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In some babies, soon after birth can be found on the skin bright maroon spot. This hemangioma is a neoplasm that occurs in 10% of newborns.

Parents who find hemangioma in their babies should not panic. They need to tell the pediatrician about the problem and study basic rules for child skin care.

Timely consultation with a specialist is the key to healthy skin baby in the future.


Hemangioma – a benign tumor consisting of a vascular tissue. It has the appearance of a flat or convex formation irregular in size from 0.1 to 15 cm. The color of the stain may vary from pink to burgundy or cyanotic.

Most often, hemangioma is located on the head or face. babies, less often – on the limbs, back, abdomen, in the genital area organs and anus. Sometimes the tumor is localized in the internal organs, bones or fatty tissue, but similar cases are among newborns are a rarity.

Hemangioma in the babyThe reasons for its appearance have not been studied to this day. since Experts believe that the trigger mechanism for education hemangiomas can become:

  • Viral infections transmitted by mother at the beginning pregnancy
  • Future mother taking certain medications;
  • Bad ecology;
  • Mother’s age over 35 years old;
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • Pathology of pregnancy.

The risk of experiencing a problem is increasing in girls and premature babies. Some children are already born with a tumor, while others it occurs some time after birth.

A tumor has its own life cycle. During the 1st year of life The baby’s tumor retains its original size or grows. The most dangerous periods are the ages of 2-4 and 6-8 months. At this time, hemangioma grows in infants especially quickly.

Then begins the phase of reverse development: neoplasm stops growing, begins to decrease in size and gradually disappears completely. Up to 70% of hemangiomas pass independently to 5-7 years.


Hemangioma in the babyDepending on the structure and The following types of hemangiomas are distinguished from tumor localization:

  1. Capillary – located on the surface of the skin and consists of small vessels (capillaries). When pressed, she pales and then reverts to its original color.
  2. Cavernous – formed by dilated cavities, which filled with venous or arterial blood. If the newborn strains (during crying, coughing), such a hemangioma increases in size.
  3. Combined – consists of cutaneous and subcutaneous parts.
  4. Mixed – contains not only vascular tissue, but also cells other tissues: lymphoid, adipose, connective or nervous.

Hemangioma of the nose, eyes, ear, and larynx can lead to impaired functioning of the corresponding organ in the baby. An unfavorable prognosis in those tumors that are located in zone of constant rubbing clothes. This can lead to frequent trauma to the neoplasm.


Once a tumor is detected, the child’s parents should seek consultation with a pediatrician, surgeon and dermatologist. Treatment tactics hemangiomas in an infant depend on its type, location and dynamics. If the stain is small, it is in a safe place and does not increases, special treatment is not prescribed for the child.

The doctor will monitor the development of the tumor in dynamics. High the likelihood that with age the stain will disappear on its own.

During this period, parents must take all necessary measures. to prevent accidental trauma to the tumor. Her damage can trigger bleeding that will be difficult to stop due to a large congestion of blood vessels.

Parents should periodically photograph hemangioma. it will allow the specialist to more clearly track the dynamics of change spots.

Hemangioma in the babyRapid tumor growth, changing it colors, sprouting deep into the skin, the risk of injury is indications for removal of hemangiomas in infants. Prompt intervention is not performed in the first month of life a newborn.

A tumor can be removed in several ways. For cryodestruction is used to get rid of small spots – treatment of the tumor with liquid nitrogen. As a result of exposure to low The temperature of the hemangioma is destroyed and a bubble forms in its place. After a while, it bursts and a wound remains in its place, which heals quickly.

Sclerosis – the introduction of special drugs into the tumor, which clog vessels. The procedure is carried out by a course from several sessions, after which edema forms on the skin.

Superficial hemangiomas, which have not yet had time to grow deeper, are removed using a laser. To completely remove the stain, you will need a course of several procedures (from 2 to 8). On-site processing a crust forms that cannot be torn off by yourself.

Hormone therapy is prescribed only in emergency cases, when the tumor progresses rapidly and occupies a large area of ​​the body. Drugs slow the growth of hemangioma, after which it deleted by one of the above methods.

The main principle of getting rid of hemangiomas is control dynamics and the implementation of preventive measures. Some spots disappear on their own, others require treatment. The only effective way to remove the tumor is surgical intervention. We timely recognize childhood diseases on skin rashes.

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The decision on whether hemangioma in an infant can be removed, determined by the danger of the tumor to the life and health of the child. Local drugs, massage and physiotherapy are recognized ineffective for the prevention and treatment of hemangiomas in baby.

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