it
    allows you to achieve improved sense of smell.
  • The urinary system – a great tonic and firming
    action exercises gymnastics Strelnikova have on
    urinary system:

    • Eliminate enuresis, help normalize the menstrual cycle and
      eliminate pain during menstruation.
    • Excellent therapeutic effect training has
      varicocele in adolescents and youths. Exercises from the “Urological
      complex “and a special massage to eliminate phimosis and
    • In most cases, deep breathing helps normalize
      sexual function, increase potency, especially in young men.
    • With regular use of the same “Urological complex”
      manages to get rid of such a diagnosis as chronic
    • The so-called “gynecological complex” helps in the treatment of
      female diseases – uterine fibroids, tubal obstruction,
      endometriosis, ovarian cysts.
    • Numerous positive examples of the use of training in
      during pregnancy allow it to apply to this category
  • The postoperative period – within a certain time
    This technique was actively used in the surgical departments of the city clinical hospital №
    50 Moscow. All patients had a high healing
    effect after interventions for excision of inguinal hernias. Generally,
    training in the early postoperative period after resection
    stomach, gallbladder removal, hysterectomy, appendectomy
    helped the rapid and complete healing of postoperative
  • In case of tuberculosis – at the Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in early 1992
    a scientific experiment was conducted on the introduction of Strelnikovskaya
    breathing techniques in the complex treatment and rehabilitation of adolescents,
    suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. Significant
    improvement of an electrocardiogram, hemodynamics and function of external respiration. Occurred
    rapid resorption of infiltrative foci and shortened period
    healing of decay cavities. Until now, this method is officially
    used in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in children and

Positive reviews of doctors about gymnastics Strelnikova and
official recognition of the method as therapeutic
guarantee the effectiveness of training. But, like any other method
treatments, workouts require regularity and adherence

Exercise can be practiced simultaneously using
medicinal therapy. Totally healthy people can use
Strelnikova method for prevention.


  • Acute conditions with elevated body temperature;
  • Severe pathology and general poor condition;
  • Acute thrombophlebitis;
  • Internal bleeding.

In any case, if there is a chronic or acute pathology,
without prior consultation with your doctor
It is not recommended to assign yourself this training.

Features of the exercises and what is needed to perform them

How to learn to breathe Strelnikova?

To обучиться особой технике дыхания и упражнениям, лучше
just watch Strelnikova’s gymnastics on video: relevant here
proverb that it is better to see once than to hear 100 times. TO
the same is free. The technique is simple, easy to master and
children, and the elderly.

The main condition for exercise is access to fresh air, that is,
it is best to work out in the open air or on the balcony,
in extreme cases with open vents or windows.

What is the paradox of the method? During inhalation of the chest
is in a compressed state, and not in the usual, extended.
Despite this, training does not cause fatigue, and ventilation
lung increases fivefold.

  • Breathing technique: energetic inhalation – passive exhalation.
  • The air is inhaled through the nose noisily and quickly as a sniffing nose,
    exhalation occurs through the half open mouth without effort.
  • Все движения выполняются синхронно с breaths.

TOак часто выполнять дыхательные упражнения

TOак метод лечения, тренировки проводятся дважды в день, по 1500
breaths in the morning and in the evening, before meals or an hour after
have eaten

TOак метод профилактики, «дышат» по утрам, заменяя общепринятую
morning gymnastics, or in the evening to eliminate
fatigue that has accumulated in a day. Simple and affordable classes
perfectly train the whole body, from head to toe, providing a tide
blood to the internal organs. it и определяет широкий перечень
indications for breathing exercises Strelnikova.

Timetable of classes:

  • It is better to start with the first 3 exercises and perform them 2 times in
  • TOаждый день нужно прибавлять по одному упражнению из комплекса,
    until all 11 receptions are connected.
  • Rest between movements must first be 10-15 seconds, to
    completion of the development of the complex, this break should be 3-5
  • Workouts are lifelong: they replace
    traditional morning gymnastics, fitness and other sports.

TOомплекс упражнений по Стрельниковой в картинках

In just 8 minutes a day, you can gradually recover from
diseases that have long deprived a person of normal and
full life and required serious drug therapy (or
at a minimum, significantly improve their health status). Below we
We will describe all the exercises, but the technique is clearer and clearer.
perform better look at the video. You can watch and gymnastics
Strelnikova in pictures.

In no case can not independently cancel medical
appointments and refuse drugs that are prescribed for
treatment. You should also discuss with your doctor.
application method Strelnikova.

Remember: you need to inhale strongly, sharply, through the nose, and exhale with your mouth,
arbitrarily. The frequency of movements is 100-120 per minute,
the duration of the lesson is half an hour. Movement (exercises) from 2 to
10 do in 12 approaches on 8 breaths (total 96).

1. Handles

Become straight, arms bent in elbows and put their palms
up. Make 4 rhythmic breaths, clenching the palms into a fist. Lower
руки, отдохнуть 4 seconds Exhale freely through the mouth. Make 24

 2. The chasers

Become straight, clench your hands into fists and press to your stomach. On the inhale
push your fists down, straining your shoulders. Then bring the hands back and
relax them on the exhale. 8 breaths – then 4 seconds of rest.

3. Pump

Stand straight, feet shoulder width, arms along the body. To make
lean forward and pull your arms to the floor, but do not reach for it. Inhale
simultaneously with the slope, and exhale need to straighten, but
should not straighten up. Bend 100 times for 1

4. TOошка

Become straight, legs already shoulders. Sit down a bit, turn right
and take a sharp breath. Return to первоначальное положение.
Repeat движение влево. The hands do grab
movement. Keep your back straight, turn around at the waist.

5. Hugging shoulders

In a standing position, bend your elbows and raise them to the level
shoulders. Perform a sharp breath, hugging yourself by the shoulders, but not crossing
arms. Если тяжело, делать по 4 movement.

6. Big pendulum

Become straight, legs put already shoulders. Lean forward
pull your hands to the floor while inhaling. Then come back
back hug shoulders and inhale again.

7. Turns by the head

Become straight, legs already shoulders. Turn your head to the right – inhale,
turn your head to the left – inhale. Exhale between breaths.

8. Ears

Become straight, legs already shoulders. Tilt your head to the right, touch
ear shoulder, inhale, head left – inhale. Exhale between

9. Pendulum head

Become straight, legs put already shoulders. Tilt your head forward and
look at the floor, breathe. Back, stroking up, breathe again.
Exhale between breaths.

10. Rolls

Become straight, put your left foot forward and your right foot.
backwards Transfer the body weight to the left leg, and the right to bend and
put on a sock. Crouch on the left leg at the same time with a strong
inhale. Straighten the leg and transfer the weight to the right leg. Crouch on
right foot inhaling.

11. Steps

  1. Front. Become straight, legs put already shoulders. Raise left
    leg, bent at the knee, to the abdomen (with the sock stretches down).
    Crouch on правой ноге одновременно с шумным inhale. Return to
    initial position. Repeat with the other leg. 8 times 8
  2. Задний. Bend the left leg at the knee, while pulling out
    heel buttocks. Crouch on правой ноге, сделать вдох. Repeat
    other foot. 4 раза по 8 breaths.

Such a simple complex is a real well of health for
patient and persistent. Looking forward to hearing your breath feedback.
Strelnikova in the comments to the article and the results that were possible
achieve with a particular disease.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

Video complex of exercises gymnastics Strelnikova

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