Related problems with teethingof teeth

Your baby is naughty, does not sleep well, he is constantly
are drooling? These are indirect signs that he will soon begin
teething teeth. Of course, it may happen that one day you
look at the child in the mouth and suddenly see the first tooth there.
Чаще же прорезывание of teeth сопровождается разными

прорезывание of teeth

Sore gum condition

Usually, the teeth begin to grow somewhere from half a year, although they can
cut through before. And the baby may feel unwell
already a month before. Baby tooth, pushing through the gum,
causes pain in it, because of them a crumb can even
refuse to eat Gums itchy, itchy, your baby pulls in the mouth
all that can be chewed – fingers, toys, ribbons of clothing. how
help the little sufferer?

  1. To relieve itching, relieve inflammation in the gums, go to
    pharmacy. It sells so-called “teethers”. These are toys,
    which are comfortable to chew, while the baby’s gums are massaged.
    The material from which they are made, the most different – plastic,
    резина, силикон (статья о прорезывателях — советы по
  2. Special rings are used to relieve inflammation.
    filled with liquid. Put such a ring in the fridge, let
    the liquid will cool, and then give the baby. He will be happy
    chew cool toy soothing inflamed
  3. You can peel a carrot or an apple and strictly under your
    supervision give the child. Let them “nibble” them, it is simultaneously
    Massages the gums, and cools them, relieves itching and inflammation.
  4. If there are no pharmacy accessories, just take
    a piece of bandage or a cotton pad, soak in cool boiled water
    and gently massage the inflamed gums of the baby.
  5. Pharmacies sell special children’s anesthetic gels for
    gum. Sell ​​them without a prescription. The principle of their operation is simple – with
    applying the gel to the inflamed gums, he anesthetizes her. If gums
    strongly disturb the baby, apply the gel before each application
    to the chest (or bottle) and before putting it to bed.
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    прорезывание of teeth
  6. Процесс прорезывания of teeth протекает тяжело? The doctor will prescribe for
    pain relief homeopathic remedies.

General malaise in a child

При прорезывании of teeth у малыша понижается иммунитет. Consequence
this may be a rise in body temperature, the appearance
a mushy (but not liquid!) stool. Baby becomes naughty,
crying. At this time, he more than ever needs your attention, care.
and caress. Do not be afraid to pick it up, shake it. Play with him
say how you love him, kiss and caress him. Lighter baby
cope with problems when mom and dad are near.

But if the baby’s body temperature is high, it keeps more than two
days, a rash appeared, diarrhea – call a doctor, everything points to

Температура при прорезывании of teeth:

Early or late teething

Parents are always worried if the baby’s teeth got out too
early or late in appearance. При очень раннем появлении of teeth
Mother is difficult to breastfeed a baby – he can hurt her sharp
incisors. Of course, it hurts, but it is tolerated. Much more serious
the problem is the delay in the appearance of the first tooth. If your child
year, and he did not have a single tooth, necessarily
Check with a pediatric dentist.

Do not panic if baby’s first teeth grow a little
asymmetrically or irregularly shaped. Over time, dairy
teeth replaced permanent, more strong and beautiful, dentition
closes, the correct bite is formed.

It happens that the tooth grows outside the dentition or does not appear
altogether. This also requires the intervention of a specialist doctor.

По теме: Когда нужно начинать чистить зубы
детям и как правильно их чистить.

Thrush, stomatitis and caries

Нередко при прорезывании of teeth на фоне ослабленного иммунитета у
more serious diseases occur in the child: thrush, stomatitis
and even caries. These diseases are described separately in more detail.
Here I am talking about them so that you carefully and carefully
следили за ростом of teeth у вашего крохи и не пропустили первых
signs of disease.

  • Thrush is manifested by the appearance of a white, cheesy plaque on
    tongue and cheeks baby.
  • With stomatitis, the mucous membranes of the mouth become inflamed, become
    swollen, they may appear sores.
  • On caries will indicate the yellowish – brown color of enamel growing
    of teeth.

Эти болезни полости рта и of teeth необходимо своевременно лечить,
consulting a doctor.

Video: children’s caries, how to deal with it. Tips

not to look nervous

Приблизительные сроки прорезывания of teeth до года

схема прорезывания of teeth

схема прорезывания of teeth

К шести месяцам (плюс – минус 2 месяца) у малыша должен вылезти
first tooth

Teeth are cut into pairs: one pair from the top and the other from the bottom right
opposite. It is necessary for the further development of the correct

До наступления годика у малыша должно быть 4 пары of teeth.

The appearance of each tooth is a whole event for a child and
parents. Will it be pleasant and painless – depends on
you, your attention to the problems of the baby and care about him.

Читаем подробно о прорезывании всех of teeth у ребенка

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